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7. Nepal - The Ghalali Key

Task: Find the plane wreck to retrieve the Ghalali Key. Then enter the temple to reforge Excalibur and try out the stone dais there. Finds & Enemies: 16 Secrets (1 Gold Reward, 6 Silver Rewards, 9 Bronze Rewards Story Intro: "The key to restoring Excalibur is also the relic my mother prized most, innocently given to her by my father in Ghana to replace the pendant she lost there. Once again I am compelled to go into my own past." Additional Help: If you need more help with this level, please click on one of the resources linked in the footer.
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1st Section

The level starts on a stone platform in the middle of the Himalayas in Nepal. Hang from the ledge ahead. Shimmy sideways to the left. Move faster by repeatedly pressing interaction, since the ledge will soon break. At the end pull up and climb onto the highest spot. Slide down the slope in front. At the end jump to reach the other side. Pull yourself up. Then jump ahead to the next gap. Drop down to the lower one. Shimmy sideways to the left and around the corner. At the end jump to the back. Quickly climb to the right, before the ledge breaks. Jump up and pull onto the platform. There run up to the left, over the breaking walkway. At the end jump to the bar. Swing quickly to the next tower, before the bar breaks. Pull up to the top.

2nd Section

Secret 1/16: Hang from the ledge on the other side. Drop down to the gap below and then once more to reach the alcove with the Bronze Reward #1. Collect it. Then jump up to the gap again. Jump up to the top again. This will only work at the sides, since Lara has to press her feet against the wall to jump up.
Back at the top, jump towards the first icicle, but since it's too far away throw out the grapple while in the air. Then swing towards the icicle. Quickly turn around it and jump backwards to the next icicle, before the first breaks away. Again turn around it and quickly jump to the third. Again turn and jump backwards to the crevice at the wall. Shimmy to the right. At the end jump up to the upper gap and shimmy further right. Jump up to the ledge of the snow platform above you.
Secret 2/16: Hang from the upper ledge and shimmy further to the right. At the end, pull up into the alcove and collect the Silver Reward #1 there. Shimmy back along the ledge.
Then pull up onto the snow platform. On the right is a breakable ice wall. Shoot it and enter the cave.

3rd Section

Step out of the cave on the other side. Below is the wreck of the crashed plane. Run to the right end and jump towards the tower there. Pull up. On the other side a slope leads down. Slide down and at the end jump towards the slope leading left. Again jump at the end to reach the platform. (image) Turn left. Prepare yourself to do the next part without stopping. Jump towards the next platform. Jump quickly towards the bar, before the platform breaks away. Swing towards the cave mouth and jump there. Throw out the grapple to the metal part of the plane overhead to get the rope, which you will need to reach the cave.
Secret 3/16: Before you enter the cave, turn around to the left. There you can see that the ice wall is fragile. If uncertain, scan the area with your binoculars, using RAD mode. Shoot the wall and then jump there. Collect the Silver Reward #2 there. Then jump back to the cave.
Run through the passage to the other side. One of Rutland's helicopters appears. Turn to the right. Opposite it a part of the plane wreck. Jump towards the gap there. Drop down to the lower gap. Then jump backwards, towards the crack in ice behind you. Shimmy to the right and let go to reach the lower crack. From there drop to the ground.

4th Section

On this ledge you will find one of the engines, you can move it using the grapple. It's not much use, actually, but you might want to push it down, in case you don't pick up this next secret and want to collect it after collecting the Ghalali Key.
Secret 4/16: Roll past the propeller on the right and step behind the pieces of the plane wreck. Here you can collect the Bronze Reward #2.
Then run over to the left and climb down to the lower level. Shoot the snow leopard further down. Then drop down to the main part of the plane wreck.
Secret 5/16: Explore the part right of the wreck (when looking down). Climb onto the elevation. Then use the grapple to pull away the parts on the other side. Jump over there. Around the corner to the left you will find the Silver Reward #3. Jump back to the other side after collecting it.
Now climb carefully into the wreck. But don't go too far or it will slide down the hill. Turn around and use the grapple to pull one of the engines inside, to use as a weight on the part at the back.

5th Section

Walk to the front of the plane. Another interactive sequence follows:

  • Right (PC) / Triangle (PlayStation) / Y (Xbox 360)
  • Up (PC) / Up (PlayStation) / Up (Xbox 360)
  • Down (PC) / Circle (PlayStation) / B (Xbox 360)
  • Up (PC) / X (PlayStation) / A (Xbox 360)

6th Section

Now jump into the scar the plane has left in the snow before you. Lara will slide down to the left. At the end jump towards the bar. This will break, so quickly jump onto the next slide. At the end jump onto the slide leading down to the left. Jump at the end to reach the next part. Use the interaction button to shoot the ice wall at the end. Then slide to the end and jump, at the last moment, onto the next slide. At the end jump to reach the bar. Swing and jump down to the cave mouth there, before the bar breaks away.
Secret 6/16: Run a few meters to the left, then turn around to the left. In the alcove you can see the next Bronze Reward #3. Use the grapple to get it.

7th Section

Follow the passage. Jump towards the platform opposite. There turn right. Jump towards the bar ans swing towards the icy ledge in front. Shimmy to the left and jump past the broken part. Further on the left the ledge will break, so hurry, pressing interaction repeatedly, while shimmying. At the end drop to the lower ledge. Jump backwards to the bar. Swing towards the first icicle. I found the second one useless. Turn you back to the ice platform on the right and jump there. It is pretty shaky so make sure you land in the middle and keep your balance.
Secret 7/16: Try to steady the platform and turn around to face the wall behind the icicles. There you will see the Bronze Reward #4 in a niche. Use the grapple to get it quickly.
Now jump towards the next gap at the wall opposite the reward. Here shimmy to the right and pull up.
Secret 8/16: Hang from the ledge on the other side and shimmy left. At the end drop down to the lower ledge. Shimmy further left. At the end drop down twice. Shimmy left and pull up into the alcove. Collect the Gold Reward. Then climb back up the way you came.
Now jump towards the ledge above on the left. Shimmy right. At the end jump to the wall on the right. Drop down to the lower ledge. Jump backwards, towards the pole. Climb up and jump to the right, to the icy ledge. Shimmy to the right and jump across the crevice to the right, to the ledge at the wall. This will start to fall to pieces. Quickly shimmy right. Then pull up and run into the passage. Here you will meet Rutland's men that arrived with the helicopter.

8th Section

Shoot the mercenaries all around you. Start with the one with the grenade launcher in front on a higher platform. He's the most dangerous of them. You can use the explosive barrels for help, but be careful that they are not used against you. Avoid the pool. The water is too cold to swim in. When all baddies are gone, it's time to look around. Two ice platforms are in the middle of the room, a small one left of the entrance and a larger one opposite. Further there is a platform on the wall at the left side. Behind it is a lake and on the other side of it a cave mouth. On the right are some building parts. At the back wall, between the lake and the buildings is another ice platform.
Secret 9/16: Climb onto the smaller ice platform. Turn towards the left wall. You can shoot it. Jump inside the alcove and collect the Silver Reward #4.
Secret 10/16: Right of this alcove with the silver reward, between it and the lake you can find the Bronze Reward #5 lying in a corner.
Now jump from the larger ice platform in the middle to the one on the left. From there jump to the right towards the part in front of the building, where the guy with the grenade launcher was.
Secret 11/16: Collect the Bronze Reward #6 lying there.
Use the grapple to swing to the roof of the small temple further to the right. Climb up to the top and jump onto the cable there. Lara will slide down to the other side of the pool, into the cave opening.

9th Section

Secret 12/16: In an alcove on the left you will find the Bronze Reward #7.
Run ahead to reach the water. Don't jump in, it is too cold. Instead jump onto the first ice floe. From there jump towards the second. It seems like you have reached a dead end. Look up to the ceiling. There is another ice block there. Use manual aim to shoot it. It will fall into the water. Jump onto it. From there jump towards the fourth. Next jump into the passage on the left. Climb over the wall to reach the current on the other side. A few ice floes are floating downstream. You have to jump from floe to floe upstream. Wait for a large enough group, before you start your journey. On the right wall is an elevated platform where you can take a break. Jump all the way over to the island on the left side.
Secret 13/16: Collect the Silver Reward #5 here.
Then jump over the floe to the right side. Run into the passage. On the left you'll find stairs leading up into the temple.

10th Section

Run up and shoot the snow leopard attacking you form the right. Then take a look around. You can run down the stairs. But this won't get you much further. Up in the middle you'll be able to use the grapple.
Secret 14/16: Run down the right staircase and below towards the walkway on the right. At the start you can find a breakable stone wall on the right. Use manual aim to shoot it. In the niche you will find the Silver Reward #6. Run back upstairs.
Now stand in the of the railing. Ahead you can use the grapple. Swing ahead and jump when swinging to the front. Immediately throw out the grapple again. Repeat this once more to then swing safely to the other side where a snow leopard is waiting for you. You can jump to the roof of the temple entrance to avoid close contact with the animal. Shoot it.
Secret 15/16: Run up the left stairs and to the end of the long walkway. There you will find the Bronze Reward #8. Run back down.
Secret 16/16: Run up the stairs on the right. Here you will find the Bronze Reward #9.
Now run to the scales. Stand on the right part to lower it. Use the grapple to pull the smallest of the two crates onto it. Since the bigger one weights more than Lara it would cause you trouble. Leave the small crate there and run over to the other side. Stand on the platform there. It will be lowered. Use the grapple to pull the ornate crate onto the platform. Then run back to the other side and use Lara's weight to lower the platform there again. Use the grapple to pull up the bigger crate as well. This will be enough to keep the other side, with the ornate crate, up. Climb up onto the roof and use the grapple to pull the ornate crate off the scales. Now move it onto the ornate pad on the floor. The door below opens. Step through and the door closes behind Lara.

11th Section

Run down the stairs and watch the cut scene in which Lara will reforge the sword Excalibur. After the cut she will carry the sword as a weapon. Now run into the passge down here.

12th Section

The door at the end is fragile. You can break it, using Excalibur. But not, as one might expect at first, at close range. So stand back a bit and swing the sword int he direction of the door. Step outside. The floor will start to collapse. Quickly jump over the the platform on the left and then continue ahead. Jump to the right and there run further ahead. On the last platform wait for a short second, till the platform tilts a little. Then quickly jump to the safe platform ahead, before the one below you breaks away.
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