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6. England - King Arthurs Tomb?

Task: Explore the Museum to find the entrance to the tomb it was build on. You will discover that this was a fake tomb, but there is more behind a breakable wall. Make your way through firetraps and waterpassages to come to an underground lake... Finds & Enemies: 15 Secrets (1 Gold Reward, 5 Silver Rewards, 9 Bronze Rewards) Story Intro: "The map on the knight's shield leads to a site that claims to have unearthed King Arthur's grave, a distinction also claimed by countless others. But this particular site meant something to a knight one thousand years ago, so it may mean something to me."

1st Section

At the beginning of the level Lara is standing in the remains of a tourist attraction, a King Arthur Museum. Have a look around. Between the two ticket booths is a stone with a sword in it. It doesn't work, since the power has been turned off. in the "gift shop". On the right is a locked door. (red light) In the racks you can see green sea-monsters and castle models. On the left is a movable crate. Pull it out to the front of the gift shop and climb onto it. Above the word "shop you can see a metal grate. Attach the grapple to it and pull it out. Then use the movable crate to climb into the hole.
Secret 1/15: On the right is a breakable wooden crate. Inside is the Bronze Reward #1.
Also on the right is another grate you can pull out, using the grapple. Roll through the opening into the backstreet.

2nd Section

In the passage on a left is a puddle on the ground, there is also a cable dangling in the water. Run towards the fence. Shortly before that, on the right is a window sill you can jump up to. Jump further up to the roof. Shimmy sideways, to the left, to the other side of the fence. On the wall is a switch that turns on the power. As you might have guessed the cable hanging in the water is now sparking electricity. Climb up the drainpipe left of the switch. At the top jump towards the right, to the ledge of the roof. Shimmy right and there drop down towards the first window sill. Jump towards the sill of the second and then the third window. At the end jump right onto the dry part of the yard. The door on the left has opened, when you turned on the power. The light is green. Step through the door. Back inside run to the gate between the ticket booths and pull out the sword from the stone. The gate opens. Step through.

3rd Section

There are three animatronics in this room you can activate. Two of them are on the left, one on the right. (If you have seen Monty Python and "The Holy Grail" some of this might seem strangely familiar, it's the same kind of humour.)
Secret 2/15: Run to the right. In the wall ahead is an opening. The floor in front has caved in. Simply jump over it to reach the ledge of the opening. Pull inside. Shoot the crate to collect the Bronze Reward #2. Climb back outside.
Now stand on the plank left of the opening, which serves as bridge. From there jump towards the horizontal bar. Swing towards the next one. This will swing back for a short time. Use this time to jump backwards towards the next horizontal bar. If you fall down here, there is a possibility to climb up and start again. From the bar, swing ahead, to the drawbridge, to pull it down. Very often you now have to press interaction to get a grip on the bridge. Quickly jump back to the bar. If you miss and have to climb up from the pit, the bridge will be up again. Back on the bar turn around and jump over the lowered bridge, to reach the next part. On the left is another animatronic. On the right is a statue of King Arthur. Target (manual aim) the hook and shoot it to create a platform you can jump onto. Again, if you fall down, you will find a way up again. On the left is another sword in a stone. Ahead is a closed gate. All around are further animatronics.
Secret 1/15: Run to the right. There you will find a ventilation shaft. Roll into the opening. On the right you'll find a crate with the Bronze Reward #3. Get back outside.
Now go back to the gate. Pull out the sword from the stone left of it. The boards in front collapse. Behind it is a rope you can pull out with the grapple. Step back, otherwise Lara can't pull the rope far enough for the gate to open.

4rd Section

You come to a storage room with e forklift.
Controlling the Forklift:
The get on or off, you have to press the interaction button.
To move the fork up, you have to press "Lock Target" (G/L1) or "Shoot" (H/R1).
To move down the fork, you have to press "display Hud" or "Grenade/Flares".
To move the forklift, PC users have to use the directional buttons, PS2 Users have to press X and direction.
Secret 4/15: Look up to the wall on the right. There is another metal grate, blocking a vent. Pull it out, using the grapple. Then use the forklift to erect a stack of crates in front of the opening. You will need two crates stacked upwards and probably a third one to climb the higher stack. Climb into the opening. You will come to the office of Professor Worth. In front of his desk you will find the Silver Reward #1. Further Lara will learn some more details about the tomb. Climb back outside.
Then use the forklift to clear out a path down. Drive the forklift down into the tomb.
Secret 5/15: Drive straight ahead, into the sarcophagus. It will break. Inside is the Silver Reward #2.
Then use the forklift to move the two crates on the left. Behind is a breakable wall. Driving straight into it, will clear a path for the forklift. Drive through.

5th Section

In the next passage are some mean traps. Just use the forklift to drive straight through. The traps won't harm Lara as long as she's driving the forklift. Also drive through the other set of traps. Next you will come to a closed gate. Move the fork down before driving against it. Move the fork underneath the gate and then lift it. Move to fork down again to get through the gate. Drive through the next set of traps and then through the breakable wall.

6th Section

It's time for the next interactive sequence. Quickly press the button show to you.
  • Up (PC) / X (PlayStation) / A (Xbox)

7th Section

You are now standing at the top of a derelict staircase.
Secret 6/15: In the niche in the wall on the right is the Bronze Reward #4. Use the grapple to pull it out.
Run to the left and turn towards the stairs leading down.
Secret 7/15: In the wall ahead is another niche with the Bronze Reward #5. Again use the grapple to pull it towards you.
Then run down the stairs. At the end jump to the niche on the left. Shimmy right and jump to the second ledge. Quickly shimmy to the right. If you want to shimmy faster, press interaction repeatedly. Drop down onto the stairs, they are also starting to crumble. Run down. Jump towards the next part of the stairs. Run further down. Then jump up to the bar ahead. Climb right, along the bar. There swing into the high niche in the wall. Hang from the ledge. Jump to the next ledge on the right. Again shimmy quickly to the right.

8th Section

Secret 8/15: Pull up into the hidden passage. Follow it to the left end and collect the Bronze Reward #6. Get back outside.
Run down the next steps and jump onto the rope. Turn slightly to the right and swing to the next part of the stairs. Quickly run to the right and jump towards the next stairs. Run further down. At the end you can jump towards the crevice by the alcove in the wall on the left. Shimmy to the right, around the corner. There, drop into the alcove. Drop down into the chamber. In the wall you will find the Roman number "III", keep that in mind for later. Run up the stairs into the catacombs.

9th Section

Run into the passage on the left. At the end you will come to a trench with burning oil. From the jutting ledge you can jump onto the stairs on the left. Run up the next set of stairs. On the right is a set of firetraps. Examine them. The fire underneath the grates will be going on and off - you can step onto this part for a short period of time. The other parts are deadly and will claim quite a lot of Lara's energy. Do you see the crate in the fire? Use the grapple to pull it just a few inches towards you. Onto the grate in the middle would be perfect. Run and then jump onto the crate and from there jump to the other side. Turn around and use the grapple to pull the crate after you. Around the corner the next trap is awaiting you. Push the crate onto the first grate and climb up. From the crate, you have to jump onto the middle grate, when the fire has gone out, and quickly continue to the other side. On the right is a locked gate. Use the grapple to pull the crate towards you. Push it against the gate and climb up. In the middle you can climb over the gate.

10th Section

Ahead, as well as left and right are nasty traps of spinning blades. Use the lever on the left. The gate you just crossed climbing opens.
Secret 9/15: First push the crate between the blades in the left passage. The crate will block the trap and Lara can step through into the chamber behind. There you will find the Silver Reward #3.
Then move the crate between the blades on the right. This will enable you get out the second crate from behind. Then block the rotating blades of the passage in the middle and push the second crate right through.
Secret (Preparations for Gold Reward): Push a crate towards the wall on the left. Climb up. (You cannot climb at the broken part.) On the right is a wall with a Roman I. Push it in. (You have to start with the I, otherwise they won't stay in!) Then climb down again and push the crate to the right. There you can find the II. Push it in as well and climb back down. Next you'd have to push in the III at the bottom of the broken staircase, but we will save that for later.
Now move the crate into the next traps ahead and get the second crate to push it right through. The next firetrap is a bit difficult. I recommend you push both crates at your disposal into the trap. You cannot step into the fire, but you can move both crates in a row. Climb onto the crates and run over them, jump to safely reach the other side. Use the lever on the right to open the next gate. Behind it, run up the stairs on the left. Run around the corner to the right and up the next set of stairs. Run to the left, into the next room.

11th Section - Doortrigger and Coffin

Ahead is a triggerpad. Stepping onto it will open the door down the stairs, but only as long as you are on the pad. Jump into the water basin on the left and swim to the other shore, on the right side.
Secret 10/15: In the right wall you can see the next reward in an alcove behind a grate. In front is a dangling chandelier. Stand in front of it, that Lara, chandelier and alcove form a line. Then use the magnetic grapple to swing the chandelier towards the grate. It will break through and then fall to the ground. Collect the Bronze Reward #7, using the grapple.
In the wall on the opposite side you'll see another alcove and again there is a chandelier. In this alcove is a casket. Use the grapple to swing the chandelier and break the grate from the alcove. Then pull out the coffin, using the grapple. It will drop into the water, where it floats. Jump into the water and climb onto the coffin. On both sides of the basin are lamps at the wall. They are metal. Grapple the one on the right, if you can. If the coffin has floated too fat to the other end, grapple the one on the left first, then the one on the right. Pull towards the lamp on the right. When you have reached it, release the grapple and quickly through it towards the lamp at the wall behind the triggerpad outside. It might be necessary to use manual aim. When you have gotten hold of the lamp outside, pull. The coffin will then slide out of the water. Stand on the triggerpad and use the grapple to pull the coffin towards you, onto the trigger. The men will joke about this being its final resting place. Now run down the stairs and through the opened door. Follow the passage.

12th Section - Water Passages

You will come towards a metal grate on the floor. After that is a system of water tunnels and passages. Jump into the water.
Secret 11/15: Dive into the little chamber underneath the grate. To collect the Bronze Reward #8. To fight against the current you repeatedly press interaction while swimming/diving.
Then activate the unterwater lever at the wall opposite the little chamber. A door at the end of this passage opens and the coffin will float through. Follow it and climb up onto it. After a few meters you can see an opening up on the right. From the coffin jump into it. If the coffin has floated past it, you can use the lamps at the walls, to get back to this spot. On the other side, jump into the water. Swim to the left, and left again, to come to an underwater lever. It will open the next door and let the coffin in. Again climb onto it.
Secret 12/15: In the passage on the right, the one you came from, is an alcove with the next cross at the end. Right of it is a lamp. Use the grapple to pull yourself towards it. Then jump into the alcove or use the grapple, to collect the Silver Reward #4. Return to the coffin and use the grapple to get back into the previous passage, where the lever was at the left end. If the coffin has drifted too far past the alcove with the secret, you have to grapple the lamp by the secret to pull back to it.
Back in the previous passage is right of the lamp, not far from the lever, another opening overhead. Pull there and jump through the opening into the next waterpassage. Jump into the water and you will come down a waterfall, into a huge underground lake. Swim ahead, towards the shore. (You will see that there are four cages at the four little islands in the lake, you can grapple the levers at them, but you should leave them for now. There is a bug - apparently on medium setting, especially when you have fooled around with the sea serpent puppets in the museum - where one of the cages won't work later, if fiddled with beforehand.) Now look at the castle. In front of it, in the middle, you can see a small metal goblet dangling from a chain. Left and right of it are lamp poles. These can be moved, using the grapple. The left one is pointing towards the lake, use the grapple to move it to the left (clockwise). The right one is pointing to the right, move it to point at the lake. Then run to the left side. You can climb up at the gaps at the wall there to reach the top.

13th Section

From there jump towards the horizontal bar on the right. Swing towards the slide in the corner. Slide down and at the end jump towards the lamp pole. It will swing around to the front of the castle. Swing ahead and jump. Throw out the grapple to grab the goblet from there swing towards the next lamp pole. This will swing around toward the left. Jump towards the stone wall ahead. Climb up. At the top hang from the ledge and shimmy right. The jump to the window sill above you. Shimmy further to the right and jump to the next window sill. From here jump towards the platform with the chain. Lara will probably grab the chain. Climb up. At the top jump onto the roof. Run to the left.

14th Section

Ahead is the open bell tower.
Secret 13/15: Run past the bell tower. In the right corner you'll find the Silver Reward #5.
Then return to the bell tower and climb down the rope to get inside. A cutscene follows, where Lara will discover the real tomb of King Arthur. After the cut you should examine the crystal egg shell the king is surrounded by. The binoculars will reveal that it is fragile. Look around in the chamber. On the left Lara will find the tomb of "Bedwyr" and another story part will follow. The tomb is broken. Pull away the front part, and move it towards the opposite side, to the broken column there. It will now enable Lara to climb onto the column. Then look around again. Right of the column is a counterweight for the bell. The bell is further to the right on the floor, attached to the rope you came down before. In front is another dangling chandelier.

The task is to ring the bell. In order to do that you have to swing the chandelier towards it and then quickly pull up the bell.

So stand in front of the chandelier. Use the grapple to swing it towards the bell. Release the grapple and quickly run to the fragment of Bedwyrs tomb. Climb up and up to the column. From there jump towards the counterweight. Lara should grab the rope and her weight should pull up the bell. If you've done everything right, the chandelier will now ring the bell. The eggshell around King Arthur will break and Lara takes Excalibur from him.

15th Section

The door of the castle has opened. Run outside. When Lara approaches the lake a giant sea serpent emerges from the water. The Serpent was attracted by the sound of the bell. It's useless to shoot the serpent. Do you remember the four cages? You will now find, that you can shoot the belltowers close to them. Lara will be able target these four spots and the serpent. Pick one of the towers and run there. Shoot at it. You will find that when the ringing gets louder, the serpent will look at the bell in fascination. That's the moment, where you quickly store away the guns and get out the grapple to throw it at the lever for the cage of this tower. Make sure that only one lever is in view, otherwise Lara might pick the wrong one - especially when you are on the bridge, by the middle cages. Pull the grapple and the cage should come down on the serpents head. If the serpents head has moved out of the way, you were too slow. Try again, this time stop the shooting of the bell a second earlier. If the serpent immediately attacks Lara, you didn't shoot at the bell long enough. The serpent will be angry after it has been hit, and destroys the tower. You have to repeat this at all the four cages.
I found it easiest, when I started on the outside, did one of the cages there, ran and dive rolled all the way to the other side, did the cage there and then ran out onto the bridge to do the middle cages.
Avoid the serpent's spitting and direct attacks by dive rolling all the time, when you are not shooting at the towers. Don't fall into the water!
When the serpent has been hit four times, it will sink into the water. Part of its body will form a path up to a passage in the rocks on the left. Jump into the water and swim to the left of the middle islands. Climb out and from there run onto the serpent's body. Follow it to the rocks and climb up into the entrance. Run inside and around the corner to the right.

16th Section

Use the grapple to swing to the other side of the trench. Then jump onto the bar and swing across the pit. Lara slides down on the other side. While sliding, jump over the pit. The next interactive sequence will follow.

You have to press the following:
  • Up (PC) / X (PlayStation) / A (Xbox)
  • Left (PC) / Square (PlayStation) / X (Xbox)
  • Right (PC) / Triangle (PlayStation) / Y (Xbox)
You are now trapped between two metal gates, but you are safe from the serpent. Look to the other gate. At the top there is a rope attached to the middle. Use manual aim to free it. Then jump up to one of the emblems. Lara can hold on to it and from there jump up to the top of the gate. Shimmy to the middle and jump up to the rope.
Secret 14/15: Drop down on the other side of the gate and collect the Bronze Reward #9 there. Then use the same method on this side to get back to the rope.
Use the rope to swing towards the platform with the closed gate and the lever.

17th Section

Activate the lever to open the gate. Slide down on the other side. Drop down and you are back where you've been before, by the fire traps and rotating blades. Two mercenaries await you. Shoot them and then run past the probably jammed blades. In the chamber where you could climb up to reach the doors I and II are more enemies. If you have not pushed in the wallpanels I and II, you can do so now - in this order- before you continue. Pull out the crate from underneath the blades and move it back to the other side, to block the traps there. I even recommend to take the second crate along, but that's up to you.

18th Section

Run back outside to the firetraps. Through the bars in the wall and behind the fire, you can shoot the next mercenaries. Then you have to find a way past the firetraps, back to the other side. It's easier than before, since the grates are now completely safe. With one or even two crates you can simplify it even more. Back on the other side you can make your way past the other fire trap as well, again the crate(s) might come in handy. Then run back to the oil filled trench. Shoot the baddy waiting on the other side. Than jump over there and run back to the right.

19th Section

You come back to the collapsed staircase. There you will find a man with a grenade launcher guarding a lift. Kill him.
Secret 15/15: Then examine the wall panel with the III. If you have pushed first panel I and then II (on the upper level by the spinning blades), you can now press this one as well. A door at the back wall will open. In the niche behind you can collect the Gold Reward.
Now run up the intact part of the stairs and from there jump onto the lift. Activate the trigger and the lift moves upwards. At the top, another mercenary will shoot at you. Kill him. Then look to the stairs, you can jump there, or if you think it's too far for you, you grapple the coffin in the wall and pull the rope so the lift starts swinging towards the stairs. After jumping there, run up.

20th Section

In the next passage you will encounter two pitbulls and three mercenaries. In the fake tomb two more mercenaries with shields are waiting. Run up the stairs again. In the storeroom are again two more baddies. After you have killed them, you can lean back and enjoy the video.
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