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5c. Kazakhstan - Project Carbonek (Secret Laboratory)

Task: Explore the secret laboratory and find Amanda. When Amanda flees, activate the Tesla canon to follow her. Take the sword fragment in the fight against the strange creature from Paraiso. Secrets: 6 Secrets (1 Gold Reward, 2 Silver Rewards, 3 Bronze Rewards) Story Intro: "The sword fragment was taken to a secret Soviet laboratory decades ago, a facility rumored to study the paranormal. Alister is going to try to confirm the facts of the story while I'm en route." Additional Help: If you need more help with this level, please click on one of the resources linked in the footer.
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1st Section

The next interactive sequence will follow:
  • Down (PC) / Circle (PlayStation) / B Xbox
  • Right (PC) / Triangle (PlayStation) / Y (Xbox)
  • Left (PC) / Square (PlayStation) / X (Xbox)
Sorry, but I don't have the XBox commands, if you know them, please send them in.

2nd Section

Below the platform you can break a couple of items, but this doesn't help. From the platform you can see the a dangling rope on a crane. It is too far away, but you can pull it closer with the magnetic grapple. Then quickly jump onto the rope before the crane swings back. Swing to the other side and jump to the platform there. Climb up the ladder here. At the top look to the right. There is a fuse box, or something similar. Jump onto it and Lara will hold on to the top of it. Climb to the left. Here are two metal bars. Jump onto the first and swing to the second. From there jump to the next fuse box, on the other side of the burning cars. Drop to the ground.

3rd Section

Can you see the next rope and behind it on the wall the fan? That's where we have to go, but first there is a secret to get.
Secret 4/9: Climb down from the platform. At the right wall you will find a breakable crate with the Bronze Reward #3. Use the big crate to climb up again.
Pull closer the next crane-arm, using the grapple. Jump onto the rope and the crane will swing back. (Careful, if you are too low, Lara might burn her feet.) Swing to the next platform. Press the interaction button, to shoot the fan in the ventilation shaft ahead. Then jump to the lowest ledge. Jump one ledge up and then pull up into the passage.

4th Section

Step into the ventilation shaft. Follow the path and slide down at the end. Below you will come to a couple of sparking cables. The game will tell you, that Lara will jump further and higher, when you hold the jump button longer. Jump over the cables. The next cables are hanging in the air. Dive roll underneath to get under them.

5th Section

Ahead you will find the corpse of a scientist. He has left you a medipack and a paper note. Step into the passage on the left. Jump towards the horizontal bar ahead. From there swing towards the rope. Swing up onto the higher level in front. If you fall down, you have to go back to the beginning, club up there and do the swinging again. Slide down the next slope. Jump over the sparking cable. Below run into the passage on the right. Dive roll underneath the pipes there and shoot the fan with interaction. Run into the tunnel on the left and advance towards the slope. Shoot the fan below, using interaction. Then slide down and jump over the sparking pipes. Below in the passage are more sparking cables. Jump over the first and dive roll under the second. Then run into the passage on the right. And again there is a slope. Slide down and jump over the cables, at the end jump to the horizontal bar. Swing and jump ahead. Throw out the grapple to use it as a rope. You can now swing to the other side, or get the secret first.
Secret 5/9: Drop down into the shaft below you. At the beginning you will find a breakable crate with the Bronze Reward #4. Collect it and then run to the other side. Climb on the box there. Turn around, throw out the grapple and climb up a bit. Turn again and swing to the upper level.
Continue from the upper level. Shoot the fan in the next passage and then slide down. Drop down into the room.

6th Section

On the left side, at the other end of the room is a generator. If you try to activate it, you will find that it has no fuel. Climb onto the light grey crate on the left side from where you came in, when heading towards the generator. From there jump onto the ventilation box between the yellow pipes. From here continue to jump towards the metal walkway. Pull up. Jump towards the next grate. There run toward the right. At the opening of the railing you can jump onto the rope and pull down the fuel pipe. The generator will be filled. Now go to the front of the generator. Attach the grapple to the starter and pull. The power will be turned on and the light at the door jumps from red to green. Run to the map of the facility and examine it. We are currently in the room on the right and will in a moment be going through the passage into the room in the middle.
Secret 6/9: Right of the map you can find several rusty grey fuse boxes. You can climb up on these. At the top shimmy to the left to reach the walkway. Run to the left. At the end, use the grapple to open the box of the metal cage. Then jump inside and shoot the crate, to reveal the Silver Reward #2. Climb back down.
Now open the door opposite from where you came in, left of the map.

7th Section

Lara is now standing in a passage with green coolant leaking from the pipes. As Zip suspects, it's lethal, so avoid at any cost. On the right there is a grate overhead. Jump up to it and pull up. Jump towards the bar spanning across the passage and use it to swing to the next grate. From there jump towards the next bar and on to the rope. Swing to the grate in the corner. There turn right. On the right wall is the next grate. Jump up and pull onto it. From there climb up to the upper grate. On the right is a pipe with blue electricity sparking. They are slowly moving from front to back all the time. Hang from the pipe behind the sparks and shimmy sideways, following them. If you are a little late and the sparks are chasing you, you can move quicker, by repeatedly pressing interaction. At the end of the pipe, jump backwards to the box at the wall. Shimmy right, around the corner. Drop down to the lower ledge and from there jump backwards, where you can lower yourself onto the next walkway. Walk towards the pipe that is attached overhead. Again there is blue electricity coming out of it. Shimmy behind it, to the other side. At the end drop down and step through the door.

Amanda is playing with the canon standing here. Then she uses the bridge to escape through a door on the other side. She orders her minions to stop Lara from following her. They destroy the bridge with a grenade.
8th Section - Shortcut (of interest, when playing time trial):
If you have enough of this level already, you can take a shortcut. I found it by coincidence, later throughout the game, when I was supposed to use the canon to rearrange the dangling scaffold. I found that this must not have been the correct way, when I replayed and realised that I could use this trick without even activating the canon.
On this side of the bridge you can find quite a few movable crates. On the left of the strange machine (Tesla canon) are two explosive barrels. If you intend to use the shortcut, it might be a good idea to get rid of them. Shooting them won't do the trick, so what I did was pulling the barrel on the back onto the one on the front, using the grapple from a distance. Move a crate towards the corner where the two barrels are/were. Now jump from the top of the crate towards the scaffold. It will probably be necessary to use interaction, so that Lara won't lose her grip. Pull up onto the scaffold and jump to the other side. Continue with the last three sections.

8th Section (regular)

The machine Amanda was working on is of no use to you right now. It doesn't have enough power yet. Step towards the edge, where the bridge was. It has fallen down, but can be used as a slide from this side. Slide down. Below you will meet three mercenaries. Kill them and collect their gear. Then run towards the Tesla tower.
Secret 7/9: Run around the left side. In the corner behind the tower you will find the Bronze Reward #5.
On the left side is a vertical pole. Again there are electrical discharges creeping upwards . Jump onto the pole, when they are over Lara's head and follow them up. At the top jump backwards onto the platform at the tower.

9th Section

Climb up to the higher level. Turn around and jump towards the horizontal bar. Swing towards the next bar. From there, jump towards the rope. Turn to the left. Swing towards the pole with the globe. Turn your back towards the next pipe (with the electrical discharges). Jump there, when the discharges have reached the top. Then climb up as far as possible. Turn your back towards the next pipe and again jump there when the electricity is at the top. Climb up and then jump towards the walkway.

10th Section

Here you'll find another scientist who's frozen to death. Like the one before he has left Lara a medipack and a note.
Secret 8/9: In the right corner you can find a cage with the next reward. Through the opening in the fence, you can shoot the barrel behind. The explosion will rip away the fence. Collect the Silver Reward #3 and then get back outside. Run to the left.
On the left is the door for the generator core, but the core is not nearby. Zip suspects that the tracks have something to do with it. Ahead is a door with a red light. Run to the right, along the tracks, the door here has a green light. Step inside. Follow the passage to the right, around the corner, then turn left. Here you will find the next gas-leakage. In front, on the left is another scaffold overhead. Climb up. From there, jump to the bar and swing to the next grate. Again jump to the next bar. Swing and jump down.

11th Section

Here the next mercenaries await you. Kill them and collect the weapons and medipacks the leave behind. In this room you will find the Tesla core. Use the grapple to pull it a few metres along the track. Then climb onto it and jump towards the ladder at the wall. Climb up and at the top jump towards the grate on the right. Amanda will contact Lara over the headset. After you've hear enough of her talk, jump towards the bar and from there onto the next grate. Then jump towards the rope on the right. Swing to the Tesla-globe ahead. Lara will grab hold at the ledge above it. Shimmy around, to the opposite side. There jump to the next bar. Swing to the next grate. From there jump right, towards the ladder. It will slide down. Climb up and jump to the right, towards the next scaffold. Run to the end. Press interaction, to shoot the explosive barrel inside the control room. The window will break. Then jump towards the rope and use it to swing into the control room. On the left you will find another frozen scientist, who has left you a medipack and a note.

12th Section

Activate the lever by the window on the right side. The core will be powered up. Step outside, through the door ahead. Climb down the broken ladder and drop into the chamber. (Did you listen to what Zip told you? You can safely move the core using the grapple.) Attach your grapple to the core and pull it along the track towards where you came in. The first obstacle will magically disappear from the track when the core comes close. Pull it - step by step - all the way to the gate. Be careful when there are explosive barrels blocking the path. I recommend shooting them, using manual aim, from a little distance. At the end the core will move through the door and disappear from view.

13th Section

Follow it. Climb back onto the grate above you on the right. Jump towards the bar. From there swing to the next grate. Jump down on the other side..

14th Section

Step around the corner to the right. Electrical fireworks await you. The cables have been powered by the core. Use the grapple on the left cable and pull it, so it is swinging. Immediately dive roll under it, while it's nowhere near the rails in the wall. Repeat this procedure with the cable on the right, to safely reach the corner. Around the next corner four more cables await you. They come in pairs. You have to get both of them to move and then dive underneath and again do the same with the second pair. Then step through the door.

15th Section

Outside you will find the core again. It has stopped in front of the closed access hatch. Step towards the Tesla tower. Attach the grapple to the metal door panel and pull it away to the left. The core will then move inside the tower. The door on the right, which was closed before will now start to open and close. Run towards the door and through it at the right moment. Inside Lara will find a coffin with a shield.

16th Section

The dead scientist here carried a note and a medipack. Step through the other door to come back to the - now fully charged - Tesla canon. I recommend saving the game manually, since a few people - especially on PlayStation2 - encountered problems where the Tesla canon wouldn't have enough power after they had by accident fallen down and climbed back up again. Three baddies with shields will appear on the walkway opposite, where Amanda disappeared. It's not much use shooting them with your normal weapons, as the shields will effectively block Lara's bullets. It will work, but not very well.
Controlling the Canon:
To get on or off the canon, press interaction.
To pull a metal object towards you, press and hold "Lock Target" (G/L1).
To shoot a metal object you are holding up, press "Shoot" (H/R1).
Get on the canon and use the "Lock Target" button to grab one of the explosive barrels. then, while holding on to the barrel, turn the canon to face the baddies. Press shoot, to shoot the explosive barrel towards them. You might also try pulling out the crates in the wall above them and hit them with it. But you should not touch the big crates on the platform where the canon is, you will need them. When all the baddies are done for you'll have time for the next part. Do you see the dangling scaffold on the left? You have to move it to the right. Pull it a bit to the right first. Then turn after it and shoot at it (more effective when done at the upper part). It will fly to the right and in most cases stop at the part, where the bridge was. This way it could be used as a substitute for the bridge. But more can be done with it.
Secret 9/9: The next part has two solutions. The objective is, to get the scaffold further up to the right. Up! That's correct, look at the tracks on the ceiling. To get it up, do any of the following. (I cannot tell you which option is best, as it depends on you. If one doesn't work for you, try the other. You will eventually find that one method will work for you.)
  1. Pull the scaffold back to the left and then shoot it with enough force to the right, shooting at it all the time, probably even using the lower grate like a sail, shooting into it.
  2. Push the scaffold as far to the right as possible. Then grab one of the bigger crates with the canon. Careful, you cannot use all of them, you will need at least one - maybe the one on the top walkway - for a later task. Hold it on front of the dangling grate. It has to be aimed a bit below the edge and a bit to the left from the corner part. (See image!) Shoot the big crate against this corner and with a little luck the scaffold will be shot up to the right.
Either way, the scaffold should now be at the right end. Now for the next part. Again there are two ways to do it.
  1. Arrange as many big crates as you have - in the best case three, two will do, one might be a bit of a problem - between the higher walkway on the right and the part were the bridge was on the left; in front of the wall. (Doing this on foot is faster than shooting them there!) Then use the canon to pull out the little crates in the wall above it. Be careful, when pulling them out, pressing the button just for a short time - you will need at least one of the small crates stacked on top of the bigger crates. Lara then needs to climb onto this stack. From there jump up towards the gap.
  2. If you still have the big crate on the walkway, you can simply use the canon to pull the little crates out of the wall on the right (between broken bridge and walkway). Then run to the upper walkway. Push the big crate towards the left end. Then climb onto it and jump towards the gap in the wall above on the left.
Either way you are now hanging from the gap in the wall. Jump one gap higher. There shimmy around the corner to the left. At the end you can drop down, onto another grate. Turn around. Behind you is now the scaffold you have shot up here. Jump onto it. Then jump onto the other grate at the wall. Here is a checkpoint. Turn right and jump onto the horizontal bar there. Swing into the niche and collect the Gold Reward. Then jump back to the bar and swing back to the previous grate. From here you can either jump back onto the dangling grate or continue straight to the exit.
Jump towards the exit platform and step through the door.

17th Section

Again you are in a passage with green gas. Climb up onto the grate. This is movable. Use manual aim to shoot the pipes that are blocking the path ahead. Then throw out the grapple to the metal hook up on the right. Pull it and release the grapple. The platform you are on will slide along. Throw the grapple towards the hook at the end of the passage. Pull towards it. At the end, jump onto the next sliding platform on the right. Here a set of electric-pipes is blocking the path. Use the grapple at the hook at the back and pull it. Duck when you reach the blue sparking pipe.

18th Section

Jump onto the next grate. Shoot the pipe in the next passage. Then grab the first hook with the grapple and pull it. Release the grapple and jump over the electric pipe and down into the passage. Follow the path to the right and at the end through the door.

19th Section

You will now come to the final room. Amanda will release the monster from Peru, which she apparently has been carrying inside a crystal around her neck, since the incident, where she supposedly died. I will tell you a secret now: You cannot kill this monster, so ignore it as best as you can. Concentrate on evading its fiery attacks however. You can do this best by jumping and rolling quickly to the side when an attack-spot is forming on the ground. At the outer rim you can find four levers. You have to use them all, to move down the globes over the Tesla gun in the middle of the room. Note that Alister has pointed out, that the sword fragment is caught in the middle. Now run towards the canon. During the next part the monster will try to distract you. You can use the gun to shoot it against the wall, but you will have to do the next part quickly, so either start with this attack or don't bother with it. Get onto the canon. Get oriented quickly. Around you are four globes, just in front of the canon, when you look up a bit and turn. Shoot them upwards quickly, one after the other. Just a few shots and they get caught in the sparks and stay up for a while. The monster might stop you from doing it, and after you had to get back on the canon, the time might be too short. So in that case start again, shooting all up. When all globes are up, the force field in the middle will have moved to the outside and this means that the sword fragment is reachable. Very quickly get off the machine. Quickly arrange the camera so Lara is looking up - this will keep you from having to use manual aim - and throw the grapple up to it. Yay, this level is done. And if you have been quick, evaded the monster's attacks and all, you have used not a single shot.
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