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11. Tibetan Foothills

gaming time: 50 minutes
Secrets: 3

The Avalanches

Shoot the eagle above you. Run to the right. Slide down. While running jump over the smallest of the boulders. Run into the alcove on the left to avoid the next avalanche. After it went past run up the hill. Climb into the wall. Make a running jump to get through the ice wall. Lara will slide down on the other side. Press "action" to grab the wall opposite. (Additionally you can press the jump button. But if you do that to early Lara will drop into the pit.) Climb up and to the right till you're above the opening. Walk out carefully. (It's easy to miss the edge and drop down the canyon.) Shoot the two eagles. Turn around jump back and grab the ledge. Let go. Lara will slide. Grab the next ledge. Then let yourself drop onto the path underneath.

The Canyon

Run into the cave. Jump over the waterhole to grab the iced wall. Climb up. At the top of the stairs wait till the icicles have dropped. Follow the path out. Climb up to the right. In the next cave climb down to the left. (If you climb up here you can see the area above - a hut with a snowmobile; and Secret1.) Follow the path down. Let Lara slide. Go through the lake carefully. Again keep an eye on the icicles. Outside run to the left. At the end make a running jump to get to the platform on the left. (Picture) Shoot the eagle. Jump over the river to get to the block with the medipack. (If you miss, you'll end up in the water. You have to swim towards the platform under the ladder, then climb the ladder and you're back at the beginning of this part. here) Collect the medipack. Jump up to the little snow-platform on the left. From there climb up the blocks on the right.


Climb up to the left and run towards the hut. Shoot the two killers.

Secret 1:
If you run to the right, before you reach the hut, you can collect the Silver Dragon in the right corner in the alcove.

Now climb onto the snowmobile. (Press "Action"!) Turn it around and take it into the tunnel. You can simply overrun the killer there. He loses shotgun-ammo. (Press the "jump"-button to get down from the snowmobile.) You'll reach an area with many ramps. Take the first one on your right. (Alternatively you can walk towards the little opening next to the cave on the left!) This will send the snowmobile flying over another ramp and land behind it. Take it to the left, till you reach the end. (There you can see several ice blocks blocking the entrance of a cave.) Take the snowmobile to the left onto another ramp. Park it there. Run up the ramp till you reach the top. Turn right and jump into the opening. Follow the tunnel into the cave. Shoot the two leopards. Now pull the ice block on the right twice and push it to the right. Then pull the ice block on the left twice and push it to the left. Jump out of the cave.

The Ramps

et back onto the snowmobile. Take it up the ramp. (If you're very good at jumping with the snowmobile you can try to take it over the first ramp - the one in the middle - and jump a bit to the left to land on the other ramp. Don't drive to fast or Lara will go to far. You have to hit the breaks when you've landed on the ramp and turn the mobile to the left. From this ramp you can go straight into the opening of the big cave.) Jump with full speed onto the next ramp. (If you miss you have to get back to the ramp in the middle, where you started. I recommend to save after each jump!) Follow this ramp to the left. Speed over the narrow part and jump onto the next ramp. Again follow it to the left. Take the snowmobile at full speed onto the next ramp. Now you're on the very long one heading towards the cave opening. Beware it's very uneven and with a hole in it. Take the snow mobile at full speed into the cave.

Inside The Big Cave/Lever

Take the left ramp to get over the first hole. Follow the path. Park the snow mobile in front of the next hole. Get down and follow the right path. In the chamber collect the grenades on the right. Climb the iced wall. Use the lever on the wall. Now get back to the snow mobile. Shoot the two killers waiting there. They lose M16 ammo and a small medipack. (SAVE!) Now Lara has to take the snowmobile at full speed over the hole on the left. Follow the path to the left. Don't drive at full speed, otherwise the snowmobile will hit the ground hard and explodes. Now take the thing over the narrow ramp with the killer on it. Just overrun him. In the next cave are two more killers waiting.

Big Ramp/Avalanches

Back outside is a huge ramp.

Secret 2 - 1st possibility:
On the big ramp get down from the snowmobile. Go to the right ledge and make a running jump to get to the rocks on the right. Collect the Jade Dragon.

(By the secret you can also climb down the ladder and pick up the grenades in the hole. Shoot the leopards. Climb back up again. Before jumping back onto the ramp, shoot the leopards there.) Now jump over the hole in the ramp at full speed. Drive into the tunnel. Turn left. Stay close to the left side to avoid the avalanche, but always steer a bit to the right, so you won't drop down into the pit. On the other side drive into the passage on the left.

1st key

Park the snow mobile and walk towards the crevasse. Position yourself close to the ladder. Jump onto the slide above the ladder. Grab the ledge while sliding. Shimmy towards the ladder and climb down. At the lowest ledge of the ladder let go and grab the ledge underneath. Pull yourself up. Collect the drawbridge-key. Drop into the hole and run into the passage. Shoot the killer behind the iced wall. Enter the chamber behind. Here you should let the icicles drop. Then use the lever. Climb out through the opened gate. (If you didn't collect Secret2 and/or the grenades in the valley yet you can do so now.)

Secret 2 - 2nd possibility:
If you want to collect the secret, after getting the key, you have to run through the valley and climb the ladder on the other side. Collect the Jade Dragon. Climb back down again. Shoot the 3 leopards. Run back through the valley.

(Slide down. Run to the other side of the valley. Take the grenades out of the hole. To get the secret climb the ladder. Shoot the 3 leopards on the way back.) Climb the ladder.

2nd key

You end up on the huge ramp again, on the opposite side of the pit from where your snowmobile is. Enter the cave and go towards the pit. Position yourself on the ledge close to the ladder. Make a running jump and grab the ledge to get back to the other side. Return to the snowmobile. Now take it into the next cave, leave it through the exit on the right. You'll find yourself in a valley with a drawbridge. Use the key on the drawbridge. Now get back on the snowmobile. Drive up the long ramp and over the drawbridge. Turn to the left and don't stop till you're in the cave, because there is another avalanche coming down behind you. In this cave speed over the pit and return into the valley through the exit on the left. There you'll find another key on the left, between all the snow. As soon as Lara has picked it up (or if she waits to long) a badguy on his snowmobile will enter the cave. (He is very dangerous, he'll try to run you over and he will shoot at you.) You have to get rid of him very quickly and avoid his vehicle. (I recommend the grenade launcher. Alternatively you can ignore him, he can't come after you, because his snowmobile won't make it over the gap in the big ramp.)

Back to the hut

Return to your snowmobile. (Don't take the one the killer has left you, it might be very tempting because of the nice weaponry. But it's lacking speed and won't make it over bigger gaps. - We have to return to the hut.) Return to the cave with the pit on the side - that's the one underneath the drawbridge. Drive quickly over the sloped ground staying on the left side. Now you have to get back over the big ramp, through the cave and over the narrow ramp, then through the next cave and over the pit. At the last hole take the ramp on the left. Return to the valley with many ramps and back into the cave. Lara won't get the snowmobile back over the elevation on the ground. You have to leave it there. Draw your weapons and shoot the two leopards. Now run towards the hut.

Lever In The Hut

Open the door of the hut with the key. Collect the medipack and the Uzi Ammo inside. Now use the lever. Three killers will appear and also enter the hut when you wait too long. Pick up the large medipack and Uzi Ammo. Fight them with a good weapon. (You'll get another opportunity to collect Secret1.)

Next Snowmobile

Enter the area on the left side of the hut through the opened gate. Jump down to the right. Immediately run towards the blocks in the middle. Climb onto the highest of them. Another guy on a snowmobile will enter the valley. On the block you'll be safe from the snowmobile, but he'll still shoot at you. From up here you can shoot back and kill the guy. Now take his snowmobile. Drive into the cave. There's a pit, but the snowmobile is to heavy to make the jump. On the left side of the pit is a ramp which you can take to reach the other side.

Secret 3:
After the pit get down from the snowmobile. Climb the ladder down into the pit till you're hanging from the lowest ledge. Let go. Immediately make a sault to the left to get out of the way of some boulders. Now go into the tunnel and collect the Golden Dragon and the Uzi Ammo. Climb the ladder back up again.

Follow the tunnel up. Shoot the two killers on their snowmobiles outside.

Canyon With Lake

Down in the valley behind the column in the middle is a crate in the wall. Push it out three times. Shoot the two killers in the cave behind. Now go towards the ledge and shoot the killer down there as well. Return to your snowmobile. (There's no other way for Lara to get down there alive.) Take the snowmobile into the cave and head for the edge. Lara will jump to leave the snowmobile while dropping down and land safely in the water. Swim towards a stone-platform. Climb out. Run into the passage and follow it.
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