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10. The Deck

gaming time: 45 Minutes
Secrets: 3
Weapons: Grenade Launcher

1st Key

Run to the right. You'll meet a guy with a flame-thrower and a brawler. Collect the small medipack. Turn right to get over the deck. Pick up the grenade launcher in the right corner. Jumping down from the deck would kill Lara or cost far to much energy. Return to the beginning of the level. Jump through on of the windows into the water. Shoot the 2 barracudas. Swim to the left. Climb onto the little platform. Climb up to the right and climb over the rocks. Turn right to get towards the key. Pick it up. Jump back into the water and dive through the hole. Follow the tunnel. Dive towards the wall of the wreck and through the trapdoor. After climbing out of the water get your guns out. Shoot the brawler. Follow the path to the right and kill the flame-thrower guy in the next alcove. Use the M16 if you have ammo to spare.

The Crates

Follow the path till you find the crates on your left side. Push the first crate once. Climb onto it and push the upper crate once. Climb back down and pull the crate out again. Climb over it, turn around and push it once to get it out of the way. Turn around and pull the next crate out. Behind this one was a hidden door. Pick up the flares and open the door with the key. Jump into the water. Dive around the corner to the right and use the lever on the beginning of the right wall. Dive back and climb out again. There's a killer waiting where you've killed the flame thrower guy. Shoot him. He loses shotgun ammo. Drop through the trapdoor and get into the passage below. Follow it and climb the ladder at the end. Use the lever on the right. (This will drain the water from the chamber behind the crates.) Climb out again and return to that chamber. Drop onto the floor and follow it till you reach the crate. Pull it out to reveal a passage. Follow that passage and climb up.

The Big Lake

Run into the big cave and enter the lake. Swim towards the boat then turn left and swim towards the shore. Shoot the brawler here. Collect the Uzi Ammo behind the crates. Then shoot the two divers in the lake.

Secret 1:
Jump into the water. A bit to the left from the boat, on the bottom close to the rocks, next to some seaweed you'll find the Silver Dragon. Pick it up.

Now swim towards the left end of the lake. Dive through the gap in the cliff. Beware of the barracuda. Leave the lake and step into the cave. (Or: From the crates climb onto the rocks ahead. You can climb and jump all the way to the cave entrance.) Follow the path. Shoot the killer. Pick up the shotgun ammo.

The Path Ahead/2nd Key

Take the path ahead. Collect the medipack. Fill up your energy and save your game. Hang from the lowest ledge of the hole. (That's the one closest to the highest one!) Let yourself drop down from there. Lara lands on one of the crates in the boat. Collect the key and the harpoon ammo. Shoot the two sharks waiting in the water. Now dive back towards the left end corner of the cave. On her way Lara will meet another shark. (But you can avoid him by swimming towards the shore where the crates are and using the path in the rocks to get back into the caves.) Back in the cave follow the path again.

The Path On The Left/Upper Deck

This time take the path to the left. Climb up the rocks. Climb onto the deck. Shoot the killer and the brawler coming out of the passage ahead. Pick up some flares. On the opposite side, in the middle alcove, close to the bench, you'll find some grenades. Go towards the front of the ship. Shoot the two brawlers climbing up from below. Jump down on the left side of the ship. Shoot the guy with the flame-thrower. Then kill the barracuda in the pool.

Secret 2:
Jump into the water and dive towards the strange looking panel. It will open and a diver will come out. Kill him, then collect the Gold Dragon.

On the left side in the alcove you'll find some Uzi Ammo. On the right side of this deck, behind the crate is a little alcove with some M16 Ammo. Jump down on this side and shoot another killer.

Stone Wall

On the right side of the ship go to the front ledge. Make a running jump to get onto the block in middle of the slopes. (Do not grab the ledge.) From there make a running jump to get over to the stone wall. Go towards the highest peak. (Don't go for the secret yet, it would be a very long way to get back here.) Make a running jump to get over to the orange part of the wreck. Run to the opposite side. Turn around, jump back and grab the ledge. (Look down before jumping, to figure out were you have to shimmy to.) Shimmy sideways till you're above the right end of the gap. Let go and immediately grab the ledge below. Shimmy to the left and pull yourself into the alcove. Turn to the left and make a running jump to get into the cliff.

In The Rocks

Follow the path up till you reach a slope with some blocks in it. Climb onto the block on the left. Turn around and make a running jump to get onto the next block higher up on the right. Now make a running jump to get over to the block on the left wall. Make a standing jump to get onto the neighbouring block. Now again make a running jump to get onto the last block higher up. Jump again to get to the top. Shoot the two brawlers and collect a large medipack. Run to the exit of the caves.

The Roof

Walk over the long plank. Make a running jump to get to the ledge of the roof to the left. Grab the ledge and pull yourself up. (If you drop down here and you did not save your game you have a long way to go.) Run to the far end, turn to the left and make a running jump to get onto the next roof. Drop through the trapdoor. Shoot the brawler. Collect the ammo in the alcove. Follow the path. Pull the block out once, then pull it to the side. Use the switch behind it. Leave the chamber through the open door. Turn left twice and shoot the killer. Pick up some ammo.

The Locked Chamber

In the next passage turn left. (Get past the broken chimney.) Turn right and get through the open door on the right. Collect the ammo in the left corner. Open the door with the key. (SAVE) Run into the chamber. There are two paths of collapsing floor leading to a platform with a switch. Take one of the rows to get to the switch. Use the switch and then take the other row back. Shoot the brawler at the door. Run to the left.

3rd Key

Turn to get into the last passage. Turn right to get through the door. Take the stairs up and climb the two blocks. Turn left to get into the cliff. Follow the way up till you reach the steps. Turn around on the left side. Make a standing jump to reach the ledge of the block. Pull yourself up. Turn around and make a running jump to get into the wall. Drop through the hole in the floor onto the broken chimney. Collect the key. Follow the chimney down and jump onto the roof opposite. Drop down carefully.

The Artefact

Jump down on the right side of the ship.

Secret 3:
Again jump onto the block in the middle of the sloped ones. Remember not to press "action" Again jump onto the stone wall. Make a running jump to reach the ledge of the cliff. Shimmy to the right. Pull yourself up and walk through the splinters. Collect the Jade Dragon. Carefully jump down again.

Jump down once more. There might be another killer on the roof behind you. Go towards the beginning of the level and again jump through one of the windows into the water. Dive out again. This time, after climbing out of the trapdoor, turn left. Run past the little pool with the propeller. Climb up to the right. Shoot the two guys with the flame-throwers. (If Lara catches fire run back to the little pool and roll in the water. If you take the M16 to shoot the two you'll be safer.) Use the key on the door to the left. Collect the Artefact in the chamber.
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