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9. Living Quarters

gaming time: 35 minutes
Secrets: 3

The Barrels

At the beginning of this level you are still under water. In the next chamber dive to the left and use the lever at the wall. Dive towards the trapdoor and climb out. Follow the passage and shoot the brawler. Pick up the small medipack. Turn left to get into the room with the machines. Turn left and run to the end. Climb over the boxes on the right. Run into the passage ahead. Follow it to the end and jump into the opening in the floor. Shoot the brawler and the killer. Collect the automatic & harpoon gun ammo. Leave the passage but immediately jump back again to avoid the barrels outside. Shoot the next brawler. Now get out of the passage, ignore the other barrels they are not in your way. (Where these barrels will stop there is a lever high up at the wall. Keep that in mind!!!)

Trigger For The Pistons 1

Follow the way up. Turn left to face the wall before you reach the part with the railing. Lara should stand in front of the fire traps. (SAVE!) Make a running jump to reach the ledge above the fire traps. Shimmy right. Drop down at the end. Pull the lever and climb into the opening on the left side. Climb the ladder in the next room. Use the lever at the end of the passage. (This will change the height of the pistons in the engine room.)

The Pistons 1

Drop into the hole. Run back into the big room. Climb the big crate. From there make a standing jump to reach the first lowered piston. Walk forward and make another standing jump from the edge to reach the next piston. Make a standing jump from the middle of it to get onto the lowest piston. From the ledge of it make a standing jump to reach the last one.

Secret 1:
Make a running jump from the last piston to grab the ledge of the alcove on the right. If your jump is very well aimed Lara doesn't need to grab the ledge. Collect the Silver Dragon. Now you can either jump back to the piston or you jump straight to the platform in front of the exit, or you let Lara drop down and take the way over the pistons again.

Trigger For The Pistons 2

Jump towards the platform in front of the exit. Draw weapons. Follow the path and shoot the killer. Pick up the automatic ammo. Follow the passage to the end. Push the crate 3 times. (The hole on the left, after the first push, is to deep to get back up again. You have to get to the crate on the opposite.) Follow the path around and push the crate on the other side once. Then drop down into the hole. (We're back at the trigger for the pistons.)

The Pistons 2/Lever High Up

Again use the trigger to change the height of the pistons. Climb back up again and follow the path out. (You have a second chance to get Secret1.) Do a standing jump to reach the ledge of the first piston. From the ledge of it jump over to the second one. Do a standing jump from the middle of it to reach the third one. And from its ledge jump to grab the ledge of the last one. Make a running jump to get into the alcove on the right. Use the lever. (This will fill the firetrap-room with water.)

Water Filled Room

There are several possibilities on how to continue from the alcove. (Jumping down would kill Lara. Dropping down from the ledge will cost a lot of energy. A jump towards the big crate will cost less energy and is not very difficult.) If Lara jumps back towards the last piston she won't lose any energy. Climb down and again run into the passage towards the room with the firetraps. At the end of this passage jump into the water. Dive towards the big room. Use the lever high up on the right side. (You might have noticed it earlier on, when the barrels were coming down.) Dive through the open door at the end of the room. Get the harpoon gun out. Dive through the hole. Shoot the diver. You can catch some breath in the neighbouring hole. (If you can't find it quick enough you might want to dive back into the wreck and dive towards the entrance or the hole where you exited the room after pulling the first lever.)

Back Into The Wreck

Near the green plants at the ceiling is a closed hatch. Dive into the opening in the cliff. Stay on the left side to avoid the hungry moraines. Use the lever on the wall at the far end. Dive through the open hatch into the wreck. Run onto the bridge in the middle of the room. You can shoot the killer high up from here, or you can wait till you're up there.

a. Way Up Short

On the bridge position yourself onto the grating close to the lever. Make a standing jump, facing right - if you've looked towards the lever before - to grab the ledge of the ventilation shaft. Pull yourself up and continue over the shaft.

or b. Way Up Long

Run towards the lever and pull it. Turn around quickly and run through the door. In this chamber there are two levers on the right side. Pull both of them. (Start with the right one, then pull the other.) Make a roll, and a running jump to get quickly to the lowered ledges behind you. Shimmy to the right. At the end pull yourself up and use the lever. (This will open a hatch outside.) Leave the alcove and return to the big chamber. Go to the far left corner. There are two sloped rocks under the opened hatch. Position yourself with the back against the higher of the two. Make a standing jump to get onto the lower one. Jump again. (Lara will make a backflip.) Jump again while sliding and grab the ledge. Turn around and jump onto the path behind you. (Now is the time to shoot the killer, if you haven't done so yet.) Run over the blue shaft till you reach the crate. Pull it out once. Then jump around it to get to the other side of it. Now jump back to grab the ledge. Shimmy to the left. Pull yourself up and turn around. Make a standing jump to get to the ledge of the opening opposite. Again pull yourself up. Follow the passage. Slide down and run over the next shaft.

Little Pool

At the end make a running jump to get onto the platform on the left. Follow the path. There's a brawler coming out of the first passage on the right.

Secret 2:
Run into the passage the brawler came out of. Go towards the ledge of the hole and make a standing jump to reach the ledge above. Pull yourself up. Drop through the collapsing floor. (Or: Position yourself in front of the hole with your back against the wall. Do a standing jump to get just behind the splinters.) Collect the Golden Dragon. Go through the splinters and climb out of the hole. Leave the room again.

Run into the other passage. On the left side is a slope, let yourself slide down. Jump over the crumbling floor. Kill the barracuda in the little pool.

Secret 3:
In the little pool is a collapsing floor part. If you dive out of it you come into another underwater cave. Beware of the next barracuda. Collect the Jade Dragon. This includes some M16 ammo if you've collected all three dragons.

Leave the little pool on the other side.


Further on you'll find a couple of sloped blocks. Jump into the gap between them. Then immediately make a sault to the right to get out at the other end. (If you don't make it the floor will crumble and Lara will be a bit deeper in the gap. You still have to get out of there at the lowest point. So position yourself at the opposite corner standing sideways towards the "exit" and make a sault to the side.) When you've reached the other side, climb onto the little elevation on the right. Stand with the windows in your back, with a slight distance towards the sloped block on the left. Make a sault to the side to get onto this sloped block. While sliding jump forward and grab the ledge at the wall. Shimmy to the right. Pull yourself up. Run into the passage ahead behind the pillar.

The "Quarters"

Draw weapons and shoot the killer coming down the ramp in the next room. Run up. In the next room turn to face left and shoot the killer downstairs. Continue straight on. Pull the crate in the left corner once. Then turn around and jump over the railing to get into the room where the second killer was. In the far left corner is another killer and a brawler. Jump into the hole and pull the crate on the left. Pick up the Theatre Key lying underneath. Climb back out of the hole. Shoot another killer. Now go back to the area on the right. Run into the passage on the left. (How clever of us to pull the crate aside, we have done that, haven't we? No? Then use the other crate to get back up again.) Follow the passage to the right. Shoot the brawler at the end. (You might want to notice the switch behind the window.) Then use the key to open the theatre.

The Theatre

Take the left passage to enter the theatre. Shoot the brawler running around between the benches. At the far end in the VIP area is a killer. (That's why I told you to take the left passage.) Shoot him. (If you have the M16 and enough ammo, you can shoot him from a safe distance.) Take a running jump from one of the benches to get into the VIP area. Shoot the brawler there. The killer has lost some Uzi ammo. Now use the switch in the right corner. Run down to the stage. Shoot another brawler. Run behind the curtain and pull the crate out once. Climb onto it and turn right to climb over the wall. Jump down on the other side. Turn left and jump over the gap in the floor. Use the switch on the other side. (The big hole, where the theatre-key was, will be filled with water.) Leave the theatre again. Shoot another killer waiting in the hall. He loses shotgun ammo. Back in the big room swim through the pool and climb out at the other side to come to the next level.
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