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8. Wreck of the Maria Doria

gaming time: 1 hour
Secrets: 3
Weapons: M16


Follow the passage to the left. Get the harpoon gun out and jump into the water. Shoot the diver. Dive into the tunnel. Climb out at the end. Pick up the large medipack. Let Lara slide down backwards. Grab the ledge and let go to drop down safely. (Lara will still lose some energy, so be sure you got enough before dropping down!) Draw weapons and shoot the killer as well as the brawler. They lose two small medipacks and some automatic ammo. (You can get the Automatic Pistols here if you don't have them yet.) Run into the next room.

Secret 1:
Run to the left where the sofas are. There's a hole in the ceiling. Climb up and run into the tunnel with your guns drawn. (You might want to use a flare. Drop it somewhere on the floor.) Shoot the killer. Drop into the hole at the end. Collect the Silver Dragon. Return into the tunnel. Shoot the next killer. Then go back into the main chamber.

The 2 Passages

In the right corner are several green crates. You have to move them out of the tunnels. Pull the first one to the left. Go around it and push it once. Then push it into the long empty tunnel twice. Now go to the next crate on the right. Pull it twice go around and push it once. Then push it into the tunnel as well. Now pull out the last block and pull it out of the way.

The Right Passage

Run into the blue passage. Draw weapons. Jump down at the end. Shoot the brawler who followed Lara, as well as the killer and the second brawler downstairs. Collect the flares and the big medipack. Run into the big ballroom. Shoot the next killer patrolling on the balcony. After entering the room turn right and run to the left corner. There's a little elevation from which Lara can reach the balcony. Climb up and turn left. Go around the corner. From there shimmy to the left. Take the ammo the killer has lost. Continue to the left. (SAVE!)

1st Circuit Breaker/1st Key

Make a running jump to reach the opposite side. Grab the ledge and pull yourself up. Pick up the circuit breaker (1). Jump down carefully. (Don't jump into the broken glass.) Now proceed toward the right corner at the far end of the ball room. There's an opening in the wall. Walk through the glass. Turn around at the ledge of the hole. Jump back and grab the ledge. Let go and grab the ledge underneath. Pull yourself up and collect the key. Go towards the edge and make a standing jump to grab the ledge in front. Pull yourself up and walk back through the glass. Return to the tunnel at the entrance of the ball room. Exit on the other side.

The Left Passage

Run into the other cleared passage. In the green room run into the right corner. Use the key at the lock on the right. Then go into the opened chamber. Use the trigger. Turn around quickly and shoot the brawler from behind. Run into the chamber on the opposite and push the trigger there. (This will open a door in the ball room.) VERY IMPORTANT: Back to the opposite side. Use the trigger again. (If you don't close the chamber again you can't use it as a passage later in the level and you won't get the 3rd circuit breaker.)

The Right Passage (2)

Go back into the ball room and climb onto the balcony. Climb through the open door into the tunnel. At the end run into the tunnel on the left. Open the last door on the right with the wheel. Turn around jump back and grab the ledge. Drop down into the room. Pull the brown crate twice. Climb over it and push it once. Then pull it to the right once and push it again to get it into the space next to the other box. Climb up and use the trigger. Now pull the upper crate out. Climb up to leave the room. Follow the passage to the left. Turn left again and again. Draw weapons and shoot the brawler.

2nd Key

In the next room you'll find a crate and a lever up on the left wall. Pull and push the crate to get it underneath the lever. Climb up and activate the lever. Pick up the key which was under the crate. Climb through the open door back into the passage. Turn right and use the key at the lock. Climb backwards down into the room. Pull the brown crate once towards the entrance. Then push it towards the other crates to built a longer walkway. Climb up and pull the upper crate twice. Climb over that crate and push the crate in the tunnel once. Follow the path to the right and then to the left. (SAVE!) Run over the collapsing floor ahead. Jump over the barrels coming from the right till you're save.

Secret 2:
Turn around. Head up the slope on the left. Climb into the opening. Jump out again to get out of the way of the barrels. Again climb into the opening. Collect the Jade Dragon at the end. Leave the tunnel and return to area on the right.

Pull yourself into the opening on the left. Shoot the killer.

The Wooden Boat

Drop through the hole onto the wooden boat. Again, you have to be quick, to solve the following part.) Use the lever under water. Dive to one of the sides of the boat and pull yourself up. From there climb out of the hole. Quickly run to the open door (in front or behind you) and climb in. (SAVE.) Use the lever. Go to the right and slide down. Jump forward to get over the hole. On the other side, before you slide down, jump back. Now jump forward and back until the trapdoor underneath is closed. Then stop jumping and climb into the alcove. Activate the trigger. Leave the room again.

2nd Circuit Breaker

Outside climb into the alcove on the right. Follow the path. Jump down into the room at the end. Shoot the killers downstairs. Turn left and use the trigger at the end, turn around and follow the balcony to its end. Jump through the open trapdoor on the right side. Collect the items the killers have lost. Use the trigger. Pick up the Circuit Breaker (2). If you've picked it up a trapdoor to the upper floor will open. Continue to the right and climb up through the opening. Now leave the room again to get back to the wooden boat.

3rd Circuit Breaker

The chamber with the boat is now dry. Again drop down. (Check your energy. It's very deep.) Open the door with the wheel. Follow the path upwards and climb up. Drop down at the other end. Pick up the Circuit Breaker (3). Activate the trigger next to the entrance. (Not the one you used before, when you had to open the doors.) Climb out again and follow the path to the right. Jump down. (Or you could go straight on to end up back in the ballroom.) Shoot the killer and the brawler. Pick up the harpoon and Uzi ammo. (Here you might get the Uzis if you don't have them yet.) Leave the room through the passage. Run back into the big room, where Lara dropped through the ceiling at the beginning.

Circuit Breakers / Fire Traps

Jump into the water. Pick up the medipack. Dive into the tunnel. Use the lever half way up. Dive up and leave through the open trapdoor. Shoot the two killers and the brawler. Collect the uzi-ammo, shotgun-ammo and a large medipack. After killing them go towards the wall with the fire traps. Use the 3 circuit breakers to deactivate the traps. Pull the crate on the left out till you can climb into the opening in the "Circuit Breaker - Wall" Shoot the brawler and use the trigger. Go towards the exit of the room and jump over to the metal platform. (In case Lara can't stand on the platform and slides down, make sure you used the trigger. Here my boyfriend encountered a little bug on the PC version where he had to use the trigger a couple of times till it worked!!) Jump over the next platforms till you reach the end. (Take a good look at the ceiling to be sure not to jump against the railing there!!) When you've reached safe ground jump into the hole. (Lara will end up in the water.) Dive towards the other end and pull out.

The Bridge

Run towards the next pool. Shoot the barracuda. Collect the harpoon-ammo in the corner on the right. Swim to the left. Climb out of the water. Shoot the brawler. Pick up the medipack. Run to the left towards the door with the wheel. Flip the switch in the chamber behind it. Run through the open door on the other side of the bridge. Push the crate once. Use the trigger and pick up the flares. Get out again and run into the passage on the left, on the other side of the bridge. Turn right then left to get into the passage with the uneven floor.

3rd Key

In the right corner Lara can jump into the water. There you have to kill or avoid 3 barracudas and 2 sharks. (Keep any eye on your energy- and air-bar, if necessary dive back into the wreck.)

Secret 3:
Behind a ledge in front you can find an opening in the ceiling. Collect the Golden Dragon there.

Swim to the left. Collect the key from the ground of the big underwater chamber, next to some seaweed. Dive back into the wreck. Take the passage back and turn right. Right again and into the passage on the left. Then turn the corner to the right again. Use the key on the right to open a door. Inside use a trigger. Return to the bridge. (left) In the big hole is a movable block. Push it once. Climb onto it and activate the trigger. (In the cabin Lara just opened with the key a trapdoor has opened.)

Into the Water

Run back into the cabin and leave it through the trapdoor. In the next room turn left. Shoot the two killer downstairs. Carefully drop through the hole. Collect the ammo and the medipack the killers have lost. In an alcove on the side you can find some M16 ammo or if you haven't got it the M16 Rifle. Jump into the water and kill the two divers. (You can do that with another weapon before you jump into the water.) Dive into the tunnel near the barrels. Beware of the barracudas and the moraines. Dive towards another part of the wreck.
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