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7. 40 Fathoms

gaming time: 35 minutes
Secrets: 3

Into the Wreck

Turn left till you can see the barrels on the ground. Follow them. They form a line towards the wreck. Dive towards the anchor on the left. Dive into the opening behind the anchor. Swim towards the surface to catch some breath. Take care a shark is following you! Dive into the hole on the left of the chamber. In the following room again dive into the hole on the left, this time it's close to the ceiling. In the next room take the hole in the middle on the left. Again left. Then use the trigger at the far end of the room on the left. Turn around quickly. (Beware, shark from behind.) Dive into the opening on the ground. Turn left twice. (Watch your air supply/energy and fill it up if necessary.) Dive through the hole towards the surface.

The 1st Switch

Dive behind the crates on the left. Climb out of the water. Follow the path towards the lever. Use it. Run back and jump down to where the water was. Climb up into the hole and out towards the right. Climb onto the little crate on the left. From there jump towards the bigger crate above the hole you just came through. (You can do this with a somersault backwards from the ledge.) Do a standing jump towards the crate on the left before the opening. Leave the room through the opening. Jump down on the other side and draw your weapons. Shoot the killer coming from the right. He loses shotgun ammo.

Secret 1:
Don't run to the trapdoor in the middle yet. Collect the Silver Dragon on the opposite side first.

Big Trapdoor

Jump through the trapdoor, weapons drawn. Shoot the killer and the brawler waiting there. They lose a medipack and some harpoon ammo. Run towards the corner with the crates. Jump from the little ramp towards the red area. Grab the ledge of the crate on the right. Pull yourself up and do a backflip. (Lara should land on another slide.) Jump while sliding, to get onto another crate. Make a running jump to get to the opening close to the ceiling.

Secret 2:
Activate the trigger (1) on the left. Turn around. Run down the passage, jumping over the pipes on the floor. At the end turn left to get into the opening. (If the opening is closed, you were too slow.) Jump into the water. Dive to the right twice. Pick up the Jade Dragon in the big underwater cave on the left. (Beware of the 3 barracudas and the shark.) Dive back into the wreck.

Fire Traps short - some medipacks will be wasted

Follow the path and at the end turn to the right. (Which would be just straight on if are coming from the secret.) At the end turn right again. Jump over the pipes on the floor. Turn left into the passage with the fire-traps. Fill up your energy. Run to the end. (Lara will catch fire. Fill up your energy when necessary.) Use the last lever on the left and quickly jump into the water pool behind the opening gate.

or: Fire Traps Regular - timed doors

The picture shows a map of the area, click to see a larger picture. Follow the path. Turn into the passage on the right. (If you just collected the secret get back into the alley on the right and immediately turn left.) Climb up the ladder on the right. Pull the lever (2). Climb down again and leave the passage in the other direction. After leaving the passage turn right, and right again. At the end turn right once more. Jump into the open chamber. (This is a timed door, if you're too slow the door will be closed again.) Activate the trigger (3) in the chamber. Leave the room again. Turn left into the passage. Left again. Jump over the single pipe. Turn right to get into the walkway with the firetraps of which two are shut down for now. (These are also timed.) Pull the lever (4) in the middle. Make two sideflips to the left to leave the tunnel again. Continue straight on. Turn left. Run to the end and climb into the open chamber on the left. (Again timed.) Use the lever (5) inside to deactivate the other two firetraps. (Guess what! Wouldn't it be nice if the other two where still inactive?) Leave the room quickly. (No time for a break. Of course the recently deactivated firetraps are timed as well.) Get back into the room at the far end, where you deactivated the first two firetraps. Use the lever (3) again. Back into the passage with the firetraps. (They should all be turned out. Otherwise start again.) Run to the end. Use the last lever (6) on the left and quickly jump into the water pool behind the opening gate.


Shoot the barracuda. (As long as Lara can stand she can use any weapon.) Dive through the trapdoor till you reach a tunnel leading up. Dive into the highest chamber. Use the trigger in the lower part of it. Dive down again and use the trigger in the open tunnel.

Secret 3:
In the little alcove on the right is the Golden Dragon. I recommend to catch some breath first.

Dive up quickly to catch some breath. Climb out. Go left and slide down. Go right to get around the rocks. Drop into the hole. Go right. Pull the crate in the left corner twice. Climb onto it and into the opening above. Use the lever there. Get out again and climb onto the rocks on the left.

1st Ladder

Position yourself in front of the first ladder. (With your back against the wall.) Make a standing jump and grab the ledge. Pull yourself up. Go to the right and jump onto the sloped block. Climb up the rocks to the right and continue to the left. Make a running jump to get to the platform underneath the opening. Climb up and pull the lever. Leave the room and climb back down to where the ladder is.

2nd Ladder

Next to the first ladder is a second one. Again do a standing jump to grab the ledge of the opening. Turn around and jump to the platform right of the opening. Follow the passage to the end. (You might have to jump a couple of times.) Climb onto the rocks on the right and left into the chamber. Use the trigger. Leave the room and get back to the big room with the ladders. From there turn left and climb into the opening at the end. Follow the passage and jump into the water.

Water Chamber

Draw the harpoon gun and shoot the diver. Catch some breath. Dive into the tunnel. Climb out at the end. Draw weapons and shoot the killer to get some Ammo as well as the brawler who loses a large medipack. Pick up the harpoon ammo. Pull the lever and run into the tunnel.
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