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19. Breath of Hades (Autumn)

Task: Collect the Wind Crystal. More Help & Savegame: If you need more help with this level, please visit our FORUMS. Furthermore I have a savegame from the beginning of the Level.
Hall of Seasons

Entering the "Breath of Hades"

Again run to the trigger platforms in the middle and this time step onto the Wind Trigger to open the next three doors. The correct lever can be found behind the right door. (Note the wind symbol at the second door.) Use the lever to open the gate in the middle through which you can get into the Breath of Hades level.

Error Correction

If you picked the wrong lever (left or middle, instead of the right one), you will drop down through a trapdoor. Head down into the tunnel and slide down. Here you will find a large Medipack which you can collect. Look out into the passage. On the left you will find a spiked roller, so flee towards the right. Although the path around to the right is longer, there is also a giant stone slab which will try to bury Lara on the left. Jump across the first trenches, where there is no trap. If you are moving slowly, hang from the ledge or step into the passage on the side (summer) to let the spiked roller move past and if not done previously collect the goodies there. But in this case you will have to tempt the roller to move back in the other direction after passing the spears. Continue to the right. Head towards the spikes protruding from the wall and circumvent them. Jump across the next trench. Run past the side passage (spring) or collect the goodies inside. Jump across the next trench. The lift can be found beyond the next trap, in the alcove on the right. Simply run past the trap as it is too slow to be of any real danger. Head into the passage on the right to reach the lift. Pull the chain to use the lift. It will stop halfway, where you might find some ammo on your first visit. Pull the chain again to reach the top. Run to the door which will open automatically and continue through the second door to return to the Hall of Seasons.

Breath of Hades

Pillars in the Wind

Run towards the door which opens. Step towards the pit. If you look down you can see pillars far below. Turn right. Here you can find a wall panel that can be pushed. In the hidden chamber behind you can find Ammo and a lever. Use it to open a gate and to elevate the pillars in the pit. Return to the pit. Watch the swaying pillars and the wind coming from the statues. You have to time your jumps with the wind. There are a couple of ways to reach the other side, I will describe the road I have taken. First you have to jump from the stairs onto the first pillar in the middle. From here I would jump onto the second pillar to your right. With a standing jump you have to continue onto the next pillar at the stairs. The last jump is very easy: Jump towards the stone platform and grab the ledge.

Wind Crystal

Run up the stairs. Collect the Wind Crystal. Return to the pit, the wind has now stopped. Jump onto the second pillar on the right and from there towards the next. The statue moves back and there you can find some goodies. Jump back onto the pillar where you came from. Continue from there towards the exit. Run back up to the door to return to the Hall of Seasons.
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