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6. Diving Area

gaming time: 35 minutes
Secrets: 3
Weapons: Uzis, M16

1. Switch

Follow the path up. Don't jump into the water. Make a running jump to reach the ladder on the wall opposite. Follow the path and use the trigger at the end. Then you can safely jump into the water. Dive to the right and under the fan. Collect the grenades at the end. Dive back and pull the underwater lever on the left. Climb out of the water. Turn to the left. Left again. Shoot a dog and two killers. Pick up the ammo or the Uzis if you don't have them so far. (You can also kill the two brawlers on the opposite side.)

Swinging Hooks

Position yourself on the edge where there's no railing on the right, looking towards the hooks. Do a standing jump and grab the ledge of the block underneath the first hook. Shimmy as far to the right as possible. Pull yourself up and go towards the other edge. (Here you can shimmy as well, if you think it's safer.) Turn left and make a running jump towards the ledge of the other block. Pull yourself up and make a running jump towards the walkway on the side.

Blue Pass Card

Draw weapons. Go to the right and then turn left to get into the room. Shoot the killers, if you haven't done so yet. Pick up flares and a Medi Pack.
Secret 1: Slide down the slope while positioned a bit to the side. Lara will then drop into the hole. Pick up the Silver Dragon.
Slide down in the middle. Jump when you've reached the edge. (Don't try to grab the ledge or Lara will drop into the acid.) Follow the path to the left. Turn right. Climb the ladder on the right. At the top leave the ladder to the right. Continue upwards. Collect the M16 Clips and automatic ammo. Look into the opening to see a slide. Lara has to go down backwards. Hold on to the ledge at the end. Let go and grab the lower ledge immediately. Quickly pull yourself up and get your weapons out. Shoot the killer patrolling the walkways. Collect the automatic ammo. Run to the left. There's a gap in the railing on the left. (If you look down you can see an alcove in the wall.) If you do a running jump through the hole in the railing you'll slide into that alcove. Pick up the Blue Pass Card. Slide down.

The "Circle" Passage

At the end of the path there's an opening. Climb out and run upwards. You'll meet the long ladder from before. Jump over to grab it and climb up again. Again slide down the ramp under the hole to get onto the metal walkways. This time run to the right and use the pass card at the end. Draw weapons and run to the left. Then again to the right. Shoot the two dogs and the guy with the flame-thrower as well as two more dogs coming from behind. Continue to the right.

1st Door With Wheel

On the left side is a door with a wheel. Turn it to open the door. Behind the door is a path leading down. (If there are stairs leading up behind, it's the wrong door. Go back to the left and around the corner.) Draw weapons and run down. Shoot the brawler. Jump into the water. Dive into the hole on the left. Kill the diver with the harpoon. (Or climb out of the water and use any weapon.) After the struggle get some fresh air. Back into the tunnel. Flip the lever at the end. Turn around 180 degrees and dive through the gate on the right. After that right again and again. Use the lever on the left. Continue your way. (right, right, left, left) At the end swim to the surface and leave the pool. Run up the stairs and to the left.

2nd Door With Wheel

Run around the corner to the right. On the left side is the next door. Open it with the wheel. The stairs behind lead upwards. Draw weapons and shoot the brawler and the two killers at the top. Collect ammo and Medi Pack.
Trophy/Achievement: You will reach a hangar, where a helicopter is leaving. Here you can obtain the trophy Anger Management, by making Lara explode using the PC cheat for level skip/weapons without the flare.
Then run through the helicopter hangar into the control centre. On the left is a passage with fire traps. First press the hand switch on the right of the passage and then quickly press the push button on the left. Quickly enter the passage and jump over the trapdoor. Pick up the Machine Chip. Make a roll and quickly drop into the hole. Pick up the M16. Climb out to the other side. Position yourself with the back against one of the walls. Carefully approach the fire sideways. (Don't get to close.) Do a somersault to the side to get over the fire. Run back to the stairs.

1st Door Again

Go back into the other room. (right) Pull the crate at the left wall once. Insert the machine chip. Draw weapons (good ones) and go through the door. Shoot the flame-thrower guy on the left. (If Lara catches fire jump into the water.) Then kill the brawler. Pick up the Medi Pack. Collect the harpoon ammo near the oxygen tanks. (Or the harpoon gun if you don't have it yet.)
Secret 2: Go towards the control panel. This will open if approached. Use the trigger. Go back outside and jump into the water. Pick up the Jade Dragon in the opened niche.
Jump into the water and dive into the tunnel. Get the harpoon out and shoot the two divers. Swim towards the surface in the big water room. Swim towards the shallow part and get out. Climb onto the block. Use the switch. Draw pistols and shoot the diver shooting at Lara as well as the two brawlers opposite. Jump back into the water and dive back through the tunnel. Get out of the water.

2nd Door Again

Shoot the brawler and pick up the Medi Pack. Then shoot the killer. He loses Uzi Ammo. Run up into the room to the left. Use the switch. Leave the room again. Go towards the pool, directly in front of the cement block. Jump towards the edge. Pull yourself up and do a running jump to reach the opposite side. Climb over the blocks on the right. Follow the path and use the trigger. Jump into the water to get to the other side again. Leave the room through the door on the left. Left again, shoot the killer. Pick up the ammo. Return to the pathway leading up. Shoot the other two dogs and the killer. Pick up more ammo. At the top drop into the hole and follow the path.

Machine Chip/Red Pass Card

Drop into the hole. Turn to the left and shoot the guy with the flame thrower. Now take care of the brawler. He loses a Machine Chip. Run through the outer door near the red pass card slot. Again jump over the cement block towards the other side. Use the circuit at the wall panel. This will deactivate the saw. Now Lara can pick up the Red Pass Card.

Red Pass Card Slot

Back to the other side and back up into the chamber. Go towards the red pass card slot and open the door. Draw weapons and drop into the hole. Shoot the killer. Follow the path an climb down the ladder. Follow the path outside. (Don't fall into the water!! Kill the two brawlers, unless you've done so earlier on. Collect the two Medi Packs.) Turn left. Follow the water tunnels. At the end draw your weapons and shoot the killers and the brawler. Run down the stairs.
Secret 3:Don't run toward the middle yet. Go into the room on the left. Pick up the Golden Dragon.
Run towards the monk.
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