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16. The Hall of Seasons

Symbols by the Entrance

Run through the door ahead. You will come to the Hall of Seasons. In the entrance hall you will find pictures with symbols on both sides. These represent the four seasons, four elements, however you like to put it. Spring = Earth, Summer = Sun (on the left side) and Autumn = Wind, Winter = Waves/Water (on the right). It seems like you have to place something into the receptacles. So it's our next task to find those objects.

Doors and Triggers

Open the door ahead to come into the Hall of Seasons. Here you encounter a skeleton, but it's very slow and thus easy to kill. Look around to find twelve doors. These bear the four season symbols. Look at the four triggers on the floor in the middle of the hall. Each one represents one of the seasons. If you step onto any symbol the three doors in the area behind that pad will open. There you will find three entrances and in each you can find a lever. Three altogether. Just one of them is the correct one. Two will lead you down to an area filled with traps. Read the signs at the doors for clues. Although the level does not end here, I will include the description for the doors in the corresponding season-level. I will tackle them in order of the seasons.
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It's always best to avoid being skewered.
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