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15. Tomb of Ancients

Way into the Big Cave

Run down the path to the pit. Hang from the ledge and drop onto the wooden beam underneath. Drop down to the ground and follow the path till you reach the abyss. The video shows you the cave you have just found. It is filled with bats. Ignore them as long as they do not harm you but if they attack defend yourself.

The Bridge

Hang from the ledge to find a climbable wall. Climb down onto the next platform. Take a standing jump towards the wooden beam on the right and grab the ledge. Pull up. Jump into the passage and follow it to the shaft. Climb down to the ground. Here run out onto the broken bridge. Position on the left side. Take a running jump to get to the other side and grab the ledge. Enter the chamber at the end and collect the Health Bandages.

Way Down

Go back to the abyss. Turn right and look towards the only platform without gargoyle head. See picture. Take a running jump to get there and grab hold. Pull up. Turn towards the platform with the figure at the wall further to the left. Take a running jump to get there. Hang from the edge and shimmy as far as you can to the left, till you are above the walkway. Drop down onto it. Hang from the ledge down into the pit and find a climbable wall. Use it to get down. Rest on the platform underneath. Then climb at the left wall, around the corners and down to reach the next safe spot. Go to the left and take a standing jump onto the wooden beam.

Extendable Ledges Part 1

Use the lever at the wall to extend some ledges. Since there were problems with this part you can download a Savegame from "after using the lever". Take a short standing jump (press and hold walk, then press jump and up) onto the first and then with a normal standing jump and grabbing towards the second ledge. Take another standing jump and grab hold of the third ledge which is higher up. From the middle of this platform take a standing jump onto the one below. Hang from the edge and drop down onto the next. From here you can drop down onto the ground.

Extendable Ledges Part 2

The skeleton here is very slow, at least it was for me, so if you hurry you can just ignore it. Crawl into the passage you can find in the outer wall and use the lever you can find there to extend a different set of ledges in the chamber outside. Crawl back outside. Find the lowest platform, left from the crawlspace, and climb onto it. Take a standing jump onto the second ledge. Jump towards the third ledge and hold on to it. To reach the fourth jump straight up. Another standing jump and grabbing the ledge will get you towards the fifth and sixth platform. Here turn around and take another standing jump towards the next ledge and hold on to it. Here you jump straight up towards the next. Three standing jumps onto the next platforms will follow. From the last you can pull up into a passage with lever. Use it to open the trapdoor in the middle of the big chamber.

Through the Trapdoor

Take the same way down and climb down through the trapdoor into the underground passage. Follow the tunnel to a crossing. On the right you will find a closed door. Force it open to gain more strength. Power Up (lower body strength) Collect the treasures in this chamber. You will find the V Packer and Ammo for it. Run back along the tunnel and this time follow the other path. At the end you will come to a door which Lara can force open, now that she got another upgrade.

Traps and More Traps

Run into the chamber. A door will close behind you. At the right wall is a lever. Use it to open the door at the other end of the hall. But as a nasty side effect some traps become active. And of course this door is timed. You have to hurry to get past the traps and through the door. Run ahead and time your jump over the extending spikes right. Ignore the darts there is not much you can do about them. Run through the door before it closes. Since the end of the level is near I don't have an extra savegame for you, just use the Save for the next level if you cannot make it. Follow the next passage. A new entry can now be found in the diary. Open the two doors to reach the Hall of Seasons.
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