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13. Louvre Galleries


Run up the stairs but be careful. Try to avoid the red light from the camera. Nearby is the first guard. Stay on the stairs till he comes down to the camera. Sneak towards him from behind when he is looking at the painting at the wall and take him out in a Stealth Attack, or use the K2 Impactor. He looses K2 Impactor Ammo. It will appear after he has been dead for a while. The door here is locked and Lara isn't strong enough. At the end of the level we will come back to this spot to finally open this door. Run further up the stairs and kill the second guard, who has probably seen you already. Follow the passage at the top to the right. Open the door at the end.


In the gallery you will find a nice collection of laser traps. Climb onto the glass display cabinet. From here you can reach the stone relief on the left wall. Grab hold and pull up onto it. Collect the Large Medipack on top. Then turn towards the right and take a running jump, over the first lasers, towards the next glass cabinet. Now you are in front of a couple of lasers where the two at the top move up and down. First of all climb onto the glass cabinet in the middle. Then wait for the lasers to go down and then take a running jump over them onto the little table on the other side. The next set of lasers consists of four, the two at the top will go out for some time and then reappear. Go towards the edge of the table you are on and as soon as the lasers go out make a standing jump forward to reach the next glass cabinet. Now there are 5 lasers blocking your way over the cabinet. But that's no problem at all. Take a look at the right side of the cabinet, the second laser from the ground is missing. Hang from the side of the cabinet and shimmy to the end past all the lasers. After that a laser grid will follow, it becomes active when you approach. Climb onto the glass cabinet on the right and jump up towards the ledge at the wall. Hold on to it and shimmy sideways through the grid. You've done it!

Guard with Louvre Pass Card

Open the door at the end. In the next gallery is a guard and again some lasertraps. Crawl through under the first laser trap. Then activate the Stealth Mode. Look towards the guard at the door on the right wall. Make sure he has turned his back towards you before you make the next move. As soon as he is looking away go towards the right wall. While in Stealth Mode press Action to hug the wall. Sneak past the laser and towards the guard. Let go of the wall and hide in the alcoves on your way. Wait for the guards to turn away till you make your next move. I wasn't able to sneak up to him and launch a Stealth Attack since he was to close to the wall. Use the K2 Impactor to get rid of him quickly. Collect the Louvre Pass Card he loses. Now continue to the end of the hall. On the left is a door for which Lara will need Carvier's Security Pass. Look over to the right and note the security camera. Run past it without being detected to collect the Large Medipack. Make your way back past the camera.

Hall with Mona Lisa

Run back to where you got rid of the guard. Open the door. In the next hall you have to sneak past the cameras. Be careful when looking into the next gallery. There is another guard. When he walks away you can sneak along behind him and take him out in a stealth attack, when he is looking at the huge painting at the wall. You can also use the K2 Impactor if you wish. On the left wall, behind a set of lasers, you can see the Mona Lisa. At the wall ahead you can see a small glass cabinet on the left. Pull it away to the side. Power Up! (lower body strength) Behind the cabinet you will find a card reader. Keep that in mind. Now run towards the other empty showcase opposite the Mona Lisa. Push it towards the famous painting till you can't go any further. Now save your game and return to the card reader and use the card you got from the guard at the door to deactivate the lasers around the Mona Lisa for a short time. The cutscene will only be shown to you the first time you use the swipecard, unless you reload of course. Now you have to be quick. Make a roll and run towards the back of the cabinet. Climb up and run over it. Jump towards the Mona Lisa. Hold on to the ledge and pull up. If you are too slow and the lasers are active again the gas will kill you. Crawl into the ventilation shaft.

In the Ventilation Shafts

Crawl to the right till you can get up. Follow the shaft. You will come to a crossing with a grating on the floor. The left passage is a dead end. Crawl into the right passage. At the end you have to climb a ladder. At the top you will find a grate you can kick. But stay quiet for now, outside is a guard. He will look towards your hiding place for a while. Wait for him to move again. Then, when he has walked past to the left, kick in the grate. Activate Stealth Mode, sneak out and take him out from behind when he is looking out to the glass roof on the left. Of course you can also use any weapon.


Return to the grate where you came out and go to the area left of it. There is another vent coming out of the building. Before you do that you can have a look around and find that you can climb down on both sides to get to the glass roofs of the galleries. On both sides are doors which you cannot open for now, since Lara is not strong enough. Climb over the white box up to the ledge above. Pull onto the ledge and walk over to the right. Whenever you encounter the black grate blocking the way, you have to shimmy past. Alternatively you can shimmy all the way and only pull up, when you have to recover. Approximately above the entrance you will find a rope on which you can monkey climb to the other side. Lara will gain more strength. Power Up! (upper body strength) On this next ledge run to the right.

Guard's Key

If you have the crowbar from the first level and are not interested in exploring everything you can skip this next part. After a few meters you will come to a drainpipe leading down. Climb down and to the right along the ledge. You can pull up onto the window sill. In the passage you can see a guard. Hide when he is coming towards the window. You can either stand on the narrow ledge next to the window or hang down. Sneak along behind him and take him out in a stealth attack. He loses a Louvre Guard's Key. There is nothing else to do here. Climb back out through the window and up the drainpipe again.

Doors on the lower Roof

Back up there follow the ledge around to the right. On the other side you will find a ladder and a closed door where you will need a crowbar. Climb down. If you don't need the crowbar and can spare some goodies you can open the door right away. When you have reached the bottom you have to go to the door on the left. This one can be unlocked with the Guard's Key and then opened. In the chamber you can find a crowbar on the right. Step back outside. Then go up the stairs and through the door. The doors on both sides here are closed. Climb over the upper roof and to the other side. Here are two doors that can be opened. Open the door on the left. Inside you will find Health Bandages on a table. The chamber behind the right door is empty. Run back to the other side and climb up the ladder again.

Office Hallway with Guard

Back up here you can open the door with the crowbar. Step through and crawl into the ventilation shaft. Climb down the ladder at the end. Follow the passage to an open grate. Drop down into the room below. Through the window you can see a guard patrolling outside. When you see him walking to the left open the door an sneak out. While in Stealth Mode attack him from behind and take him out when you reach the end of the passage.


From where you entered you have to go to the left, so run back along the passage. Open the door to the first office. Search it. The two racks on the right are empty. Behind the glass door you can find a cabinet with gas masks. You cannot pick them up for now, but keep that in mind for later. There is nothing else to do here at the moment. Leave this office again. In the second office you will meet a drowsy guard. You can sneak up to him with ease. Stay on the right side first and then when his back is turned sneak through the opening glass door. But still I wasn't able to stealth kill him since there was never enough room. Take him out with another weapon. Again I prefer the K2 Impactor.

Security Cameras

On the table on the right you can find a Vector R35. Collect it. On the desk are four keyboards in blue. You can use them to operate the connected camera. The left camera will show you the inside of Carvier's office. Look at the post-it at her computer. You can zoom in and out by using jump and action. On it she has written a Code. 14639, write that down. The right camera shows you one of the galleries. The middle ones show you a hallway and the stairs. Release the cameras by pressing crouch.

Carvier's office

Run back outside. Now run towards Carvier's office where you will find a number pad. Use the code 14639 to open the door. Since so many people had trouble reading the numbers, here is a picture. - I used the highest quality to get it readable. On the right is a cabinet with two doors, but you will find it's empty. Next to it is a desk drawer, empty again. The bookshelf is also empty. Go towards Carvier's desk. In the right desk drawer you will find Carvier's Security Pass. Now position in front of the computer and use it to learn something about Brother Obscura, who was supposed to "hide" the Obscura Painting. He has made copies of them, the Obscura Engravings. In the bookshelf on the left you can find further information about the Obscura Paintings. Eckhardt has painted them and the Lux Veritatis hid them. On the drawing board you can learn more about the Obscura Engravings. These hold information about where to find the real paintings.

Card Reader Door

Leave the office again and in the hall run to the door opposite. With the security card you can unlock the door and then open it, to get out onto the stairs. Run down the stairs and through the open door back into the galleries. Here you have to open the right door to get into a guarded gallery. Stay hidden in the doorway. Wait till the guard turns his back on you. Then sneak out behind him and bring him down in a stealth attack. Cross the hall and use Carvier's pass to open the next door. Step through. Now you are back where you found the Medipack.
Goodies: Do you remember the door from the beginning? The one on the stairs, where Lara wasn't strong enough? Well she is now. Run back into the gallery on the left. If you sneak along the left wall you can get past the first laser. You have to crawl underneath the second. Run to the door on the left. Use the security pass to open the door again. The lasers here have been turned off. Run to the other end and step through the door. Turn left and run back to the staircase. Break the door open. Inside you will find Health Bandages and a Small Medipack. Return the way you came.
Run into the left corner and use Carvier's card to open the door.

The Dig

Run ahead and then down the stairs. You will come to an open door on your right. In the gallery behind is another guards. Stay hidden till he turns his back on you. Sneak out and stealth kill him when he is looking at the showcase in the middle. Again any other weapon or sneaking past him down the stairs will work as well. Run further down the stairs and open the door at the end. In the chamber on the right you won't find anything. Run to the left. There run down the stairs to reach the dig site. Open the huge metal gate.
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