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5. Offshore Rig

Finds:Secrets: 3 | Weapons: Pistols, Harpoon Gun, Automatic Pistols, Shotgun gaming time: 40 minutes
Trophies: Don't Even Need to Wet My Feet (youtube), In a Rush (youtube)

Getting Out

Surprise! Lara is locked in and without weapons. Pull the crate with the faded label on the left towards the right wall. Climb over it and push it once. Go to the other crate and pull it towards the window. Push it towards the other crate. Go through the opened passage. Pull the crate there three times. Climb over it. Run into the tunnel on the right. Use the switch there. Turn around by doing a roll. Run out of the tunnel. Turn left, right, right again and run out of the open door on the left.

Deactivating the Propeller

Beware of the brawler and the killer outside. (And Lara has no weapons unless you use the cheat here.) Run into the passage on the left. (Avoid the rolling barrels on the slope.) Avoid the killer and the brawler. Follow the steps to the right. Stand before the window. The killer will shoot at you and destroy it. Run out and jump down on the right onto the jetty. Use the switch. Jump into the water. Dive into the plane. Use the trigger there to deactivate the propellers. Jump back into the water. Swim towards the jetty in front of the room where Lara was locked. Climb out of the water.

Getting Weapons

Again get past the brawler and the killer. Drop onto the jetty in front of the plane again. Walk onto the long part of the jetty. Go forward till you reach the edge in front of the deactivated propeller. Jump backwards run forward, jump and grab the ledge of the wing. Pull yourself up. Run onto the plane. Turn left and drop through the trapdoor. Pick up the Pistols.

Pass Card/Weapons

Climb out again. Jump back into the water and climb out again at the cell room. Finally shoot the killer and the brawler. One of them loses a medipack, the other one a Yellow Pass Card. Run back up into the room with the broken windows. Use the pass card to open the door. Run through it and push the switch to deactivate the alert. Turn right. Turn the air lock wheel at the end. Draw weapons and shoot the brawler behind you. He loses a small medipack. Go into the room on the right and shoot another brawler. He loses a large medipack. Turn the wheel on the right. Draw weapons and shoot another brawler. Collect another large medipack. Pick up the ammo on the benches. Run into the passage on the right. Collect the Harpoon Gun on the bed in the back on the left side. On the right in the middle are the Automatic Pistols.

Red Pass Card

Push the trigger on the first top bed on the left side. Make a roll and do a somersault to the right. Run through the passage and go to the right bed. Jump up and pull yourself onto the bed. From there do a standing jump into the hole in the ceiling. Grab the ledge and pull yourself up. In the ventilation shaft turn right. Slide down backwards. Climb down the ladder. Pull out the first crate on the left side. Go to the right side of the crate and pull it two times. Pull the other crate once. Go around it and push it once towards the fires in front of the ladder. Climb up and do a running jump to reach the ladder. Climb up and follow the passage to the right. Shoot the brawler. Pick up the Red Pass Card.
Secret 1: Climb up the ladder on the left before you reach the steps. Collect the Silver Dragon and climb back down.
Follow the steps. Follow the path to the right. Jump into the water.
Secret 2: Use the trigger under water. Dive into the tunnel. Turn left, right and right again. Dive into the hole. Dive up carefully. Don't get into the screw on the left. Pick up the Jade Dragon. Dive back.
Climb out of the water to the right. Follow the path, back into the hangar. Turn left and then right. Jump over the hole. Go through the broke window back into the room.

Room With Two Pools

Again go through the open door. This time take the stairs towards the left. Shoot the dog and the killer. Pick up the ammo. Avoid the barrels coming out of the tunnel. Run once past the tunnel opening to trigger them. Wait there till all the barrels went past. Then run up the slope. Use the red pass card. Draw weapons and shoot the killer behind you as well as the one in front. Collect a small medipack and flares. Shoot the killer on the left balcony. He loses shotgun ammo. Climb onto the balcony and push the crate in the corner once. Drop back down. Climb onto the platform on the right, in front of the empty pool, and jump unto the little platform on the left. From there pull the crate once. Return to the balcony and push the crate once more. Now return to the platform by the empty pool. Make a running jump to grab the ledge of the crate which is now at the edge of the platform. Pull yourself up.

Opening the Trapdoor

From the crate do a standing jump to the opening on the left. Grab hold and climb in. Follow the tunnel to the right. Shoot the killer. Pick up the small medipack. Flip the switch at the right wall of the room. Return through the tunnel. Again climb onto the platform in front of the pool. It's now filled with water. Swim through it. Climb out on the opposite side. Make a running jump to get over the pipes. Jump up the slope and use the trigger. Return to the pool and swim back. Climb back into the hole follow the path and jump through the open trapdoor.

The Big Water Room

Follow the path down to the right. On the platform below turn left. At the end turn to the right. Jump into the water. Swim to the right. Take out the harpoon and shoot the two divers. (Or: Climb out and shoot them with the pistols.)
Secret 3: Dive around the corner to the right. Right again. Pull yourself up at the yellow marking. Collect the Golden Dragon. Careful, two brawlers will appear. They lose a medipack and some ammo. Dive back.
Climb onto the block with the yellow ribbon. Jump onto the ladder and climb up. Climb to the right to get onto the higher platform. From there make a running jump to get to the next platform. Shoot the killer. He loses a Shotgun. Go to the right, to the end of the platform. Jump onto the platform on the left. Shoot another killer. Pick up the shotgun ammo. From here you can also shoot another killer on the right near the window.

Green Pass Card

Jump onto the next platform on the right and from here to the yellow marked platform. Turn right and do a running jump to get around the corner to the left. Shoot the window. Pick up the Green Pass Card. (2. opportunity for: Secret3 jump down and take the whole way on the upper platform again.) Jump back around the corner and from there to the platform under the exit. See blue arrow. Pull yourself into the passage. Run up to the right. Right again and drop into the hole. Follow the path. Draw weapons to kill another brawler. Pick up the medipack. Flip the trigger on the wall of the following room again. Then use the green pass card on the opposite wall. Go through the open door. Jump into the pool on the left. Dive into the tunnel. Turn right then left. Use the lever there. Continue through the open gate. Dive towards the surface. Get out and follow the path.
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