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10. Bouchard's Hideout

Task: Find Bouchard and ask him for help. Additional Help: If you need more help with this level, please click on one of the resources linked in the footer.
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A rat will come towards you. For me this rat was harmless. I suggest you leave most of them alone and save the ammo, unless they attack. At one end the passage is blocked by a pile of rubble. You cannot get through it. Run into the other direction. You will come past a locked door. Follow the passage to the corner. Here the floor collapses. Run and jump over it to reach the other side. If you fall down by accident you can climb the greenery at the end of the pit. Down here are more rats. From the safe spot you and jump up to the pipe at the right wall and shimmy sideways. If you drop down you are in a pit wit a crawlspace. Crawl back to the first pit and again climb the greenery. Try your luck with the pipe again. Beware! The rats down here might bite.

Water Trench

Further along you will come to a darker floor tile that will just become a slide. Jump from it to reach the safe shore. From here you can continue along the pipe at the ceiling. At the end drop down onto a pillar in the water. This is pretty unstable. Carefully take a few side-steps towards the wall, where you can dare a jump towards the next platform. Otherwise Lara might grab the pipe again. This again is very shaky so jump towards the safe ground. Alternatively, when you drop into the water, or if you choose this way, you have to dive to the end and climb up the greenery on the right wall.

Grating and Rubble

You will now come past a low grating on your right. Leave it alone for now. Run towards the rubble instead. The big rock can be pulled out and the rest will collapse.

Bug Warning:
Don't try to jump through the rubble from here or you might trigger a level skip. Lara will then emerge underneath the park in the metro tunnel. Of course you can take advantage of this bug and snatch all the goodies again. With the code you can enter the graveyard at Francine's again.

Return to the grating. Kill the rat trying to squeeze through. Then press action to kick the grating open. Crawl through into the chamber behind. Collect the Ammo. Step through the two successive doors to return to the beginning of the passages. Look over to the left. Where the rubble was is now a passage.

Severely Injured

Climb through. Jump into the water and swim to the other side. Climb out. Step into the next chamber and slip through the gap in the wall on the right. In the next chamber are two stone crypts, the door in front is locked. Run through the open door on the left. In the next chamber you will meet a severely injured man on the left. It looks as if half of his body has been fused with metal. Collect the Small Medipack on the nearby ledge. Then step out through the door. Run into the chamber opposite to find some Ammo behind the crypt. Get back into the passage. The other doors in the second part are locked.


Run towards the wooden door, open it and step through. Start a conversation with Bouchard. Here are the choices you can make in the dialogue. Avoid red sentences, use greens to make the most of the conversation
    • Don't jerk me around Bouchard. I lost that friend yesterday.
    • Easy, Bouchard. I lost that friend yesterday. Now I'm wanted for his murder.
    • What would you suggest?
    • A front, obviously.
    • Why not have one of your men deliver your... passports?
    • Passports!
Avoid the red sentence, as it is deadly. Bouchard claims to know nothing of Eckhardt and Von Croy, but after you have talked to him a bit more he at leas admits to know Von Croy. He sends you to Rennes. He has got some equipment for you. Bouchard is not willing to give you any weapons. He gives you passports for Rennes. After the dialogue use the lever at the left wall to open another door out in the hall.


Run back outside and through the second door to the back of the passage. Here the left door is now open. Inside you can find some Ammo on the right. Take a look at the ledge above the door. Push and pull the little crate on the left so you can use it to climb up. In other words pull it to the opposite side and towards the door. Take a look at the picture. Jump straight up to reach the ledge and climb up. Use the switch you will find here to open the other door in the chamber with Bouchard. Climb back down and return to Bouchard. Step through the opened door. Run up the stairs to get back to the church.

Rennes' Pawnshop

In the church all goodies have reappeared even if you have collected them before. The same goes for all Ghetto Goodies and the ones underneath the manholes.
Now it's time to bring the passports to Rennes. Run back down towards the Serpent Rouge and run to the right end of the road where you will find the Pawnshop.
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