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7. Le Serpent Rouge

Remark: If you are on a mission for Bernard, you have taken a wrong turn: Serpent Rouge for Bernard Task: Explore the Serpent Rouge and collect Pierre's box. Additional Help: If you need more help with this level, please click on one of the resources linked in the footer.
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Stealth Mode

You are now in the Serpent Rouge. When you have a look around you can see two passages. The left passage leads to an office with a guard. The right passage leads to a locked door and a light switch. Activate the Stealth Mode (Enter/L2) - if you run or make any noise, the guard will hear you - sneak up to the light switch in the right passage. Note the chamber on your left. Use the switch to turn off the light in the office. This will alert the guard, who will come towards you. Still in Stealth Mode sneak back and when the guard isn't looking into the chamber on the right. This chamber has an exit into the other passage. Sneak out into it and follow the guard. At the end he will stop. Press action while standing behind him to bring him down in a Stealth Attack. This is much safer than a shootout. He loses a M-V 9.

In the Office

Now run towards the office. Before you step through the first door, look at the stack of boxes on the right, there you can collect some Desert Ranger Ammo. Enter the office. On the table you can find a lot of pick ups. Collect the Stage Door Key, a chocolate bar, Desert Ranger Ammo and a Desert Ranger. Now follow the passage into the other direction. Run up the stairs and open the door at the end with the key.

Stage Door

As soon as the stage door opens a guard will notice you. It's very difficult to get in undetected so if you don't want to waste your time trying, get out any of your guns and shoot him. Try to be fast enough to get through this unharmed. Naturally he is not alone, behind the crates on the right another guy is lurking. (Did you notice the sound difference between shooting from inside the passage and shooting out in the hall?) Collect the M-V9s they leave you.

And now here is how you can preserve ammo. When you open the door, you will probably be noticed at once. Jump out of the doorframe back into the passage. Flee into the chamber at the end, by the light switch. Wait there for one of the guards to appear and take him down in hand to hand combat. I managed it without losing any energy. Then return to the stage door and sneak through. Sneak along the right wall and towards the boxes by the bar. From here observe the other guard. Wait for him to make his round and then when the time has come sneak up to his back and take him down in a stealth attack.

In the Cellar

You came through the right door on the side with the bar. Through the left you can get into the cellar. Open the first door to get into a hallway and the second to reach the cellar. Look around. In the left corner you can find a bottle of Vintage Cognac. Here you can also find a dumbwaiter but the doors are closing to fast. No worries we will get this from the bar. Climb down the ladder into the next part of the cellar. On the box in the corner you can find another chocolate bar and some Vector R35 Ammo. The trapdoor above your head is closed, this is where you would have come in with Bernard's key. Climb the ladder back up. Run up the stairs to come back to the dance floor.

In the Serpent Rouge

Run behind the bar. There you can collect 2 chocolate bars and a Vintage Cognac. On the left side of the bar you can press a button to call the dumbwaiter. It will stop and you can grab into the dumbwaiter to get two packs of V-Packer Ammo. Behind the DJ's stage you can find Health Pills on the right. On the left side you can run up the stairs. By the turn table you can find an Old Record. Collect it. On the wall at the back you can use a switch to turn on the light and the music. Do so, then run down the stairs.

Collapsing Scaffold

On the dancefloor you will encounter two guards who have been alerted by the music. Kill them and collect their M-V9s. Now run up the big stairs. Kill the guy coming out through the door on the first level and collect his M-V9. Run to the opposite corner. There you will find crates blocking the stairs. Nearby you can find a smaller crate that can be moved. Push it towards the railing and climb onto it. Walk towards the edge and jump straight up to reach the scaffold. Climb up. Carefully walk over the scaffold, the part on the other side will crash down. Take a running jump over the gap and to the other side. Press action to grab the ledge.

Guards on the Upper Level

Pull up. Before you collect the large medipack you should eliminate the two guards. One can be found on the right, the other is coming from behind you on the left. Then collect the large medipack and the M-V9s the two guards carried. Run to the right and to find some Health Bandages. Now observe the moving scaffold with the spotlights. It is moving up and down.

Scaffold with Spotlights

Position at the opening in the railing. When the scaffold is at its lowest, take a standing jump onto it. I died a couple of times. So try, and try again. What you have to do now is work your way up onto the roof. Jump to the opposite side. Again jump when the scaffold is moving down. If it's moving up, grab the ledge. On the left you can climb up the scaffold. You have to climb around the corner to the right and then up to the top. Here again jump to the opposite side and turn right, when the bridge is ahead. In the distance you can see a spot without fence. When the moving scaffold is at its highest you can do a simple standing jump to reach that spot. If you are not certain, make a running jump. If you have any doubts look at the picture in the next paragraph.

Underneath the Roof

This picture shows you the whole area. Click it to see a full size! Advance towards the ladder. Through the grating you can peek at some Ammo. Keep that in mind for later. Climb up the ladder. Get of to the left side. Further on the left you can find a box attached to the next spotlight scaffold. This is a maintenance access for the spotlights. You can look inside but you'll find it's empty. Of course, no spotlight there. Now slide down the slope at the other end. Jump before you drop down to land on the next platform in the corner. You can also try and grab the ledge here and then climb towards the goodies. But I will do that when the drawbridge is down. Turn left and jump onto the next platform. Take a running jump towards the metal beam and grab the ledge. Shimmy as fast as you can to the left, your grab bar is running down quickly. At the end you have to pull up onto the scaffold. Now run onto the green platform and from there make a standing jump onto the right part of the drawbridge.

Spotlight Control

Lara cannot open the door yet, as she's not strong enough. But no need to panic. Examine the drawbridge closely. You will find that you can kick the raised drawbridge. Power Up! (lower body strength) And suddenly Lara is strong enough to open the door to the control room. Inside you will find a control panel. The left switch will move the 4 spots at the left scaffold. The right switch will pull the nearest spotlight into the maintenance box. If you use the right switch by accident and pull out the wrong spotlight use it again to push it back into the rig. Take a look at the spotlight that's near the maintenance box when you have used the left switch twice. It is greener that the others and it also sparks. Get it near the maintenance box and pull it out with the right switch. Now collect the Ticket Office Key lying around on the floor.

Broken Spotlight

Step back outside and cross the lowered drawbridge. Climb up the ladder to get to the maintenance access. Open it and inside find the little chest for Pierre. A guard will appear in the spotlight control room.
Goodies: Slide down the slope again and this time grab the ledge at the end. Lara will turn and hold on to it. Shimmy to the right and around the corner. You can pull up onto the box with the goodies. Collect the Desert Ranger Ammo. From here jump back onto the drawbridge.
Return to the control room and shoot the guard. Collect his M-V9. You could open the door here but there is still the key we've collected.

Ticket Office

Climb down the ladder. Here you can collect a Chocolate Bar. Open the door down here. Run to the opposite side and jump back onto the lower scaffold. From there drop back onto the movable crate. Here you might meet another guard. Collect his M-V9. Run down the stairs to return to the dance floor. On your way you will encounter another guard who loses his M-V9. Now run towards the main entrance. Right of it is the Ticket Office. Open the door with the key you have collected. On the counter you can find 160 Euros and a second Ticket Office Key. I have found no use for it.


Now we have to get back up to the spotlight control room and through the open door there. Run up the first set of stairs and jump onto the scaffold again. On the next level you can avoid the moving scaffold if you use the door at the other end again. Climb up the ladder and exit through the door.
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