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3. Bartoli's Hideout

Task: Gaming Time: 35 minutes Finds: 3 Secrets, 1 Weapon (Uzis)

Getting into the Building

Drive the boat towards the jetty and get out. Shoot the rats. Turn left and follow the stairs. Run into the corridor. Kill the brawler and collect the large medipack. Kill some more rats. Press the switch at the end of the tunnel to open the main door. Draw weapons. From behind another brawler is approaching. He loses a small medipack. Return to the bottom of the stairs. And enter the building carefully.

Inside the Building

Draw weapons and shoot the first killer on the balcony. Take another step into the building to attract another killer. Shoot him as well. He loses some shotgun shells. Turn to the left. Shoot one of the windows and go outside. Kill the two dogs. At the far end of the room there's a small medipack, flares and Automatic Pistols or Automatic Ammo. Go back inside. Go through the corridor with the knights. They'll start to move their swords as soon as Lara gets closer. Use the lever in the dark room.

Jumping over Canopies

Next to the main door on the left is a ladder high above. (Image) Lara can reach it when she jumps up exactly underneath and grab hold. Climb up and to the left to reach the balcony. If for some reason you cannot make it, you can pick an alternative route: Climb onto the wooden slope (Image) and slide down. Jump to reach the wooden platform and hold on to it. Pull up. Walk to the left and move the crate to reach the balcony behind. From there you can take a running jump to the other balcony. (Image) Here you can collect the Automatic Ammo the killer has lost. Return to the ladder and climb out to the right. Go onto the balcony. (Shoot the killer on the balcony to the right, if he's within reach.) Turn to the left and make an running jump towards the canopy. Lara will slide down. Grab the ledge and shimmy left. Pull yourself up and do a backflip. Lara lands on a balcony, turn to the left and do a running jump to reach the wooden platform's ledge. Grab and pull up. Continue to the red canopy on the other side of the river. From there jump down into the opening.

Through the Chimney

Draw weapons and shoot the two dogs coming down the stairs. Climb the stairs and shoot the killer in the room to the right.
Secret 1 (Silver Dragon): On the left wall, when you enter the room, is a very well hidden trigger. Use it to open the door to the balcony. Leave the hall and go towards the stairs. Shoot the killer. Unless you did so earlier on. He loses some shotgun ammo. Step out onto the balcony and pick up the Silver Dragon. Return to the hall.
Shoot the window and the killer behind it. He loses some Uzi ammo. Turn right to enter the building again. Beware, a brawler is right behind Lara. Shoot him, as well as the brawler and the dog which are coming through the door. After killing them enter the fireplace. Push the block 2 times. Climb over the block and kill the rat. Go forward until you reach the blade. Jump to the right into the water. (Make a running jump to be on the safe side.) Swim towards the jetty and pull yourself up. If Lara steps onto the wooden plank the flame will be deactivated for a short time. Jump quickly from plank to plank till you reach the end. (If Lara catches fire, jump into the water and start jumping again.) Wait in the last alcove till the door opens.


Shoot the killer and the dogs from above. Then jump down into the room. Climb onto the first sloped block. Go to the highest point of it and turn towards the chandelier. Jump up and grab the ledge. Pull yourself up. Do a running jump towards the second chandelier and grab the ledge. From there make a running jump towards the platform on the right. Use the trigger there. Return to the second chandelier. Make a running jump towards the last chandelier. Pull yourself up and walk towards the edge. Jump up and grab the ledge of the wooden platform above. Follow it to the right. Kill the rats. Climb onto the stone wall and walk to the right. Jump up towards the wooden beam. Grab the ledge and shimmy to the right. Pull yourself up. Make a running jump towards the ground on the opposite side. Draw weapons and kill the brawler coming from the right. Collect the medipack. Climb onto the stone wall and walk to the right. Jump onto the wooden beam and use the lever.

Library Key

Return towards the stone wall and onto the floor. From there let yourself down onto the first chandelier, which is now the highest. Take a standing jump towards the next chandelier. (No running jump!!) And also onto the last one. From there make a running jump towards the open niche behind a picture. Pick up the Library Key. Drop onto the floor. Climb back to the last chandelier and make a running jump towards the higher one. From there make a running jump towards the lever on the right. Use it and shoot a window. Go outside and follow the wall to the right. Jump through the open trapdoor into the water. Swim to the surface.
Secret 2 (Gold Dragon): On the left side under water is a lever. Use it. Dive through the open door. Turn to the right and dive through the hole in the floor. Turn right again. Now swim towards the end through the narrow gap. Pick up the grenades in one corner as well as the Golden Dragon in the other one. Use the lever to open an airhole above your head. Dive back.
Climb out of the water in front of the library, that's where the books are lying around.


Use the key to open the library. Draw weapons and enter. Kill the brawler. Run into the passage straight on. Climb the bookshelf on the right and shoot the rats. Climb up on the block and use the switch. Return to the entrance hall. Draw weapons and shoot the killer. Go to the right into the open room. Climb the bookshelf on the left. Turn around and jump over to the platform. Climb the bookshelf on the left. Shoot the window on the right and jump to the sill. Walk to the edge and then slide down the canopy. Jump at the edge to reach the balcony opposite.

Detonation Key

Turn around and make a running jump towards the little roof below the canopy. From there onto the wall on the right. On the wall turn right and go to the end. Make a running jump towards the roof of the hut on the left. Grab the ledge and pull yourself up. Jump onto the stonewall near the chimney and drop into the water hole behind. Collect the Uzis. Leave the room and jump into the water. Swim towards the jetty of the house and pull yourself up. Draw weapons and shoot the killer. Collect the Automatic Ammo and the Detonation Key. Leave the building.

Library 2

Swim towards the gate. Climb out of the water and draw weapons. Shoot the next killer. He loses a medipack. Shoot the window and get back into the library. Run into the entrance hall and use the trigger to open the door. Draw weapons. I necessary, take a medipack and save. Two killers are waiting in the room behind the door. (It would be best if you attract them and kill them when they come into the entrance hall.) Collect the Uzis and shotgun ammo. Exit the building through the windows. Go through the door on the right. (It opens automatically when approached.) Jump into the water. Swim to the left. Get out of the water and climb onto the wall on the left. Run to the left.
Secret 3 (Jade Dragon): Climb further up and run to the left. Climb up twice. Shoot the window and collect the Jade Dragon.


Use the detonation key. Draw weapons and shoot the killer on one of the balconies. Jump into the water and swim straight to the destructed house. On the first block walk to the edge. Jump up and pull yourself onto the higher platform. Climb up in the right corner. Jump to the right and climb onto the roof. Go to the right corner and jump into the hole. Follow the path and slide down into the next level.
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