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5. Parisian Ghetto

Task: Find Pierre in the Cafe Metro or Bernard in the Park. On your way you should have a look around in the church, in the manholes and at Rennes'. Additional Help: If you need more help with this level, please click on one of the resources linked in the footer.
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Campfire at the Metro

Early the next morning Lara awakes in a deserted Metro Train. If you want to understand a few things peek into Werner's diary. You can see that it's our task to find Bouchard. Exit the wagon. Run to the left to find two guys and a dog at a campfire. Lara asks them where she can find Bouchard. They send her to the Cafe Metro.

Way Up

Climb onto the wagon. First climb onto the pipe and from there onto the roof of the train. Crawl underneath the pipe there to reach the other side where you will find a Large Medipack. Lara tells you that she can climb up. Turn to face the wall to see what she meant. The wall is damaged and part of a fence is looking through. From the middle of the car you can take a standing jump onto it. Climb up and to the right to reach the walkway. Alternatively you can also crawl back to the other side of the pipe here and climb up the grate on the other side, the one you can see in the first picture.
Goodies: Turn around to the wall and take a running jump with grabbing the ledge towards the next walkway. Pull up. (When you have used the shortcut on the rooftops, and you have missed the powerup for the lower body, it's possible that you won't make it. At least I was not able to make it on the PS2.) Then take a standing jump onto the thing ledge around the wall. Carefully walk along to the right. In the passage you can find a Chocolate Bar and 160 Euros. Then walk back onto the ledge at the wall and jump back onto the first walkway. From there continue with a running jump towards the second walkway. Grab the ledge and pull up.

Guy with Baseballcap

Turn left and jump onto the walkway where a guy is waiting for you. Walk up to him and start a conversation. It doesn't matter much which sentences you choose, you will learn something about Bouchard from him. He gives you a hint that you might learn more in the Cafe Metro.
Here are the sentences you can pick in the dialogue:
    • The Monstrum is a 'him'? How do you know that?
    • What do you really know about the Monstrum?
    • What's at Cafe Metro?
    • Who do I talk to there? The owner?
He will tell you something about the "Monstrum", about Bouchard and Le Serpent Rouge, Bouchards Nightclub. He will also send us to the Cafe Metro, even through he tells us, that the guy there is a loser. Ignore the nearby door for now.
Goodies: Run along the fence and down the stairs. There you can find 160 Euros. The door here remains locked. Run back up.
Now open the door by the guy with the cap.


You are now in front of the Serpent Rouge, Bouchard's Night Club. On the left you can see a lady you can talk to.
Here are the options in the dialogue. Pick green to make the most out of it:
    • Have you worked in this neighbourhood for long?
    • I wouldn't worry, we're not in the same class.
    • And no one knows where he is.
    • Oh? Trouble?
    • Better than anything I have so far. Thanks. I didn't catch your name.
    • What makes this cafe owner so unlucky?
Her name is Janice. She again will tell you something about Bouchard. Apparently Bouchard has left his Club and gone into hiding. She knows of two of Bouchard's people who might help you to find him. One of them is Pierre, the guy in the Cafe Metro. The other one is a fellow called Bernard who spends a lot of his time in the park. In other words you soon have to decide which route to take. In this area are a lot of exits to other levels, not only to the park and the cafe. Explore the area before doing anything. On the other side of the road, a bit to the right, you can find another bundle of 160 Euros.
In the left part of the ghetto you will find Rennes Pawnshop at the end of the "Cours La Seigne". In the right part you can find manholes leading down to Bouchard's Hideout.
If you run up the stairs you will come to another part of the ghetto where on the left you can find the Cafe Metro. On the right is the park, where you can meet Bernard.
Near the park is a fence where a guy is standing guard. He will not be very helpful.
Right next to it you will find St. Aicards Church, which you can enter.
Near the park you can find a Herbalist, who has some information for you.
Everywhere in the ghetto you can find maps you can look at.
This next part can be skipped, it's just for getting more goodies. You can proceed to the Café Metro or the Park right away. You however miss a Power Up.

Getting to the Church (optional)

We will begin with the church. Run up the stairs from where you met Janice. Close to the park benches you can find 160 Euros. Run further up to find another bundle of 160 Euros in the corner between two houses by the zebra crossing. This part is shown in the picture.> To your left is the Cafe Metro which we will avoid for now, since we have more goodies to collect. Run to the right, along the Rue Dominique. You will come past a door with a number pad on your left. Then you will meet the guy guarding the entrance to the graveyard. After that you will come to the church.

St. Aicards Church (optional)

Bug Warning:
One time when I put all my money on Carl, they would start to fight and then they would just stop, caught in an endless loop. I had to quit the game. - Patch52 installed.
Enter the Church. Savegame linked at the top of the page. You are in the entrance hall. You can enter the church to the left or the right. In the church you will find a boxing ring. At the right side is a guy, probably the trainer. He wears heavy jewellery. Save your game. Then talk him into a bet, 200 Euro against his watch. Pick any of the two guys, Zak or Carl. If you lose you should reload and try again, this time picking the other guy, in 5 of 5 tries he was the one winning the fight. Do not go back to the doors by the entrance. If you do so you might mix it all up and anyone can win again. This fight is somehow unpredictable, we've tried for ages.
Betting on the Fight
This fight is a bit unpredictable. However there are a few tricks.

When I first tried to find a system I thought getting the power up had something to do with it. But this was wrong as I found out quite soon.

Then a visitor of my page, thank you Dagmar, told me that the door through which you enter might have something to do with it.

When she entered through the left door Carl would win and when she entered through the right Zak would win. (5 tries)

So I tried this and it was the other way around. When I came through the left door Zak would win, did I pick the right Carl would win. (5 tries)

So I first through maybe she had mixed them up. I quit the game. After restarting I tried again and I got the same result as her, the opposite from which I got earlier.

If you have tried it once you can say who will win when you try again as long as you do not restart the game.
Bug Warning:
Avoid the boxing instructor after getting the goodies. When you approach the ring again, you might get caught in a video sequence showing the two boxers moving around. I had to force the game to exit.

On the PS2 I had the same problem when I saved my game near the ring. When I tried to reload the game was stuck. DON'T SAVE NEAR THE RING!
After the (hopefully) won bet you can push the pedestal at the back of the church sideways to gain the next Power Up (lower body strength). Push it to the left wall. Climb onto the moved block and from there up onto the ledge. You can climb further up at the damaged wall. From the niche you reach, you can take a standing jump onto the wooden beams. Walk over them, but careful on the left is a damaged part where you will drop through. While walking to the other side you can spot a Medipack and some Ammo below. Jump over the gap shortly behind where you spot the Medipack. Hang from the wooden beam and shimmy right till you are above the ledge with the Medipack. Let go and grab hold at the ledge. Pull up and collect the small Medipack. Now hang from the ornamental ledge and shimmy to the left towards the organ. Drop onto the platform in the corner and from there make a sideflip towards the organ. Inside the little cabin you can find a Diamond Ring. Now climb onto the roof of the organ and from there back onto the wooden beams. Go carefully around the right side and towards the collapsing part of the roof. Hang from the ledge and shimmy above the platform with the ammo. Let go, grab the ledge and collect the Vector R-35 Ammo and M-V9 Ammo. Drop down to the ground. Leave the church after you have accomplished everything. You can now make your way to Rennes' and exchange everything you got for Cash -the Pawnshop can be found on the "Cours La Seigne" - but I will include this in the walkthrough later since there are more goodies to be found in the Serpent Rouge.
Choose your Path: Cafe Metro or Park?
Now it's time to decide which road to take. Pick either the Cafe Metro, found if you turn right when coming from the church, or pick the Park which is just opposite.
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