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3. Industrial Roof Tops

Task: Make your way over the rooftops towards Carviers Apartment. Additional Help: If you need more help with this level, please click on one of the resources linked in the footer.
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Area Outside

We are back outside and there is only one way: Up. But before you begin climbing, you should have a look around to get oriented. Between the houses opposite is a bridge. Beneath you can see a passage with a Small Medipack. On the right roof you can see a cable attached. On the left you can see a crate. Further on the left is a factory building. Before that you can see a fenced area with a ladder. But now back to our game.

Onto the Roof

First you have to climb onto the platform right from the door and from there up the ladder. Jump up to the cable, while standing exactly underneath, facing the other side of the roofs. Lara will grab hold automatically. Monkey climb along, one eye on the grab bar. A helicopter arrives and starts shooting at you. Lara tells you to pull up your legs. Press the crouch button to do so, but don't forget to climb further along, since the grab bar runs down. Drop down onto the roof at the end. Behind the crates you can collect some Health Bandages. On the roof down to the left is a grate on which you can walk down carefully.
Goodies: From the end make a standing jump to the opposite roof. Grab the ledge and pull up. Crawl into the crate and collect the Health Bandages. Then go back to the edge. You could also walk onto the next part of the roof - other side - and break through the window there, to reach the chamber with the Ammo and Chocolate, however Lara will hurt herself a lot. You could also shortcut to the roof opposite, if you avoid the window but slide down further on the right instead and then jump and grab. You'd end up here.


Drop carefully down onto the walkway below. Open the door and enter the passage behind. Collect the Antique Doubloons you'll find inside. Open the next door at the end of the passage. In the chamber you enter you can find a Chocolate Bar on the cupboards. On the floor lies some M-V9 Clip. Kick in the next door. Here you will find another door, but we won't go through it. We will reach the chamber behind in a little while but from below.

In the Yards Below

Step onto the ladder instead.
Goodies: Climb up to the top. There is something worth collecting. After climbing the first ladder, climb the second as well. On the roof you will find some V-Packer Cartridges. You should climb back down, unless you want to risk the shortcut.

Shortcut to the Levelend:

Please note, it is not advisable to use the short cut, as you miss an important Power Up! On the other side you can slide down the roof. On the ledge between the two roofs you can collect some Health Pills. Climb up the ladder to get onto another roof. From there you can take a running jump onto the next roof. (Take a look at the picture.) If you shortcut here, jump to the last paragraph.

Power Up

Now climb down the ladders to the bottom. At the end you have let go to drop to the ground. Nearby on the left is a movable block. Push and pull him underneath the ladder. This is the next POWER UP! (lower body strength) You could still use the shortcut mentioned above now, by climbing up to the top again.
Goodies: On the same side where you found the block you will meet a passage leading away to both sides. On the right is a dead end. Run to the left and past the garage on the left into the passage behind. Here you can collect a Large Health Pack. Run back outside and towards the fence on the left. There is a spot which is not covered with barb wire. Climb over the fence at this spot. Behind the fence you will be attacked by a dog. Kill him. If you are quick you can kick him to conserve Ammo. In the container you can find K2 Impactor Battery. Run back to the fence and climb back to the other side.
Bug Warning:
There have been cases where Lara died when running towards the container. My guess is that this happens when you have been up to the roof already. This did not happen to me the first time, but when I went back down to examine the area again I died.
Run back towards where you came down the ladder and continue to the other side. In the area on the right, just around the corner, you can collect another M-V9 Clip from the ground. At the end is another fence where you can climb to the other side. Here you will meet another dog you can kill, but it's not necessary. Now you have to crawl under the roller shutter to get into the storage chamber. On the left you can find a Large Health Pack. You can climb up on the nearby drainpipe. On top you have to shimmy to the right. You will reach the spot where you would have come through the door, had you taken the other path in "Passages". - Instead of using the pipe you can also jump up from the crate towards the walkway. Then you don't have to run down the stairs either.

Storage Hall

Run down the stairs. From the end you can lower yourself onto the next stairs. Run to its end. There you can make a running jump over the gap and with the last lower body strength upgrade Lara will make it. Grab the ledge and pull up on the other side. Run to the left and climb up the ladder. On the top you have to leave the ladder to the right. Here you will find more V-Packer Cartridges. Make a standing jump over the gap and open the next door on the left to get out.

Fire Escape

In the next passage run to the door on the right and open it. Step outside and make a standing jump to the fire ladders opposite. Run down the stairs and collect the Antique Doubloons at the end. If you fall down here and survive, you have to climb over the fence and return to the storage hall. After collecting them run up to the top. Open the door and step through. Climb up the next ladder. At the top you have to open the next door. Step out onto the roof. Behind the hut you will find more Antique Doubloons.
Goodies: There is still one goody remaining in this level, the one you would pick up, if you used the shortcut across the roofs. Step towards the roof's edge where the helicopter is, opposite the end of the level. Take a standing jump to the other roof and pull up. Climb down the ladder on the other side. Run to the end of the walkway and pick up the Health Pills. Return to the other roof.


Now run towards the opening in the fence opposite where the helicopter is waiting. This will lead you into the next level.
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