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1. Parisian Back Streets

Task: Make your way through this level. Follow Lara's instructions as she teaches you most of her moves in this level. Explore a bit off the road to find goodies. Additional Help: If you need more help with this level, please click on one of the resources linked in the footer.
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First Yard

At the start, move Lara using the arrows/left-analog-stick. That is easy. Now is a good time to have a look at the inventory. (Press Select on the PS2 or Tab on the PC. Here you will only find the inventory. If you want to access the menu, press Start on the PS2 or ESC on the PC! - You will find your inventory empty. You have got 0 Euros, no weapons, no medipacks.) In the area on the right you can spot a pitbull. Luckily he is on a leash. But you should not get too close or he will bite you. The door on the right is locked, although the area behind it looks quite interesting. In the doorframe opposite your starting position, you can find something on the floor. Step over there and a hand symbol appears in the corner of your screen. Press Action to pick up a Chocolate Bar. (It goes to the inventory, Lara will regain 10% of her health when she takes it.)

Climbing and Jumping

Since that door is also locked, look further around. Lara will spot a bin in a corner left of your starting position. Examine it. When you approach it Lara will talk again and tell you how to climb onto it. Just step towards it, the rest will happen automatically. (Since there is nothing more to do down here and the gate with the large medipack behind it is locked, you can continue upwards.) After climbing onto the bin, follow the instructions given by Lara, by walking towards the edge. (If you press the Walk-Button once Lara will switch into Walk-Mode, a blue Lara figure appears in the lower left corner of your screen. Press it again to deactivate walk. If you hold it down you can walk as well, but you can also side-step.) Walk towards the edge facing the balcony and jump straight up. Lara will hold on to the ledge automatically, you can let go of all buttons. (Note the yellow energy bar that appears. This is the new grab bar, when it's run down Lara will let go. It's safe to try that here.) Press up to pull onto the walkway. Follow Lara's instructions to jump over the next gap.
Goodies: Turn to face the other side, where the stairs lead up to a locked door. Take a running jump to get there and collect the Large Health Pack. You have to jump shortly after crossing the line to make it over the railing. You'll get back to the other side by taking a running jump. Lara will grab the railing. Pull up.


The two doors in the next passage are locked so turn towards the ladder. Follow the instructions and keep pressing up till you reach the top. Do as instructed, press to the left to get off the ladder. Lara will step onto the walkway there. Follow the path to a window and another ladder.

Through the Window

Walk up towards the window and press forwards to climb into the room. You can also save this part for later, when you can return there with the crowbar to find a necklace, but I will go in there right now.
Walk up towards the wardrobe and press action while standing in front to find out what happens. Lara cannot open it yet, without a tool. Open the cupboards and drawers instead. In the right one you will find a bundle of 160 . In the middle one you can find another Chocolate Bar. You cannot reach the left cupboard. On the other side of the room, the camera won't allow you to simply look there; you will find something glittering on the floor, next to a bin bag. These are Antique Doubloons you can pick up. They can be found in the inventory, in the item menu. They can be exchanged for money in the pawnshop later. There is nothing more to do here right now, but keep in mind that there is still an unopened wardrobe in this chamber. Climb back out through the window.


Now you can climb up the ladder. There you have to leave it to the right. Take a look around. Lara will instruction you to jump to the other side. But first go towards the Antique Doubloons on the ground and pick them up. Then do as ordered and approach the gap in the railing. Position at the edge facing the mentioned canopy, then press up and jump as ordered. In mid-air you have to press action to make Lara grab. As soon as Lara has grabbed the ledge, let go of action. Press up to pull up onto the walkway.


Turn towards the left. There is a railing and on the balcony behind you can see a Chocolate Bar. Go towards the railing and climb over it. Jumping over it, e.g. with a side-flip will also work. Collect the Chocolate Bar. Then climb back over the railing and run to the other side. Lara will tell you that she can make the jump. This is a simple jump again. Walk over the beam and towards the drainpipe at the end. Press up to mount the drainpipe. You have to hurry since the grab bar starts to run down. At the top you have to press to the right. At some points during the game it might be necessary to press up and left/right together. Traverse quickly to the right, till you reach the safe ledge. Drop onto it. Lara decides that she should shimmy around the corner. So jump back up to the roof ledge, but before you do so walk up to the right side, since this shortens your journey. Grab hold and traverse around the corner to the right. You will reach a gap in the railing. Pull up onto the roof.

On the Roof

Lara tells you that it's time to find Carvier's Apartment. Take a look around and note the hut. Lara suspects that there might be something useful in the hut but she cannot open the door yet. Behind the shed you can find Health Bandages lying around on a barrel. Now examine the corners of the roof. On the left you can find a movable barrel. Stand in front of the barrel. When the hand symbol appears press action and up to push or down to pull. Push and pull the barrel along the depression and then step into the corner. Lara will point out the crowbar on the ledge underneath. Climb onto the railing and press action to hang from the ledge. Drop onto the jutting ledge where you can collect the crowbar. Lara will look to the left. She decides that she's not strong enough to traverse to the walkway there yet. Climb back up onto the roof.


Run towards the hut. Use the crowbar to pry open the door. This will get you the first Power Up! (upper body strength). In the chamber you can open the wardrobe and find your first weapon, the M-V9. Step back outside.
Goodies: Go back to the opening in the railing where you came up. Traverse back to the left till you can drop onto the ledge. Hang from the edge and drop down onto the wooden floor. Climb the ladder back down. Climb back through the window and open the wardrobe with the crowbar. Inside you can pick up a necklace. With this in your pocket climb back outside and again up the ladder. Use the drainpipe to get back up and traverse around the edge to get back onto the roof.
Now you have to return to the spot behind the barrel. Drop down onto the jutting ledge where you collected the crowbar. Go to the left end. There jump up to the edge and hold on to it. Now you have to hurry since you are not strong enough to linger. Shimmy to the left and over the gate.

Stealth Mode

Lara will (hopefully) reach the walkway behind the closed gate. The gate cannot be opened without a key. Now Lara will teach you how to sneak around using Stealth Mode. Press the Stealth Button and sneak ahead. Lara then tells you to use the action button to sneak along the wall. Try that and walk to the end where Lara will peek around the corner. Press Action again to let go of the wall. Sneak around the corner. Lara will spot the Gantry Gate Key on the left side. Collect it. The following part is unnecessary, but you should practise: Now, while in stealth mode, sneak up the stairs and approach the guy from the back. While standing behind him press action to take him down. Now run to the closed gate at the other end and open the door. Climb down the ladder to reach the next level.
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