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12. Escape With The Iris

The Weapons Detector

Follow the floor till you come to a passage with a danger sign above. Zip will tell you to put your weapons away before heading into the passage. Do so. Walk up to the tray on the left. (Lara will put her weapons away automatically.) Now head through the scanner passage. In the first box are some explosives as you can guess from the view. Leave it alone. Open the second one to get a small medipack. Now leave the tunnel. Run towards the floor. Zip will contact you again. He tells you that the stairs are not save.

The Offices

Run to the right and collect the ammo. Don't go any further, there are lasers in the way. So you can't get to the lift either. Turn around and head towards the passage at the other end. Run into the office ahead. Collect another bottle of chloroform in the glass cabinet on the right. The drawer on the left is empty. Exit the room again. The door on your left is closed. You have to get a combination to open it.


Turn to the right and head down the passage (Movie: You'll see the guard at the end of the passage.) Enter the next office on the right. The drawer contains a cloth, again combine it with the chloroform. The door opposite stays closed. Head further along the passage. You have to walk now. Turn around the corner to the left. Walk up to the guard. (Not to close! If you touch him you're in trouble.) Press action to use the cloth on him. Now get back and enter the last office on the right. Search the drawer for another small medipack. Now run down the hall where the guard was.

Glass Offices

The wooden door on the left opens when approached. But the office is empty. Continue down the hallway. The next door opens as well. In the rack in this office you'll find some more chloroform. Get back into the hallway and enter the last office on the left. Search the drawer for a Restroom Access Card. Now head back down the hallway. And at the end turn right again. Take a look at the card and note the number. 8526 Run up to the door with the number pad. Type in 8526. And then press the star to enter the code.

Ladies and Mens Rooms

Enter the chamber behind. Ladies is to the left and mens is ahead. Enter the ladies room and kick all the doors. In the middle you'll find a large medipack. Now enter the mens room. In the first chamber you might note the cracks in the ceiling. Step inside and position yourself just behind the door. Face towards the toilet. Jump up and press action to pull down the ceiling panel. Now go to the right wall and climb in.

Lift Shaft

At the end hang from the ledge. Let go and grab the lower ledge. Let go again and drop to the ground. Crawl out backwards. (You can climb down the ladder, but we won't do that.) Instead position in the middle of the ladder. Hold down the action-button. Press the jump-button and let go of the action-button. Press the roll-button and then press the action-button again. You'll jump from the ladder turning in midair and grab the chain. Slide down the chain to get to the platform underneath.
Secret 1: Turn to face the wall with the ladder. Step back till you're at the edge. Make a standing jump forward. Lara will jump into the alcove. Step in and collect the golden rose. Go back to the edge and make a standing jump back to the platform.
Climb up the chain. Face away from the wall where the secret was. Climb up till you can see a platform behind you. Make a backsault onto it. Turn right and note the bar. Make a running jump and press action to grab the bar. When swinging around to the other side press jump to land in an alcove.

The Lifts

Now a very difficult jump will follow. Turn around, go towards the edge. Position yourself in the left corner. Turn towards the lift on the right. Make a standing jump and grab the ledge. Pull yourself up. You might have to shimmy left in order to be able to pull up. (Alternatively position like shown in the picture and make a sideflip to the left. - Many thanks to Alan for this tip.) Step onto the platform between the two lifts. Turn around and press action to open the hatch. Drop down. Press the button to activate the lift. The doors will open after a while. In the passage outside you'll find a guard on the right. (Chlorophorm won't work on him.) Walk to the left and press the next elevator button. Step inside and press the button there. You'll end up on a floor with three soldiers. Two with pistols and one with a laser rifle. At the end of the passage ahead you'll find two large medipacks. If you think they are worth it go for it. You might have to take a couple of medipacks. (Took me three small ones.) Then return to the lift.

Crashing Lift

Run towards the control panel and press the button again. The lift will have a malfunction and start falling. Run back to the panel and hit the button again to activate the emergency brakes. (If you don't hit the button again Lara dies.) You can't get out through the doors. Turn left and climb up into the shaft overhead. Lara can use the grating as a ladder. (You'll end up back in the lift shaft.) Step onto the roof of the lift. Note the bar there. Make a standing jump to grab it. While swinging around press the jump button to get to the metal walkway on the other side. Press action to grab the ledge. Pull yourself up. Look up and note the next platform high above. Climb up the ladder on the right. Stop halfway up. (As soon as you an see the change in the wall on the left.) Make a backsault to land on that platform. Turn left and make a running jump and press action to grab the next bar.

The Shafts

Press jump to get to the platform on the opposite side. (You might have noticed the chlorophorm in the alcove on the right. We'll get to that later.)t> Jump up to the alcove at the wall ahead and pull yourself in. Crawl to the other side. (Save. Now follows a series of difficult jumps.) You have to slide down the chute. (You might have to do that backwards because Lara might turn around on the next slope. And if she slides down backwards this one she won't be able to grab the bar overhead.) As soon as you've reached the second slope jump up and press action to grab the pole. (There you can have a look at the fire coming out of a shaft on the right.) Press jump to get to the next bar. Wait for the fire in front to go out. Jump again to land on the grating. Get out of the way and onto the safe part of the platform as soon as possible. Turn left and walk towards the ledge in front of the alcove. Jump up grab the ledge and pull yourself in. Now you are in front of the bar in the lift shaft you used earlier on. You have to walk over it. Position yourself in front of it. Press action and forward. (Remember to press the other direction if Lara staggers.) Pick up the chlorophorm at the other end.

The Hallway

Slide down the next chute. Crawl into the passage. Wait for the guard to go to the left. Then crawl out and run down the hallway to the right.
Secret 2: Get the guard to shoot the fishtank. In there you'll find a golden rose.
Now run up to the left or the right. In the back run up the bridge. As soon as you get close to the laserbeams a guard high above will shoot at you. Run towards the window on the right. There you'll be save. Look towards the back door. There you can see metal bar gratings on both sides. The one on the left is climbable. Run there and climb up. Leave the ladder on the next level. Here again is a safe spot. Look over to the opposite side and note the trigger as well as the fire extinguisher. Run over press the trigger. (This will deactivate the laserbeams.)
Secret 3: Get the guard to shoot the fire extinguisher. This will open a gap in the wall. Turn around enter the passage and collect the golden rose.
Head back towards the ladder. Jump onto it and climb down again.

Cutting through Doors

Bug Warning:
I exited the game for a second while Lara was in that room talking to Zip. While in the listening postiion Lara got stuck and couldn't move anymore. You need to restart the game.)
Enter the passage were the beams were. The room at the end contains another fish tank. The lower section of the floor will set Lara on fire. So make a running jump to get towards the platform in front of the tank. The guard which followed you will shoot the fishtank. Now it's safe to step onto the lower floor. Run over to the button on the right and press it. Step through the opening door and follow the passage to the left. Zip tells you that there are motion sensors in the room. Walk towards the first trigger and activate it. Now walk towards the second trigger as well and use it. Exit through the door. Follow the passage and run into the chamber on the right.


Turn left to get into the main chamber. Enter the room on the left. In this room you'll find 7 crates. Six of them contain explosives. Take a look at the ceiling. The part just in front of the entrance seems to be damaged. Position yourself under it jump up and press action to pull it down. Pull yourself into the passage. Climb backwards into the chamber. Press the button to activate the x-rays. Now you can see which crate is the one containing a disk. Crawl out again and get to that crate. It's the one at the back in the middle. It contains a teleporter disk. Get back into the main chamber. You have to crawl under the hatch if you openend it. Run back into the passage on the right and use the disk on the console there. Now step onto the platform in the middle of the room and use the Iris.

The Other Side

You'll end up in another room. In one corner you'll find a hole in the ground. Drop down. Follow the passage and climb up at the other end. You'll come to a window. There Zip will contact you and tell you to watch the guard outside to get the door combination. Position yourself at the window and look towards the door. Get out the headset and zoom in by using the crouch button. (Put the headset away by pressing "draw weapons".) The combination is: 1672. Now again follow the passage. Drop down at the end. Turn left and crawl into the passage. Wait for the guards to come and turn around again. Crawl out behind him. (Don't run!) Wait for him to tap in the combination and disappear through the door. If you don't have any chlorophorm left you have to pick up the chlorophorm in the passage, but then the guard will return earlier than expected so you might have to return to the crawlspace. Type in the combination. Press 1, 6, 7, 2 and the star. Run up the first part of the passage, then walk towards the guard. Go to the inventory screen to select the cloth. Don't forget to combine it with the chlorophorm. Use it on the guard. (It's possible to get past the guards without him noticing you if you stand behind his back on the right, he turns around in the other direction.)

Getting the Weapons

Bug Warning:
Careful somewhere around here I encountered the first bug the first time through, alas I can't remember where I saved. But the result was that when entering the stairs the next level wouldn't be triggered. Keep a backup of all your savegames!!)
Now press the button on the right side. This will deactivate the x-ray in the main hall. Step back into the passage leading down and climb over the crate on the left to find a large medipack. Return to the chamber with the switch. Now crawl through the red passage. Climb up to the right. Turn around and crawl backwards out of the trapdoor. Collect your weapon and now get through the deactivated x-ray tunnel. Don't forget to choose your weapon on the inventory screen. In the other passage turn left again. You can use the observation monitor left of the door to watch the staircase. Get your rifle out and shoot the fire extinguisher next to the door. When it explodes it opens the door.
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