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11. 13th Floor

Alternative Route
If you like, you can run to the ladder on the left and climb it upwards to take a shortcut. You will, however, miss out on some goodies, the first secret and not find a useful tool, enabling you to avoid an armoured VCI guard. If you'd like to risk that, continue at the Ventilation Shafts.


Turn left and run till you're under the ventilation system. Shoot the grating on the right. (By pressing the look button you can aim at it. Use the crouch button to zoom in and the sprint button to zoom out again.) Crawl in and collect the large medipack. Crawl out on the other side. (Movie: You can see one of the guards in his suit. He takes out some weapons. In the same room is also the first secret.) Crawl into the next passage. Stay down to avoid the lasertrap. Crawl into the right corner and pick up the large medipack. Crawl into the other direction. Wait for the laser to get past than stand up jump over the pit and run into safety.

Tool Time

Crawl into the gap on the right. Continue crawling till you come to the opening. Turn around and lower yourself backwards into the room. Search the racks. In one of the rack on the frontwall you'll find a small medipack. On the right you'll find a hammer. And on the left you'll find some ammo. Then climb onto the crate in the middle. Make a running jump back to the opening. Grab the ledge and crawl in. Crawl back out into the passage.
Secret 1: Now shoot the grating opposite. Crawl in. You'll come to an opening which leads down to a room with another lasertrap. Turn around. Wait for the laser to go to the left. (If you look at it from the front.) Then quickly crawl out. Crouch. Crawl towards the slope. Wait there till the laser got past you. Stand up and quickly run towards the next crawlspace. Crawl in. Follow it to the left. The hatch in front will open automatically. Turn around and climb down into the room. Pick up the golden rose. Crawl back into the hatch. Follow the lasertrap and remain crawling. Back under the other gap, wait for it to move to the right, then stand up, jump up and crawl in. Follow the passage back out.
Now again follow the laser. Go forward till you come to the pit. Jump over as soon as the laser is gone. Crouch. Crawl back into the passage on the right. Follow it back to the end.

At the Beginning Again

The passage is now filled with two lasertraps. Take a look where the upper laser ends. Follow the lower laser till there. Wait for the upper laser to go, follow it and jump over the lower laser. Run forward as far as you can and crouch to avoid the upper laser. Crawl to where the ladder is. The lower laser won't get there. Turn to face the ladder, wait for the upper laser to go. Stand up at the end.
Alternative Route
When you've collected the hammer, you can break the lock to avoid the armoured VCI Soldier, you will also miss a small medipack. In that case, continue at Getting Out of the Ventilation Shafts.

Ventilation Shafts

Climb up the ladder. Follow the passage. (Movie: The room containing the Iris is on your right.) Run forward and collect the ammo. Run to the end of the passage. There is a locked gate. Get a bit of distance between the lock and yourself. Now shoot the lock. As soon as the lock is hit the duct will collaps and Lara will slide down into the room. Now you have to act quickly. Turn to look into the room. Get the gun out. Press the look button. Aim at the soldier's head and shoot him. (It takes one or two hits. You might have to get his attention before you can shoot him.) Now climb onto the roof of the duct. Turn to the right and climb into the other part of the duct. Drop into the passage there. Carefully approach the slots. You will hear an explosion and see some fire coming out of them. After three explosions there is a little break where you can run through. You have to use the sprint key in order to be quick enough. Collect the small medipack and climb up the ladder.

Getting Out of the Ventilation Shafts

You're now in the room with a strange ladder and some lasers overhead. Climb into the alcove and collect the ammo. Climb up on the front side of the ladder. Wait underneath the laser. Wait for it to go to the left and climb up immediately. Turn to the left and shoot the wall panel with the holes. Climb in. Follow the path to the left and collect the ammo. Turn around and run into the other direction. Wait a few steps from the gap. A soldier is patrolling outside. You have to be quick in order to shoot the guy before he triggers the automatic machinegun on the ceiling behind you. (I recommend burst mode or one single shot right in the head!) Now crawl out backwards.

13th Floor

Turn right. Shoot the grating on the left wall. Crawl into the passage. Stand up in the gap. Take out your weapon and shoot the next grating. Crawl out into the passage. On the right is a sleeping guard in his office. If you come closer you have to walk around in order not to wake him up. (If he awakes he calls a fellow guard, they start shooting at you and the automatic machine gun in the office will be activated.) Walk into the office. Walk towards the left side of the table and pick up the card. Now walk up to the card slot behind you and use the card. Enter the next room. In the right corner you'll find a small medipack and some ammo on the rack. The one in the left corner contains some more ammo. Walk back outside and leave the office. Now run towards the button next to the crawlspace. Hit it to call the lift. Get in and press the button on the right wall to use the lift. (The lift will take you up to level 16.)

16th Floor

On this floor you'll find two chatting guards on the right. Walk out of the lift and stay hidden behind the crate. Take out the gun. Zoom in and shoot them both in the head before they can move. (If you're not quick enough the third guard will appear earlier.) Now turn to the right. Go carefully down the passage on the right and shoot the third guard in the head before he can react. Now run back up and to the other end of the floor. Use the card with the slot on the left wall. Put your rifle away. Enter the lab. (The workers will ignore you if you don't draw the weapons. If you aim the gun at them they'll say "Don't shoot" and activate the automatic machine gun.) Walk up to the panel in the back and press the button. This will open a door down in the passage at the other end.

Locker Room

Return there and enter the room behind. The door will close behind you. (The room with the Iris is now underneath you.) Exit through the opposite door. You'll come to a locker room with a worker in it. (He means no harm.) On each side you can see three buttons. You can use the first one on the right and the last one on the left. On the right a suit will come out but nothing else will happen. If you press the button on the left another suit comes out, but with it an access code disk. Pick it up. Return to the passage and get back into the elevator.

Back on the 13th Floor

Take it back down to the 13th floor. Crawl back into the passage left of the elevator and back out on the other side. Run to the right. Use the access code disk with the terminal on the left side. This will open the hatch on the right. Climb inside. Stand up shortly behind the door and walk forward. Face right, but don't go forward yet. Watch the flames bursting out in certain intervals. (Three of them are up here. Two are a bit lower down and two are at the bottom.) After the first three run forward. Jump towards the bar and grab it. Slide down about half way.
Secret 2: Make a backsault to land in the passage. Enter it quickly, you're not safe in the entrance. Collect the golden rose and return carefully to the entrance.
Quickly jump down. Crawl into the passage.

Upper walkways

You now come to a room with metal walkways. Run onto the bridge. (Movie: Zip will warn you about the guard downstairs.) Enter the passage in the back. There you'll find a chamber with some racks. The one on the left contains a cloth. The one in front contains a small medipack. Get out and run to the right.

The chamber downstairs

(Now it's time to think about the soldier downstairs. A second one will be triggered if you attract the first one. You might as well do that on purpose. If you're quick enough you can shoot them both in the head. They'll try to shot you with very dangerous, blue lasers.) Walk over the metal walkway ahead. Then turn right and walk down the stairs. You have to be careful. Stay behind the crate. Then crawl to the other side. Hide behind the crate there. Walk up to the cardslot and open the door. Walk in. Search the lockers on the right. In the one on the right you'll find a Vial of Chloroform and a large medipack. (One of the left contains another bottle but will also cause one of the glasses with bugs to break. The bugs will harm you a little bit. You can leave that for later as the bugs will be gone when you return.) Go to the inventory. Combine the cloth with the chloroform. Leave the room again. (The glass with the bugs breakes.) Walk up to the guard from behind and press action to use the chlorform on him. Now return to the room with the bugs. Open the second locker and get another vial of chloroform and a small medipack.

Control Room

Now open the door where the guard was with the card. Enter the passage and collect the ammo lying there. Run forward. Behind the second door you'll meet another guard. Shoot him in the head as quickly as possible. If you stay where you found the ammo he might stay away and you can shoot him from a safe distance. Collect the Iris Lab Access he loses. Follow the passage around to the right and use the Access Chip on the terminal there. The next door will open. Enter the passage. Run forward till you come to the glass front on the right. Stay there to be hidden from the guard patrolling the passage. (If he sees you he will activate an automatic machine gun.) Watch him. Now crawl forward. Wait for him to go to the right again, then crawl out and quickly along the path. Crawl into the passage on the left. Stand up in the left corner. (Get as close to the wall as you can.) Turn around and watch the guard. As soon as he goes to the left, follow him walking. (If you start running he will hear you and trigger the alert.) Turn left to get into the second alcove. Hide in the right corner. As soon as he got past run into the chamber at the back. (Movie: Zip tells you not to shoot the guy. If you ignore his advice you'll get to Secret 3.) Now turn around and shoot the guard who has seen you now.
Secret 3: Before you enter the room and approach the worker you have to shoot him. Now some guard will come running into the room. Shoot two of them in the passage and get past the automatic machine gun. Turn to the left and left again. Shoot another guard. Get down into the passage and shoot another one. Run forward till you come to a laser trap. Crawl under it. Run up to the left as soon as its clear. Collect the golden rose. Now crawl to the other side.
(Or: Run towards the worker. Weapon drawn. Movie: He'll help Lara to open the door. Enter.)
You'll end up on the stairs.

Collecting the Iris

Walk down the stairs and have a look at where you have to go next. The door that opens leads into the big room with the Iris. This is where you'll be going very soon. But now back up the stairs. Enter the control room at the top of the stairs. The lever on the left will deactivate the power in the Iris Room for a short while. Use it. Turn right quickly. Run out and down the stairs. Take every turn to the left, till you're in the passage. If you get stuck anywhere the time will be too short. In the Iris room run up to the circle in the middle and pick up the Iris. Head out through the oppostite door quickly. Run forward to come to the next level.
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