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7. Sinking Submarine

Back to the Messhall

Turn around and climb down the ladder. Run back through the torpedo chamber. Shoot the mafioso at the end. He loses some Uzi-Ammo. Shoot another mafioso. He loses some Desert Eagle Ammo. Turn right, then left. Climb up the ladder on the left. In the passage on the right two fires are burning. Turn your side to the fire and make a sault to the side to get over the first one. (In case Lara catches fire just make a roll in the water.) Go into the room on the left. Search the rack on the right for a pair of Uzis. Now return to the passage and use the jump-to-the-side-method to get over the second fire as well.

Table Jumping

You're now back in the messhall. In the movie you can see how some electric wires got loose and drop into the water which means you shouldn't touch the water any more. Go towards the end of the doorstep and make a standing jump onto the first table. From there jump onto the second one (Stay on the left side of the tables or Lara will bump her head while jumping.) Jump onto the third one as well. Turn right. Keep two steps away from the table border. Jump forward to land on the opposite table.

Swipe Card

Turn left and jump into the passage. Turn right and then left. Shoot the mafioso in the room. He loses a swipe card. In the left rack you'll find a small medipack. The right one is empty. Get back out again and return to the messhall. From the egde of the doorstep make a standing jump back onto the table. Jump back onto the table on the right. Don't forget to stay two steps away from the table's end. Jump back over the tables and return to the passage with the fires. Make two side saults to get past. Turn right, then left and left again. Use the swipe card on the door. Run to the end of the passage. The passage on the right is blocked by electricity. Climb up the ladder on the left.

On the Bridge

(The room on the left contains lots of goodies but is blocked for now.) Run into the tunnel on the right. There you'll come to the bridge. It's safe to enter. Run towards the other end. Open the hatch on the left. Enter the room to find the Captain. (He tells Lara that the escape pods need air supply and that he has an Oxygene Bottle in this room.) He gives Lara a key.

Shutting off the Power

Get back out onto the bridge. Climb onto the little table. Turn towards the wall. Jump up and shoot the broken grating. Jump up and pull yourself in. Crawl to the right and follow the passage to a trapdoor. Open it. Jump down. The rack on the left is empty. On the right wall is a lever high above. Position yourself underneath. Jump up and press action to use the lever. This will deactivate the electricity. Return to the shaft. Jump back onto the bridge. Leave the bridge to the left.

Nitrogen Bottle

Follow the path and run into the first chamber on the right. Collect the large medipack in the left corner. Then go further and collect the Desert Eagle Ammo on the right. Collect the Nitrogen Bottle on the right console. Then collect the Desert Eagle in the far left corner.

Captains Chamber - Oxygen Bottle

Get out again. Turn right and climb down the ladder. Run into the passage on the left. Use the key on the door at the end. Go left, around the conference table. Search the lockers. The first contains a small medipack. The second is empty. Run to the other side and search the lockers there as well. The one on the left contains an Oxygen Bottle. The one on the right is empty. Leave the room and run back through the passage. Shoot two mafiosi. One of them leaves you a key. Pick it up.
Secret 1: Turn left then right. Right again. On the left you'll come back to the passage with the two fires. Again jump over them. Now it's safe to step into the water. Enter the kitchen on the left. Collect the Golden Rose on the floor. Get back out. Turn right and head back through the passage with the fires. At the end turn right, then left. And left again.

Escape Pod

Climb up the ladder on the left. Turn left and at the end right.
Secret 2: Climb back onto the little table and again crawl through the shaft to the right. Follow the passage to the other room again. Jump down. Use the key on the door. The rack is empty. Then search the cupboard to find another Golden Rose. Run back into the other room and climb back into the shaft. Once again return to the bridge.
Return to the little chamber where the Captain is. Climb up the ladder. Use the Nitrogen Bottle on the left and the Oxygen Bottle on the right.
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