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4. The Base


Lara slides down into a passage. Run down to the right. When you step into the cargo hold the alert will be triggered. (Movie: Watch a guy handeling a hook. He is aiming for you. If in this room see to it that you don't stay long at the same spot or that you are hidden under a roof, where he can't reach you. If the hook is above you, you can see a dark shadow.) Run over to the opposite side. (There is a locked door, you need a security pass to get in.) Turn left and search the single locker. Inside you'll find a key.

Key Card

Now run back to the other side and head behind the crates on the right. Use the key on the lock. Run up the stairs on the right. You'll come to a room with blue windows. Stay there and shoot one of the guards in the room behind through the window. Shoot the other one when he comes out. Collect the key-card one of them loses. Open the locker. Inside you'll find a pair of Uzi.

Key Card Slots

Return to the cargo hall. Now run back to the other side.
Secret 1: Run towards the closed door on the left. Open it with the keycard. Shoot the dog inside. One of the gratings on the right wall is damaged. Jump up and shoot it. Climb in. Collect the golden rose. Get back out.
Run ot the door on the right and open it with the keycard. (Left if you're coming from the secret.) Run up the stairs. You'll come to a broken railing.

Jumping on the Crates

Jump over to the stack of crates. Run towards the wall, the hook won't get you there. Walk forward one square. (The hook won't move as you are still hidden under the roof.) Make a standing jump forward onto the box. Make a quick running jump over to the stack on the right. Turn around, jump back and grab the ledge of the crate to hang down at the back. The hook will come down in front of you. But it can't harm you. Stay there till the hook went back to his old postition. Shimmy right. Then pull yourself up. Run forward and jump over to the stack in the middle. Quickly climb onto the higher crate on the right side. Then make a running jump over to the stack in the right corner. There again climb onto the highest box. Make a running jump over to the opening in the railing. Pull yourself up. Follow the path to the right.

Hook Operator

You'll come to a door with a button next to it. Press the button to open the door. Follow the passage into the control room. (Movie: Lara will shoot the hook operator. The she will use the hook to open up a wall.) Open the two lockers in the control room. The right one contains a small medipack. The left one contains some Uzi ammo. The door on the left will lead back to the first balcony.


Get out and jump back onto the stack ahead. Again make a running jump to the stack on the left wall and from there again to the stack in the middle. From there make a running jump over to the stack in the left corner. On top you will find a small medipack. Jump down again. Run back to the other side where you entered the level. Climb onto the wooden crate on the right. And from there onto the higher stack. Turn left and make a running jump over to the next stack. Grab the ledge and climb up. Turn left again and walk forward to the ledge. Make a standing jump over to the ledge in front. Grab it and pull up. Collect the Uzi ammo.

Room with Generator

Now enter the opened passage. When you are halfway through two guards will come out and start shooting at you. Kill them. Enter the passage where the left guard came out. Run towards the locked gate on the left and open it with the keycard. Step inside. Turn around the corner to the left. Shoot the guy hiding behind the generator. Pick up the key he loses. Note that there is a fuse missing. Get back outside.
Secret 2: Climb onto the wagon and from there jump up to the crate the crane is holding. Turn to face the stack on the left wall. Run over and make a running jump to the lower part on the right. Don't push the action button to grab the ledge. Climb onto the wooden crate in the corner and pick up the golden rose. Return to the ground.

Passage on the Right

Get back into the passage. Now follow the other passage and run up the stairs. Open the door at the end with the key. (Movie: You can see a mafioso and a russian captain talking. They are getting ready to leave.) Turn right. Make a running jump from the ramp on this side to the one opposite. Grab the ledge and pull yourself up. Turn left. Make another running jump. Again grab the ledge and pull yourself up. Collect the lasersight and the desert eagle ammo. Jump back to the previous platform and again jump back to the first. There hang from the ledge of the little ramp and let go. (All the other spots are higher up.)


Open the door you'll find there with the keycard. Step inside the bathroom. Shoot the dog on the left. Now search the lockers on the right. The one on the right in the first row contains a desert eagle. In the middle one you'll find some ammo. The one on the left contains a small medipack. Now search the second row. The one on the right is empty, the middle one contains a fuse and the left on some Uzi ammo.
Secret 3: Now step into the shower. In the right corner you'll find a grate. Open in and jump ino the hole. Dive along the passage. Follow it to the right. Pick up the golden rose you'll find in the secret chamber at the end. Return to the bathroom.
Press the button to open the door. You're back in the passage with the railtracks.

Repairing the Generator

Get back into the other passage. Get back out and run into the chamber where you found the generator. Use the fuse you have found. Shoot the dog, then enter the little chamber you have opened. Use the switch there. Before you step outside, combine the lasersight with the desert eagle. Now get back out. Shoot the guard in the window on the left just above the entrance. Then shoot the guard in the window above you as well. You might want to zoom in. Now climb onto the crates next to the crane. From there make a running jump over to the crates the crane is holding. Grab the ledge and pull yourself up. Now make a running jump onto the sub.
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