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Woman Vs. Wild

Woman Vs. Wild 2: Guerilla Combat
The second part of the three-parter Woman Vs. Wild focusses on Lara's combat capabilities.

Returning features are the fire arrows, the rope arrows used to pull down structures, as well as shooting at explosive barrels.
The distraction moves have been expanded; where Lara would simply use arrows to create noises in the previous game she can now throw or shoot a variety of items to create distractions. Thrown explosives have also become more complex.
New features are the poison and explosive arrows, the knife attack from behind, aerial kills from above, dive kills from the water, the double head shot and the booby-trapping of corpses.
Further it is shown that Lara can tackle whole areas stealthily.

Upgrading the four weapon types (Bow, Handgun, Rifle and Shotgun) will also be much more complex. The player has to find his own play style and upgrade the weapons and Lara's skills according to it.
28 October 2015
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