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19. Meteorite Cavern

The Spider

As you might have seen in the film Willard has transformed into a giant spider. Now you have to kill the spider. In the middle you can see the meteorite crater. Around it is a circle passage where Willard is patrolling. Four passages are leading away. At the end of each is one of the four artefacts. You have to collect them, one after another, while Willard is preoccupied. So you have to start shooting him first. He will send energy bolts in your direction you have to avoid them and you have to be careful not to drop into the acid.

Take out your desert eagle, or any other weapon you fancy. And keep away from Willard. Shoot him while moving away from him. If you have the meteorite between you and Willard he will not risk shooting at you. It will take about 10 Hits with the Desert Eagle to bring Willard down.

Shoot him a couple of times. Then sprint along the platform away from him. If he is on the opposite side of the crater roll and continue shooting. Then run away again. Repeat this till the spider drops. Then run into the nearest alcove. Preferably not anywhere near the spider, and collect the artefact. Run back out. Willard will be back by then. Continue shooting him. Repeat this till you have all 4 artefacts. Then you can kill him.


After killing Willard jump to any of the two ladders and climb up. If your feet are dangling and your hands are on one level with the passage floor you can shimmy over and pull up. Follow the path and turn left. Crawl through the gap and climb up to the left. You are now high above the crater. Jump up to the ceiling and climb along. Drop onto the platform at the end. Walk forward and take a running jump towards the platform on the right. Climb higher up towards the platform above. Turn around and jump towards the grey platform. Climb out. Slide down the ice tunnel and follow the path. By the hut you will encounter two baddies. Kill them. The first one on the left loses a large medipack. Where the second one was, a guy with a flame-thrower will follow. Kill him, then collect the desert eagle ammo. Kill two more guys by the fence. And there is one in the building behind. But you can ignore him. Follow the passage in front of the fence to a helicopter platform. When the helicopter has landed and the door opened you can step through to finish the game.
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