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18. Lost City of Tinnos

Uli Key

Run towards the door ahead. It opens. In the right corner you can find a door with a lock. On the left is a chamber with a couple of buttons overhead. Run over to the right and up the ramp there. Climb up the ladder in the corner. Follow the passage. After you went down you will find a lever on the right. Use it. (The left passage will only lead to a closed gate.)
Goodies Run along the dark passage and step into the window on the left. Take a step back and make a standing jump onto the pillar in front of the window. Turn right and take a running jump towards the platform with the crystal. Collect the crystal and the rocket. Drop to the ground.
Run up the ramp next to the ladder again. The door ahead is now open. Jump in from the side to get past the slope. Collect the Uli Key in the niche on the right. Get back outside. Now run over to the area on the right and open the door with the key.

The Five Switches

Enter the passage and climb up the ladder. At the top you will come towards the gate in the passage from the other side. (The lever on the right opens the gate.) Step out through the window on the left. Run towards the left end of the balcony and pull the lever. (The camera shows you the room with five switches.) Get back inside and slide down the ramp. At the end you can find another switch. (You can now see a ladder in the room with the five switches.) The big gate has opened. Step outside and run over to the other side. Climb up the ladder. You have to use the first, the second and the fifth switch. (There is a reason why you have to use exactly these three buttons, there are two reasons to be exact. Harald has given me one solution. At the lever where you have been before, also see picture above, is a noticeable wall texture. In it is a three-digit number. 1 - 2 - 5. Aha! Take a look at the picture on the right for confirmation. Click it for a full size version. The second solution is more scientifically explanation and comes from Dimitri. Take a look at the five switches. Also see the picture on the right. At three of the switches, you can find a food chain. 1: Man-> Animal-> Plant 2: Man-> Bird-> Fish; 5: Man-> Bird-> Plant. In the other two cases, it's not correct. Plant eats Animal or Fish eats Bird doesn't make any sense.)

The Bridge

Step through the open gate. Run out onto the bridge. Out here you will be attacked by dragonflies, which appear in regular intervals out of the wall on the right. Run towards the gap in the bridge and make a running jump towards the platform with the crystal on the left. Grab the ledge and pull up. Collect the crystal. Turn towards the chasm and climb up to the right. Look up. There is another platform overhead. Walk towards the edge. Jump straight up and pull up. Turn to face the pillar of the bridge. Take a running jump to get there. Grab the ledge and pull up.
Secret 1: Stand on the right end. In the middle between the bridge here and the part opposite is an invisible platform. Wait for one of the dragonflies to come to this area. Then kill it quickly. It might light up the platform for you. (First Picture.) I found it very difficult to light it up with other means, but you can try using grenades or flares. Jump onto that platform, a running jump is necessary. From there jump onto the left pillar of the other bridge part. Wait for the next dragonfly to come out and kill it. There is another invisible platform which might be lit. Second Picture. Jump onto it. From there jump into the nest. Collect the small medipack and some ammo for grenade launcher and desert eagle ammo. Avoid the pit. Return the way you came.
Drop down onto the second part of the bridge. On the left is a passage in which you will find a small medipack. Collect it, then run into the stone passageway on the right side of the bridge. You will come to another bridge. Two giant mutants come out on the other side. Kill them as quick as you can. You can climb around in the area below the bridge. Run into the passage. Run past the swinging fire bowls. In the next yard some more dragonflies will attack. Kill them. Turn right and run up the stairs. At the top you can see a light column in the middle. Touching it will kill you. You can choose either of the four passages and complete the task there.

Passage next to entrance - Mud

Step through the passage on the right, next to the stairs. The gate closes behind you. The gate on the left stays closed. Wade through the mud. Follow the path to the right. A couple of dragonflies will appear, you might have to get rid of them while in the mud. After a long walk you can climb out to the right.
Secret 2 (Preparation, 1st Opportunity): After climbing out of the mud turn around. Take a standing jump onto the slightly sloped block on the left. From there take a standing jump across to the other side, where there is a triangle platform. Turn to the left. You can see an entrance right underneath the bridge. Take a running jump onto the block underneath. Climb up into the opening. Drop down and pull the lever. A block in some room will drop. Collect the small medipack and climb back out. Turn right and make a running jump towards the little triangle of the rocks in the middle. From there jump back towards the passage leading up to the bridge. Run up again.
Climb up the stairs. At some part the passage splits up to meet again in the next chamber. On the right is a torch and a dragon fly. Take a close look at all the passages as this is going to be important for the way back. Follow the passage out and onto a bridge.
Secret 2 (Preparation, 2nd Opportunity): Cross the bridge. On the other side there is an opening right underneath the bridge. Stand with your back to the left ledge. Jump back and press action. Let go of action before Lara can grab the ledge. She will land on the platform underneath. In the picture you can see the part of the bridge where the opening is. The arrow indicates the opening. You have to stand on the ledge you can see in the middle, in front of the entrance, with your back towards the left. (Click to see larger pic!) From there climb into the opening. Drop down and pull the lever. A block in some room will drop. Collect the small medipack and climb back out. Turn right and make a running jump towards the little triangle of the rocks in the middle. From there jump towards the passage leading up to the bridge. Run up again.
Run into the chamber at the end and climb onto the altar. Collect the Oceanic Mask. The ground starts shaking. Cross the bridge again but be careful the ceiling will collapse. Step forward one square at a time. At the crossing choose the left path, minding the collapsing ceiling, and make a running jump over the pit. Run down the rest of the stairs. The mud is gone. Take a running jump onto the platform opposite. There you will be hit by a couple of rocks. To avoid them jump back and grab the ledge. Pull up. Make a standing jump onto the platform to the right. Continue with a running jump over to the passage at the outer wall on the right. Be careful not to bump your head on the rock to your right. Get into the passage. The door is closed. Climb down the ladder in the opening on the right. Follow the passage and slide down at the end. Run past the two swinging fire pods and pull the lever on the right. Climb up the ladder. The red passage is a dead end and the one with the water hole will serve as way back later on. Step towards the door which will open. You will now come to the light beam again but on a lower level. There are four places where you can put an oceanic mask. Run up the broad stairs.

Passage on the right - Water

This time choose the passage on the right. You will come to a chamber with water below. There are some blades. Jump into the water past the blades. Dive into the pit at the bottom. Follow the passage to a chamber with another blade set in front of four passages. Dive into the left passage. Catch some breath and then pull the lever. Dive back out. Dive into the right passage. Hurry the door there is timed. Dive up the long shaft and catch some breath. Dive over to the desert eagle ammo and collect it. Mind the blade set. Turn around and dive towards the uzi ammo and collect it as well. Careful there is another blade set. Behind the next blade in the right niche you can find a lever. Use it. Dive down and into the now open passage. Climb out. Collect the next Oceanic Mask. Then collect the crystal and pull the lever. Dive back towards the blades. Dive into the lowest passage in the wall opposite. Follow the shaft down and use the lever on the left. Dive into the gap and down to the right. Pick up the MP5 Ammo. You will now come back to the first blade set with niches. Dive into the lowest passage and follow it to the right through the open door. Catch some breath and follow the next water tunnel. Dive up the long shaft. Climb out and pull the lever to drop through the trapdoor. Follow the passage and step through the opening gate again to return to the beam. Climb up the stairs again.

Passage on the Left - Maze

The next part can be solved in many different ways. I have chosen the shortest. Take a look at the map when you are lost.
Goodies: Turn left and into the first passage on the right. Follow the bend on the right. Turn left and left again to find some Uzi Ammo. Get back out and turn left. Then turn right. Turn left again and again. Turn right and kill the dragon fly. Push the crate into the wall. On the left you can find some flares and a small medipack. Run back down and turn left. Run to the end and turn left again. Turn right and get into the corner. There you can find some shotgun shells. Turn left then left again and follow the passage back down to the entrance.
From the entrance turn right. At the next crossing turn left. Then again right. Then left again. Follow the path and at the first opportunity turn right.
Goodies: Turn right. Then turn left at the first opportunity. Follow the path to a small medipack. Get back out and turn right to get back onto the path you were on.
If you don't want to get the goodies turn left right away. Follow the path to the end. There are crystals on the wall on the left. If you turn left then right you can find some grenades. In the area on the right you can find a ramp. Climb onto the part on the left. When the spike barrel comes down make a side sault on the ramp on the right, then back to the left. Run up a bit and jump right then left again to overcome all four barrels. Collect the mask. A door on the right opens. Step inside and wait for it to close. Follow the path and drop into the water. Climb out at the other end of the water tunnel. You are back in the familiar passage. Get back out through the door on the right. Climb the stairs again.

Passage in front - Fire

This time enter the passage opposite. At the ceiling there is a map. Jump onto the pillar on the left. Make a running jump onto the one slightly right at the back wall. Make a running jump towards the pillar on your right. Grab the ledge and pull up. Turn right and face the pillar with the large medipack. Jump up there and collect the goodies. Quickly jump back towards the previous platform. Then return to that pillar and jump over to the entrance on the left. Follow the passage. Careful, the second tile is a trapdoor. Jump over it and collect the large medipack. This won't work the normal way. You have to trigger the barrel with spikes. Then jump into the barrel till you are inside. If you now position with your side against the large medipack, you might be able to collect it. Then slide down through the trapdoor. In the room below you will find four fire spitting statues. There are four invisible blocks in that room. Make a standing jump towards the first one and grab the ledge. Look over to the left to see the statue. When it stops emitting fire pull up. From where you pulled up make a standing jump forward and grab the ledge of the second block. Wait for the statue on the right to go out and again pull up and make a standing jump with grabbing the ledge. Shimmy left. Wait for the statue to go out. Then pull up and make a running jump towards the platform with the lever on the right. Pull the lever. Then wait for the statue to go out and make a standing jump towards the platform. Grab the ledge. Wait for the statue to go out. Then quickly pull up and make a running jump to the right or hang from the left ledge and wait once more to make it safely towards the door. Step through. Beware of the swinging fire pod. Collect the mask on the pedestal. Step through the opening door on the right to get once more into the familiar passage. Get out.
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