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17. RX-Techs Mines

Mining Complex

Turn right and climb up into the opening. Run to the left, a door opens in front of you. Turn left again to get into a passage without door. If you now turn left once more another door will open in front of you. Run through the door till you can hear another door. Turn around and run back. There is now an open passage through which you can get out. Crawl through. Climb down the ladder at the end. Collect the MP5 Ammo. Behind the fence is a guy with a flame-thrower. He is killing a mutant. Press the button. Climb into the passage and out on the other side. Leave the flame-thrower guy alone. Follow the path. You are now inside the mine. There are three mine cars here. On the left is a door you can open with a crowbar, but you don't have the crowbar from the previous level. Run up the ramp to come to the hut. Step inside and kill the mutant on the right. You can press the button to make some light. Step outside and climb onto the roof of the hut.
Secret 1: Hang from the backside and find the ladder. Climb down till your feet are on the lowest rung. Make a backflip and turn in mid-air. Grab the ledge in the ice wall behind you. Collect the small medipack and the grenades. Crawl back out.
Drop down to reach ground level. Kill the mutant.
The mine car will move all by itself. The jump button can be used as brake. You can crouch to avoid metal bars. Leave the car with the roll button and left or right. If you press the action button Lara will hit track switches with the spanner.

Lowest Mine Car

Climb into the mine car on the lowest level. After it took you uphill crouch under the two bars. Afterwards stand up and press action to operate the track switch. The car will turn left. Going ahead would mean going straight into the wall. And Lara would die. The car will go downhill. Do not break to much or it won't make the jump over a gap. Press crouch to avoid the metal bar. Crouch again there are two more bars ahead. The car will stop. Climb out to the right by pressing the roll button and right.

Steaming Passages

Run into the passage and use the switch on the left to open the door. Step through. Follow the path to the right. Run down and turn right again. Slide down the chute. Turn left and kill the giant mutant coming out of the passage on the right. Step into that passage and turn right again. Turn right, then left. Crawl into the passage on the right. Crawl to the right and collect the shotgun shells. Crawl ahead and collect the rocket. Then crawl out and return to the passage. Kill the mutant. Then run up to the right. Step into the chamber and climb up the ladder. Leave the ladder to the right.

Winch Starter

Hit the second switch and step through the door. Crawl into the passage at the end. Climb out of the crawlspace backwards. Run ahead and kill the mutant coming in through the door. Collect the small medipack and uzi ammo he loses and the desert eagle ammo in the left corner. Step outside. There you will find a little pool. Take a good look where you will be able to climb out again. Then jump into the water and collect the Winch Starter. Get out quickly. Run back into the hut. Press the button at the door on the left. Kill another mutant. Get out into the passage and use the switch on the right. Step outside. Jump over the gap. Use the button on the left and get back out towards the mine car. Jump over to the crystal.

Taking the Mine Car Back

Get back into the mine car. Crouch under the metal bar and hit the break, otherwise the car might leave the track. On your way up crouch again. If you want to collect a crystal, hit the track switch to take the car ahead. A crystal is on your way. Whichever way you go you will come back to the big chamber with the other mine cars.

Middle Mine Car

Now get towards the middle mine car. Climb in. You will go uphill and then down. There is a gap in the track. Don't worry, the car will make it. After going down the little slope hit the break. You will go over a bridge and downhill again. Break again but not to much, there is another gap in the track. Hit the track switch to stop the car. Climb out. There is a guy with a flame-thrower. Leave him alone and collect the crystal.

Ice Cave

There are two drills blocking the passage. Get through quickly. Run ahead and climb up on the left. Crawl into the gap and climb down into the little pit at the back. Collect the flares and get back out. Run into the tunnel on the right. Slide down backwards and grab the ledge. Let go. The passage leads to a chamber with a mutant. Avoid the passage to avoid the mutant. Then hang from the ledge and drop further down. Go towards the right end and look down. Drop onto the platform there. IF you drop onto the slide you will drop further down and die. If you crawl into the gap and climb down on the other side you can kill another mutant. Shimmy along to the left. At the end let go and grab the lower ledge. Shimmy right. At the end let go again. Jump up and grab the next ledge. Shimmy left and climb into the passage there. Stand up and kill a mutant. You will come to a big cave. In the middle is a bridge. A guy with flame-thrower is patrolling in the room. Go towards the bridge. In the pool you can find some ammo. Behind it you can see an opening in the wall. You might encounter another mutant there, you have to kill. This next part is important for the 2nd secret! Pull up onto the snowy hill with the lamp on the right. Turn around. Jump towards the thin gap. (Picture. There is also a second picture, shot from over-head.) Grab hold and shimmy left. Pull into the opening. Use the switch at the end. Get back out.

Getting Out

Climb onto the bridge and collect the crowbar. Get back to the other end of the bridge. Face the snow hill on the left. (Image) Take a running jump to get there. You have to press to the right while in the air. Do not try to grab the ledge. Run towards the right end. Aim for the part left of the block. Take a running jump and steer to the right while in the air. Again don't grab the ledge. At the end make another running jump towards the exit. Follow the passage. Climb up the ladder. At the top you will find a passage with a couple of drills. Crawl underneath. At the end stand up. Turn left and climb up the ladder in the right corner. Climb off to the left. Step towards the machine. Run through when it goes up. Climb up and get towards the left. Run underneath the second machine when it goes up. In the corner climb up to the left. Climb further up to the left. Climb up to the end and then into the passage on the right. Kill the mutant. Drop onto the track at the end. You will slide down. Follow the path back to the mine car.

Taking the Mine Car Back

The car will go downhill. Hit the break but not to much, you have to jump over a gap in the track. Use the track switch so you can go right. The car will take you down the hill and over a gap. Crouch under the two bars. When going down again crouch under the third bar. Hit the breaks to return safely to the big chamber. Get out of the mine car.


Now run towards the barred door and open it with the crowbar. Pick up the battery inside. Get back out and run up to the upper level.
Secret 2: Climb onto the hut again. And again down the ladder at the back. Make a roll in the air to get back into the hidden passage. The door ahead is open. Climb down. Kill the mutant appearing at the other end of the cave. Run towards the gap in the track and climb up to the right. Run over to the MP5- and the Desert Eagle Ammo and the crystal. Return towards the entrance and get back into the chamber with the mine cars.

Upper Mine Car

Now run up to the highest level and climb into the mine car there. After the mine car has made the jump crouch till you are past the last drill and have safely reached the room with the winch. Get out. Run further along the track and climb onto the last ice platform on the left to collect the flares. Get back down. Climb over to the winch. Use the battery on the left side. Then use the winch starter at the back. (In case you have forgotten to collect any of the necessary items get back into the mine car. Crouch to get under the first bar. When going downhill crouch again. The mine car will jump over a gap. Hit the brake on the other side. Use the track switch to go ahead. On the right is only a deadly ice wall. The mine car will jump over another gap. Crouch to get under three metal bars. Hit the next track switch to go right and avoid the pit ahead. Again crouch and after the jump hit the brakes. Crouch till you are safely back in the large chamber.) Jump into the water. Dive down towards the diving bell. You have to get in through the opening at the bottom. Get out and collect the large medipack. Jump back into the water and dive down. In the metal covered wall there is an opening. Follow the tunnel. At the end turn right. Climb out of the water. Collect the large medipack and warm up. Then jump back into the water and dive up the long shaft. Collect the crystal on your way up. Climb out and collect the small medipack. Follow the path up. At the top you will come to a bridge. A guy with a flame-thrower is running around there. (If you explore the passage behind you on the left you will encounter another mutant.) Cross the bridge. Down to the right you can see a gap with some grenades.
Secret 3: You can take a running jump to get there or slide down from the top. Turn to face the chasm. On the left is another platform. Take a running jump to get there. Turn again and running jump towards the thin platform right. Turn and make another running jump towards the block on the left. From there jump into the opening of a passage. Follow the passage. At the end you can collect a large medipack, some grenades and desert eagle ammo. Get back outside. Jump back onto the platform opposite, from there onto the thin one, further onto the next block and back onto the platform below the niche where you found the grenades. Face the chasm and jump towards the icy platform on the left. Climb up. From here you can pull up onto the bridge.
Run towards the closed door. Two mutants crawls around behind the building. Kill them. Climb onto the icy hill right of the building. From there you can jump up to the metal walkway and climb up. From there jump onto the roof of the building and collect the small medipack. Now press the button next to the door. Step through the door and run ahead.
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