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16. Antarctica

Note: If you jump into the water you will now have two blue bars, the one on the left is a body temperature bar. If the bar has run down Lara will freeze to death. Get out of the cold water quickly. Your energy bar will be next. Finds & Enemies: 3 Secrets, Supplies (), Enemies () Length: 1 hour 30 minutes Additional Help: If you need more help with this level, please click on one of the resources linked in the footer.
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Getting onto the Ship

Take a look around. In the water on the left you can see some desert eagle ammo. Jump in and collect the ammo. Then quickly swim over to the left and climb out of the water, onto the ice-floe. Jump over to the platform with the hut. Run past the hut and make a running jump towards the next ice-floe.
Goodies: Run towards the right and climb onto the block there. With a sideflip you can reach the higher level. Turn to face the block at the end of the lower passage. Picture Take a running jump to get there. Continue with a standing jump onto the bridge. Jump into the passage at the end. Collect the large medipack, the flares, a rocket and the crystal. Run back over the bridge. Jump back and run in the direction of the ship.
Run along the left side of the ice blocks. At the end jump into the water and swim over to the next ice-floe. Jump into the water again and climb out onto the platform at the wall. Climb the blocks in the right corner. Climb up onto the column on the left. Jump up to the ceiling and monkey climb along. At the end let go to land on another ice pillar. From there jump onto the deck of the ship.

On Board

Run towards the hatch in the middle and climb in. Kill the guy coming from the right. Get into the passage he came out of. Kill another guy entering the engineering behind you. Climb behind the machine and use the lever in the corner. Jump through the trapdoor that opened next to the machine. Follow the passage and kill another guy. Run up the long corridor. Kill another guy in an alcove on the left. Use the switch at the top of the stairs. Step through the open door. The door on the left which can be opened with the switch leads back to the engine room. Turn right and run towards the back. Kill another guy waiting there. Drop into the pit. Follow the passage and kill the guy coming from behind. Pick up the ammo he loses, then climb up the ladder. Press the switch to lower the inflatable boat into the water. Climb back down and follow the passage again. Climb out on the other side. Back in the front of the chamber climb up onto the higher level. Follow the right passage and at the end open the door with the switch. Step out onto the deck.
Secret 1: Run along the side of the ship closest to the ice wall. At the end you will find an opening in the railing. There is an alcove in the wall opposite. Jump in. Climb down. Collect the MP5 Ammo and the crystal. Climb back up and jump back onto the deck.
Now run towards the back of the ship.
Goodies: Step onto the left side of the block. Take a running jump to the platform on the wall on the right. Run along the platform and climb onto the little triangle at the top. Take a standing jump onto the next platform. There you will find an opening. Climb in. Collect the rocket in the chamber and climb back out.
Jump into the water and climb into the boat quickly.

Boat Trip

Take the boat around the back of the ship. Drive into the passage next to the hut.
Secret 2: On the left side you there is an alcove in the wall. Drive to boat close to the wall and jump in. Press the roll button and the direction. Climb up the ladder on the right side. Slide down and jump before you drop into the water. Grab the ledge and crawl into the gap. Follow the path to the right. Collect the large medipack and the grenades. Then crawl back and turn right. Follow the passage. Lower yourself backwards into the water. Swim to the boat quickly and climb in again.
Drive further along. There are some flares in the water here. Continue with the boat to the left. On the right side is a hut with another guy. Jump out of the boat onto the path and kill him. Run along the hut to the left and climb onto the crate there.

The Mining Complex

Jump up to the ceiling and grab the ladder there. Climb along. At the first opportunity turn left. Then turn right. Turn right again, then left and right once more. Drop down at the end. Slide down. Shoot the guy coming from the left. Follow that passage. Run towards the hut. Kill the dog on the left. Run into the dark passage ahead. At the left turn a guy and his dog will attack you. Collect the desert eagle ammo. Step out of the passage at the other end. Press the button on the left hut. Run ahead. Collect the shotgun shells underneath the tank.


Step through the opening on the left. Kill two dogs coming from the right. Then step through the passage with the fast closing doors. Step through when they open and repeat this at the second set. Run up the stairs. Kill the two guys. One of them loses a small medipack. Turn left and left again to come to an office with three computers. Use the switch there. Then run towards the back of the chamber. There you can find a crowbar. Kill another guy coming in. He loses some ammo. Get back down and outside. Kill another guy there. Run back through the icy cave.

Fuel Supply

Before climbing onto the tower run into the icy passage at the back and collect the shotgun shells. Climb onto the tower. Inside use the lever to open a trapdoor on the roof opposite. Then use the crowbar on the door. Don't forget to pick up the crowbar afterwards. Step through. Jump up and monkey climb to the other side. Climb down into the room. There you can find a graphic. Have a close look at it. It tells you which wheel to turn in the tunnel underneath the fuel tank. Use the lever to open the door and step outside. Turn left and kill the guy. He loses a medipack. Follow the pipe to the opening. Climb down. Jump into the water. Swim towards the other end. Climb out and up the ladder. As you can guess from the graphic you have to use the second and fourth wheel. Before you reach the fourth wheel you can collect a crystal. When you have used the fourth wheel you can hear a door opening. Climb up the ladder.

Gate Key

At the top step through the open door. Use the lever to activate the machine. Step outside into the snow. You can explore the hut opposite, but avoid the fire. In the left corner you will find a mutant. Beware of its poisonous breath. Then run along the left side of the hut. Follow the snowy path there. At the end turn right. You will come to a cage with some dogs. Use the button right of the door. The door opens. Kill the first dog. Step inside. Use the next door button and kill the other two dogs as well. Step into that second cage and open the door of the hut with the button. Step inside. Follow the passage into the office. Kill another dog on the left. At the back you can find a Gate Key. Run back towards the passage. Kill the guy coming in and before exiting collect the uzi ammo on the left. After exiting the cage turn left. Step into a snowy passage and kill the guy at the other end. Then climb over the pit. You will come to a wooden bridge.
Goodies: Climb down the ladder right of it. Kill the dog below. Collect the grenades. Then climb back up.
Cross the bridge. This way you will return to the Fuel Tank. Run into the dark passage on your left. Follow the snowy passage. At the top jump up to the grate and monkey climb back to the hut where you parked the boat. Run towards the door of the hut and open it with the crowbar. Step inside. A guy will appear outside. Kill him. Then use the key. Use the switch to open the gate in the water. Get back into the boat and take it into the passage. Follow the path till you reach the red flag. Park your boat there.
Secret 3: Jump into the water. On the right wall you can find an opening. Collect the hut key and return to the boat quickly. Take it back outside and to the right to return to the hut at the ship. Climb out onto the shore and open the hut with the key. Kill the dog coming out, then step inside. Collect the crystal, some Uzi Ammo and flares. Return to your boat and take it pack through the gate an towards the red flag.
Climb onto the shore and kill the guy. Collect the Uzi Ammo. Get back into the boat and continue along the path. On the shore on the left you can find some shotgun shells. Take the boat to the end and climb out there. Climb further up and then to the left. There is a hut and a guy behind a fence. Another guy is coming towards you from the left. Kill him. Then follow the passage he came out of. Run up the hill. Avoid the deep shaft. But kill the guy down to the right. Slide down. Run towards the hut and turn right behind it. Turn right again.
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