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London - 4. City

Finds & Enemies: 1 Secret Length: 15 Minutes

Sophia Leigh

Follow the passage on the right out. Sophia is standing on the roof opposite and she is shooting energy bolts at you. Try ignoring her. Run up the ramp. And pull up onto the block. Turn around. Jump up to the grate and climb over to the opposite side. Climb up to the left. Turn right on the first step and climb higher up.
Secret 1: Turn left again and climb over the block there. In the wall you can see a narrow gap. Hang from the back ledge and shimmy left. Underneath you is a passage. Let go and grab the lower ledge. Climb in. Collect the rocket and the small medipack. Climb back out. Run up the ramp again and monkey climb to the other side once more. Again climb up left then right.
Run across the walkway behind you. Collect the small medipack and use the switch at the end to lower a trapdoor on the other side. Run back to the other side and climb onto the block. Climb up into the opening. Climb up to reach the top walkway. Collect the large medipack on the left, then run across the walkway. Collect the large medipack there. Then jump onto the ladder on the left. Climb up. Collect another small medipack on the left, then crawl into the passage. Turn around and climb higher up. Take a running jump towards the next platform. Run to the end and shoot the power plug on the right. This will electrify the bridge on which Sophia is standing. Goodbye Sophia! Climb onto the block with the power plug and take a running jump onto the block left of the bridge. Use the switch to turn off the power and collect the Eye of Isis on the bridge which is now save.
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