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London - 3. Lud's Gate

Version: Task: Finds & Enemies: 6 Secrets, Supplies (), 2 Weapons (Rocket Launcher, Harpoon Gun), Enemies () Length: Gaming Time:
First Time Average: 2 hours Story: Additional Help: If you need more help with this level, please click on one of the resources linked in the footer.
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You start in the quarters of the damned. Follow the guy with the torch on your left into a room with two puddles.
Secret 1: Run over to the passage on the left. (If you step through the passage in front you will miss a secret.) Follow the passage. Slide down at the end. Look up, there is a spiked ceiling coming down. Find the gap in the wall on your right quickly and climb in. Follow the path. Step out to the left. Run over to the right and step onto the platform in the corner. Hang from the ledge. Let go and grab the lower ledge. Shimmy to the right and at the end climb up into the gap. Climb out to the right backwards. Collect the large medipack and the flares. Climb up into the opening overhead. Turn right and climb further up. Turn around and make a running jump over to the left. You will end up back on the upper level. Use the switch. Then climb onto the block on the left. Climb up the grate and leave it with a backflip.
If you don't want the secret just follow the passage ahead. Step into the passage and collect the large medipack. Jump back onto the grate.
Secret 2: Climb over to the left. There is a grating with a red/blue light behind it. In front of you is a silver line in the grate, climb up so your hands are touching this line. Jump from the grate and turn in mid-air. Grab the ladder behind you. Climb up and into the gap. Keep in mind you feet have to dangle or you can't climb in. Collect the rocket and get back out. Climb down a bit or you might bump your head. Leave the ladder with a backflip and turn in mid-air to return to the previous ladder.
Climb further up. There is a green light on the left wall. Climb past and stop when your hands touch the next silver line. Leave the ladder with a backflip. Collect the crystal and the shotgun ammo. Slide down the ramp and grab the ladder again. Climb up to the top and out through the opening on the right.

First Movable Block

Crawl into the passage. Follow it to the end and turn right. Pick up the shotgun shells there. Crawl back along the passage. Stand up in the gap. Turn left and climb up. Collect the small medipack. Then lower yourself into the chamber on the other side. Kill the guard. Pull and push the crate onto the square at the other end. You can hear a rumbling noise, a block which was blocking the door leading to the exhibition room is moved. Push the button to open the door and kill the next guard.

Second Movable Block

Step out into the passage and turn right. Cross the room and collect the small medipack behind the pillar. Then climb up onto the pillars from the right. There is a ladder with an open door above it. (On the left side above you is a switch that operates this door. The door will function as ladder later on.) Climb into the passage. Run into the chamber at the back. There you will find another movable block. Push it in front of the door. Then climb onto it. Climb up into the opening. Climb out on the other side. Climb back out. The position of the big pillar has changed. It's now blocking the entrance again.

First Switch

Climb onto the highest of the remaining pillars. Turn towards the area right of the ladder and jump up towards the climbable ceiling there. (See Image; Click to enlarge!) Hold on to it and climb over to the left. There is a crystal. This area cannot be seen in the picture. It's hidden behind the wall on the left. Get as close to the edge as possible, then let go and grab the ledge underneath the crystal. Pull up and collect the crystal. Drop back to the ground and return to the pillar again. Jump up to the climbable ceiling again. Now climb over to the right and climb into the entrance there. Use the switch to open a door. Climb back out.

First Movable Block Again

Now climb onto the high pillar in front of the entrance. Turn to face the platform left of the entrance and jump straight up. Grab hold and pull up. Crawl into the gap on the right. Climb out on the other side and up again. Slide down the ramp. Drop through the opening to end up back in the passage outside the exhibition. Again run into the chamber where you met the first guard and push/pull the crate back to its previous position. Enter the exhibition again.


Climb onto the moved column and face left. Jump straight up and grab the ledge. Pull up and turn right. Jump over to the switch there and use it. Climb back onto the pillar and get towards the ladder. Climb up. At the top climb to the left. Turn around and jump onto the block on the left. Jump over into the niche on the left. Go towards the end and jump over to the left. Pick up the shotgun shells and the flares. Get over to the other side and climb along. Turn right. There is a slide. Slide down and jump to reach the platform opposite. Grab the ledge. Pull up. Follow the passage to another slope. Save your game. If you want to shortcut, you will miss two secrets, you can jump into the water right away.


Slide down to land on a crumbling floor tile. Drop down. Grab the ledge and shimmy over to the left. Drop onto the platform there and collect the rocket. Drop into the water. Dive down. The current will you take up a tunnel. Turn left. Climb out onto the platform and collect the arrows. Jump back into the water and follow the upper passage.


Slide down to land on a crumbling floor tile. Jump forward and grab the ledge. Pick up the embalming fluid. Then crawl into the passage. Pick up the uzi ammo. Climb backwards out of the passage. Follow the path and kill the guard coming from the left. The passage he came out of is blocked by a door. So instead run ahead and crawl into the gap on the left. Follow the tunnel. Stand up at the end and kill the guard. Press the button. Collect the rocket behind the door. Then get back into the room and drop through the opening in the corner.

On the Sphinx

Opposite you can see a crystal. Above you is a climbable ceiling. Jump forward and grab the ceiling. Monkey climb along the path. Climb straight towards the end to land on the platform with the crystal. Collect it. Take a running jump over to the head. (Alternatively jump back onto the ceiling and climb back till you are above the head. Let go.) Turn to face the slope at the back of the head. Step into the left corner. If you look down you can see a pillar there. Face the corner and take a standing jump forward. Press Action, otherwise Lara will bump her head. Collect the small medipack on the platform you land on.
Secret 3: Take a standing jump onto the pillar. Turn left. Take a running jump over to the slope in the corner. Grab the ledge, pull up and jump onto the walkway. Run over to the left. Collect the two rockets and the crystal. Run back towards the slope. From the neighbouring platform make a running jump back to the sphinx.
(Instead of collecting the small medipack and the secret, you can collect the rocket launcher if you don't have it already: Walk towards the front, that's where the roof is closest, and lower yourself down the side. Collect the rocket launcher. Then jump onto one of the sides with a backflip to slide down backwards.)

Sphinx Room

Slide down to the ground. Run along the sphinx to get to the other side. Shoot the guard in the passage on the right. Before running up the stairs continue ahead and pick up the ammo at the end on the right. Then run up the stairs. Collect the small medipack lost by the guard. At the top you can climb onto the platform overhead. Run towards the crate.
Secret 4: Turn left and make a standing jump to the gap. Hold on and crawl in. Collect the rockets and the large medipack. Get back out and climb onto the platform with the crate again.
Pull out the crate on the left. Then hang from the ledge shimmy over to the crate and climb up and into the passage on the right. Climb further up and follow the tunnel. Climb down again. Push the crate at the blue light. Then pull the other one twice. Hang from the ledge again and shimmy right. Use the block to reach the ladder again. Once more climb into the passage on the right. Again take the upper tunnel to get behind the crate. Drop down. You are back in the chamber from the beginning. Turn right. Run up to return to the headquarter of the gang. Step towards the blue lit niche and place the embalming fluid there. The door on your left opens. Step through. Drop through the trapdoor at the end.


Swim towards the underwater jet and use it. Press action. Press jump to get it moving. It's not necessary to use the jet. Take it into the next cave. There you will encounter a crocodile. Shoot it with the harpoon gun integrated in the jet. The current will keep you from getting back into the passage. In the first chamber on the left you can collect the crystal and some arrows. To collect the arrows you have to let go of the jet. Press the roll button and left or right. The second chamber on the left contains more arrows and a large medipack. Entering this chamber will attract a second crocodile. In the first chamber on the right you can find an airhole. Catch some breath if necessary. The second chamber on the right contains Uzi ammo. At the back of the cave you can find some more arrows and a small medipack in the right corner. Get up through the tunnel in the left corner. Climb out onto the platform and collect the arrows. Jump into the water and follow the upper passage. The passage on the right is where you would have come from if you had taken the shortcut.

Hall with Crates

Behind the window on the left you can see a crystal and an underwater jet. Pull the lever on the right wall. Catch some breath. Dive out into the passage and up through the open door. Climb out. Climb up on the right. Behind the window you can see a diver and a guard. Press the button on the right to open another door. Dive along to the right.
Secret 5: Dive into the gap on the right wall. Collect the desert eagle ammo. Dive back out.
Catch some breath. Here you are able to do so without the guard noticing you. Then dive into the passage right of the secret hidden behind a ledge. Collect the small medipack and use the lever. Then dive back out and dive back into the other direction.
Secret 6: Instead of diving back into the tunnel you came out of turn right. At the end you can climb out of the water on the right. Crawl along the passage to the end. Lower yourself backwards into the pit. Dive through and climb out on the other side. Crawl along to the left. There you can stand up. Run into the corner. And turn into the passage on the right. Climb up to the left. Turn left and run ahead. Kill the guard on the left quickly. Jump into the water climb out on the other side and kill the diver as well, before he can get away. I found the desert eagle quiet useful here. Dive along to the left and into the chamber on the right. Collect the crystal, the large medipacks and a couple of arrows. Take the underwater jet out with you if you like. Catch some breath outside.
Leave the jet here, just outside the chamber. Now climb out and turn left to return to the hall with crates. Kill the remaining guard. Collect the Boiler Room Key he loses. Behind the crates on the right, that is the side with the window through which you have seen the diver and guard first, you can find the harpoon gun with arrows. On the high crate opposite the window you can find some more arrows. And behind them at the water as well. Jump over to the place where you had to crawl along earlier. Jump over to the gap at the back wall and crawl in. Collect a small medipack. Get back out. Then climb onto the high block in front of it. Turn left and take a running jump to the walkway there. Collect some more arrows at the right end. Now get over to the spot where you emerged from the water hole when going for the secret. From there jump over to the other side. Behind the three metal pillars you can find a pit with a large medipack. Climb back into the passage where you killed the guard before killing the diver. On the right wall in the corner where you have to turn left you will find a crawlspace. Climb in. Collect the crystal and the flares in the chamber. Climb back out. Run along the passage in front and slide down into the water again.

Giant Cave with Openings

Collect the underwater jet if you have got it, and want to use it. Dive into the tunnel. There you will encounter another diver. Kill him and get back out to catch some breath. Then enter the giant cave. Kill the crocodile. Turn right and dive into the upper left chamber to find an air hole. Return here as often as necessary. Then dive into the lower chamber on the right in the wall with the air hole. Pick up the large medipack. In the lower left chamber on the opposite wall you can find another crystal. Swim into the left lower alcove at the wall with the entrance it is lit in green. Turn right and pull the lever at the wall there. Return to the air hole. Now swim into the chamber above the entrance. This one is lit in green as well. Turn left and dive down into the shaft at the end. Dive into the passage and use the lever. Collect the medipack and return to the air hole quickly. Then dive into the chamber opposite the air hole. The one in the upper right corner which is lit in red. Turn left and dive into the passage at the end. Collect the crystal and use the lever on the left. Dive back out and kill the two divers waiting for you. Return to the air hole. Then dive into the passage right of the air hole. Follow it to the right and dive down into the opening. Dive up the long shaft.

Area after the long water shaft

Climb out onto the platform. In front are some platforms with fires on them. Jump into the pool on the other side. Collect the arrows. Then use the lever to deactivate the fires. Climb out and up onto the block. Take a standing jump onto the first platform. Take a running jump onto the second platform. Jump up onto the slope on the left and pick up the large medipack and the Uzi ammo. Take a running jump into the passage on the other side. Follow the passage and turn right. There you will find 3 "hammers". Advance towards the first. Wait for it to come down, then run past when it goes up. Repeat this till you have reached the end of the passage. Climb up. Run towards the far wall, were the waterfall is coming down. Turn right. At the ceiling you can see a grate. Take a running jump to reach it. Grab hold. Climb to the end and drop into the passage. Drop down onto the walkway in front. Pick up the desert eagle ammo and the flares. Climb back up to the passage and jump up to the ceiling again. Climb over to the opening in the waterfall. Hang from the ceiling just above the opening. Let go, grab the ledge and crawl in. Lower yourself down on the other side. Use the key on the lock. Step into the passage. Collect the crystal and use the switch to open another underwater door. Climb back out and drop into the water.

Getting into the Office

Dive down the long shaft again. Kill the crocodile and the diver. Then quickly dive into the upper left passage in the wall with the entrance. (That's the wall opposite.) Dive through the opening on the left and up the next shaft. Climb out onto the platform with the large medipack to collect it. Then swim over to the other side. Get over to the left. Carefully jump over to the first platform with a swinging metal thingy. Walk forward to the edge. When the thing swings right jump back and take a running jump to the next one. Again step towards the edge and when the path is clear running jump onto the next platform. Jump into the passage. There is a guard at the end but you can avoid him. At the first opening you can climb up on the left. Climb further up and slide down on the other side. Climb up again and into the passage on the right. You will come to a deep shaft. Step out towards the edge and make a running jump to the opposite. Hold on to the first gap. Let go and grab the lower ledge. Climb into the passage. Follow the path to come to the deep shaft once again. Again make a running jump to the opposite side. Follow the passage. You have to lower yourself down backwards at the end. Climb up and slide down. Crawl into the next passage to reach Miss Leigh's office.
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