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10. City of Khamoon

Task: At the sphinx you have to find a sapphire key and with it open the next area. There you have to find the next sapphire key. Finds 3 Secrets, 2 Keys (2 Sapphire Keys), 22 Supplies (3 large Medi Packs, 5 small Medi Packs, 3 Shotgun Shells, 10 Magnum Ammo, 1 Uzi Clip), Enemies (15): 3 crocodiles, 3 panther mummies, 9 panthers Length: approximately 45 minutes Story: Additional Help: If you need more help with this level, please click on one of the resources linked in the footer.
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Movable Crates

Run forward till you reach the cave. Climb down onto the block on the right. Shimmy along the gap to the right. This way you will reach the lever in the passage. Use it. Drop down into the chamber. Drop into the trench and pull the crate out three times. Drop into the passage behind. Collect the magnum ammo and the small medipack. Now get back out and position the upper movable crate just above the one in the trench. Then pull it over this one to the other side. Push it over to the wall next to the pillar. Then climb onto it and up onto the pillar. Hang from the ledge, shimmy right and pull up. Step out and kill the black panther. Then turn around, above the entrance is an archway. You can climb onto it from the right. Collect the small medipack and the magnum ammo. Jump down again. Advance towards the edge. Shoot the panther mummy running around below. Then slide down.


Run over to the pool in the right corner. Collect two packs of magnum ammo. Climb out onto the platform covered with leaves in the north-east corner. From the platform in the corner you can climb up onto a ledge at the left wall. From here you can make a running jump onto the column. Grab the ledge and pull up. Collect the shotgun shells. Get back down. Run towards the sphinx. Climb onto the left paw and from there up towards the head. Step underneath the head on the left. There you can find a passage leading into the head. Climb in. Pick up the shotgun ammo and the Sapphire Key. Save your game at the Save Crystal. Step outside and run to the front of the sphinx. Pull out the crate twice. Climb into the passage behind. Use the key at the lock.

Area with Boulder and Cat Statue

Step into the passage. Climb onto the first block on your right. There you can find a small medipack. If you return to the ground you have to fight another panther. So stay up here and make your way to the block in the far left corner. There you'll find another passage. Follow it and kill another panther on your way. Turn right into the broad passage. At the end you will find another Save Crystal. Save your game again. Kill the crocodile from up here. Drop down into the chamber. Follow the passage just underneath the platform. Pick up the large medipack at the end. On your way out turn right. Run over to the ramp. Jump onto the ramp and leave it on the other side. A boulder will come down the ramp. Triggering all traps can avoid accidents! Note the little temple with the cat statue on the right.
Secret 1: Go into the far right corner. There is a passage. Jump over the sloped block and drop into the passage. Collect the large medipack and the magnum ammo. Climb back out.

Water Chambers and Golden Platform

Jump into the pool in the left corner. Dive into the passage. Pull the lever on the left side and swim through the opened gate. Dive up and climb out of the water. Shoot the crocodile. Climb up onto the next walkway. Save your game at the crystal. Then push the crate twice, out onto the walkway, away from the wall. Now you can use it to reach the platform in front of the passage with a standing jump. Pull up and enter the chamber. Climb the stairs. Turn around and jump up. Climb into the passage and use the lever. Climb back down. Outside a strange golden block has appeared. Move your crate onto the left corner underneath the golden block. Climb onto it. Make a running jump towards the next platform with another crate. Push the crate up there once. Now you have to enter the passage on your right and kill the panther mummy there. You must try to get into the chamber or the mummy will push you over the edge and you might die. At least I always die. I prefer jumping into the water and then climbing up again and shooting the mummy from below. Now pull the lever inside the chamber. Now pull the crate twice. Climb onto it and make a running jump towards the golden block. Grab the ledge and pull up. Climb up into the opening overhead.

The Way Down

Pull the lever to open a trapdoor around the cat statue. Now step forwards to the edge and jump onto the platform on the left. Make a running jump to the rocks opposite. Carefully collect the magnum ammo without sliding down. Then slide down on the other side and collect the medipack on the platform below. Now make a running jump towards the ledge reaching out towards the temple roof. Make another running jump to reach the roof. Collect the magnum ammo.
Secret 2: Climb onto the elevated block in the south west corner. From there make a running jump towards the archway. Do not grab the ledge. Collect the uzi ammo.
Drop down onto the ground. Kill the crocodile. The run towards the little temple. Drop down. There are two passages leading away. The right is filled with traps. Be careful not to step onto the sandy platform. If you drop through you will slide down. In this case jump and grab the ledge, shimmy left and climb up again. You will come up the right passage. Take the left down. Collect the magnum ammo on the left. Climb further down. Use the lever in the left niche. And collect the magnum ammo in the next. Then save your game at the Save Crystal.

2nd Sapphire Key

Kill the two panthers in the room below. Jump down and kill two more. Run into the passage and collect the large medipack. Climb onto the grey block and from there up towards the bridge. Cross the bridge and go to the left side of the pillar. There is a trigger platform opening the second door below.
Secret 3: Make a running jump over to the left alcove with the cat. Grab the ledge and pull up. Collect the shotgun shells.
Climb down again and kill two more panthers. Step into the passage and collect a small medipack. Climb back up to the bridge. Follow the passage on the right and kill the mummy in the next chamber. Turn right and climb into the alcove there. Run up the stairs. Climb onto the pillar and pick up the Sapphire Key. Run up the hill. You will now come to a chamber above the one with the panther from the beginning of the game. Go to the right side. Make three standing jumps towards the platform with the magnum ammo. Pick it up. Jump over to the left and use the lever in the alcove. Jump back to the other side. There you have opened a trapdoor. Slide down. Run up the right ramp and use your key at the keyhole. Enter the door to get into the next level.
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