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Jungle Temple (Levels 1 to 40)

In the new version of Lara Croft: Relic Run the player has to tackle a series of 40 levels for each section to collect all relics. Relics can be found in evenly numbered levels. The unevenly numbered contain a star challenge where you have to fulfil a certain goal. You need at least one of three available stars to advance to the next level, and in relic levels you of course have to grab the relic to advance.

Level 1

Goal: "Reach the distance goals!" 100m, 210m, 305m. (New) Obstacles/Traps: Pits with bridge (switch lane to use stone bridge/fallen tree), Fallen Columns/Trees (jump over, slide under)
The first level is pretty simple. You will be instructed on how to switch lanes, jump over obstacles blocking the path and slide under an obstacle.

The level ends when you die or when you gain the third star. (Unless you miss the single jump or the single slide, you will gain all three stars.) If you have gained at least one star, you can continue on to the second level, or if you like to improve, try again.

Level 2

Goal: "Collect 1 Clue to find the Jade Scepter of Tjak!" (New) Obstacles/Traps: Pillars/Statues/Archways (switch lanes)
The second level is your first relic level. This is fairly easy, as you only need one clue. And of course it is another tutorial level. Both the clue and the artefact are directly on the path and you can not miss them, unless you hit the single pillar blocking the middle lane between clue and relic or run into the obstacles left or right of the clue or the relic.

Level 3

Goal: "Collect Coins!" 40, 80, 120 (New) Obstacles/Traps: Trenches (jump across), Elevated Ground (jump up), Downwards-sloping Tipped Tree (switch to middle lane to slide down)
This next level has you doing some basic lane-switching and jumping, while collecting coins. Again you should not have a problem with getting all three stars.

Level 4

Goal: "Collect 3 Clues to find the Kinari Rain Drum!" (New) Obstacles/Traps: Horizontal Bar (jump up to swing around)
Another relic run. This one introduces parkour moves, but don't worry about it. Just pretend it's a normal jump. You will also find that jumping will not only get you over trenches and obstacles, but also enable you to reach clues. You may also spot an enemy in this level, but it's only a preview. You may also be confronted with a horizontal swing bar you may need to use to reach the relic. Just jump towards the bar. With the right timing Lara will swing around it and jump to the upper level.

Level 5

Goal: "Reach the distance goals!" 200m, 400m, 600m. (New) Obstacles/Traps: none
This level doesn't feature any new kinds of obstacles, only more variations of pillars, columns and wall you have to evade and pits you have to jump across or run past by switching lanes. The objective is to reach 200, 400 or 600 meters. Still fairly simple.

Level 6

Goal: "Collect 4 Clues to find the Meed Yantra Knife!" (New) Obstacles/Traps: "Wallrun" (run along the wall to cross the pit)
The wallrun will be introduced in this level. Sometimes you will come to trenches where you need to perform a wallrun, other times it serves as alternative to jumping across.
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