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Rise of the Tomb Raider Preview

Rise of the Tomb Raider is the upcoming title in the Tomb Raider Series. The game will be released around the holiday season 2015, exclusively on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It has been hinted that other platform versions might follow at a later date. (Update: PC version is confirmed for early 2016; PS4 version for late 2016)

Rise of the Tomb Raider, often shortened to Rise, will expand on the storyline established in the reboot simply known as Tomb Raider, often referred to as "Tomb Raider (2013)" or "Tomb Raider: A Survivor is born" to distinguish it from the original Tomb Raider.

Readers of the new Tomb Raider comic series or the recently published novel "The Ten Thousand Immortals" are already familiar with Lara's state of mind after her return from Yamatai. The events that happened on the island in the Dragon's Triangle have caused her to suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. (Ten Thousand Immortals has her jumping at loud noises and leaves her with a sense of being followed, although the latter is true in this case - but you should read for yourself.) In Rise Lara will be seeking therapy to deal with her trauma. The fact that she's become a believer in supernatural phenomena, having witnessed the immortality of Himiko, the queen of Yamatai, makes her recovery the more difficult. And as if life wasn't difficult for our heroine to add to that a (not so) brand new foe emerges. A secret organization, going by the name Trinity, has made it their mission to cover up the events that occurred on Yamatai, discrediting Lara's account in the process.

Geocaching can be very informative
If you've been thorough on Yamatai and collected every single GPS cache in the game and have kept your eyes and ears open all the time, you've already heard of Trinity. The first occurrence is when overhearing a radio transmission in Shantytown.
"Rescue chopper N888RC responding to SOS, inbound from freighter Trinity."
Collecting all GPS caches will reveal that a Trinity operative has left them behind. He was stationed on Yamatai but his mission was disturbed by Mathias's rise to power as leader of the Solarii, as can be gathered from his two secret messages.
  • "Command to Operative. STOP Trinity is concerned. STOP Acquisition of Star Phenomenon unacceptable. STOP Sabotage of Axis operation imperative. STOP"
  • "I was sent here to investigate a new threat to Trinity's interests on this island. When I arrived, I discovered Mathias and his Solarii cult. I believed then that Mathias could never acquire the Star Phenomenon, but I was wrong. I should have killed him when I had a chance, but now it's too late. I've been compromised and mortally wounded, my mission incomplete. My time is short. If you've deciphered the numbers and found this stash, then you must be my replacement. Kill Mathias! He's close to reawakening the enemy that has long lain dormant. This cannot be allowed to happen."

When Lara sets off to Siberia, to find the mythical lost city of Kitezh, believed to be sunken to the bottom of a lake, where she expects to find answers to the secret to immortality, she faces new challenges, not only has nature decided to make her survival difficult, with snow storms, avalanches and the occasional predator in form of wolves or bears, she will soon discover that Trinity is hot on her tail.

Many elements in the game will be familiar from her previous adventure, which sounds like a good idea, judging by the game's popularity, shown by the recently revealed news that Tomb Raider (2013) has surpassed 8.5 million copies sold worldwide, making it the bestselling title in franchise history. The bow will make its return, as will the climbing axe, but hunting and crafting will be a little more complex than in the previous instalment where you simply had to find salvage which could then be used to upgrade any gear item you wished. In Rise is will be necessary to find certain types of resourced to craft items. New items in the crafting tree will be traps and explosives.

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