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"The Times" Exclusive

"The Times" Exclusive level can be considered an add-on to Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation. It was created in conjunctions with the newspaper "The Times" and released in December 1999 for PC.

Chamber with Statue

At the beginning of the level you slide down a slope and land in a chamber with a statue.
Secret 1: Turn to the right and run into the dark passage there. Turn around and look up to find a ledge above your head. Stand precisely underneath and jump up. Pull yourself up. Crawl along the gap and out of it. Continue upwards onto the next pedestal. Climb up to the top, to a ramp with a damaged landing. There you can get into a passage on the right. Here you will find blue Shotgun Ammo and the Shotgun itself. After collecting the items, slide back down.
Now run down the next slope, which isn't steep enough to slide down.

You will come into a hall with columns and torches. Beware, there are red scorpions on both sides, behind the columns. You will meet two, at the start and the end of the hall. In the next chamber is a room with a trench in which you can pick up Flares and a small Medipack. Run into the next room and down the stairs. A spike ball comes down behind you, so quickly run to the left or the right when reaching the end of the stairs. After the danger is over, run into the next chamber, but first you can collect some Uzi Ammo, up on the right, next to the dog statues and blue Shotgun Shells on the left.

Then run into the passage on the right to reach the treasure chamber. Run up the stairs. When you've reached the top, run to the right, around the corner, into the dark trench. It might be necessary to light a flare. In this trench you can find a large Medipack and blue Shotgun Shells on the right. Then climb onto the wall and shoot the Lion's Head. In the trench on the left lies a small Medipack and Crossbow Normal Ammo. Climb onto the wall here as well and shoot the second Lion's Head.
Secret 2: Then run up to the large gold statue. By shooting the lion heads a floor trapdoor left of it has opened. Jump down. Follow the passage and climb up, onto the block at the end. Climb further up the ladder on the right. Follow the passage into a chamber. Here you'll find the Crossbow and more Crossbow Ammo. Get back outside.
Run back to the stairs. On the left is a large golden vase. Move this onto the second tile with a symbol on it. As can be seen in the image. The vase comes from the tile on the right and needs to go to the one on the left. In the chamber where the spike ball landed earlier, a column will be raised.

The two temple dogs that sat on the stairs have come alive and will attack you. After shooting them, run down into the other chamber and quickly climb onto the raised column to evade the next three dogs. You can kill them from up here easily.

Face the wall, go to the edge and jump straight up. Grab the ledge and pull yourself into the crawlspace. Crawl through it till you reach a dark passage. In the alcoves lie mummies. Run to the end and to the right. Ahead is a mummy that has risen. Quickly run past it and jump down into the room.

Left and right are vases you can shoot. In the right one you'll find the Revolver. In the water are four hungry Crocodiles and when you get too close a fifth one may appear. Kill them and then dive down to find a lever on the ceiling, in an alcove below the entrance. Use it. Then swim to the opposite shore, where you'll find an open door. Pull out into the passage. Follow it to the end to a chamber with vases and chests.

Here you need to be careful. In two of the vases you can find nasty beetles - in the vase right of the golden goblet and the one in the corner left of it. Only shoot the vase in the middle. Inside you can find the Lasersight. In the vase behind the chests you will find more Revolver Ammo. Then climb onto the higher level and shoot the three vases there. In one you will find more Revolver Ammo. In another lies a small Medipack. The third one is empty. Get back down. Shoot the vase left of the goblet. Then pull out the goblet once and once to the die. Run into the passage behind.

Run up the stairs. In the first vase here is more Revolver Ammo. In the second you can get Flares. Leave the third one as a red scorpion is lurking inside. Run down the stairs to get to a pit. On both sides are Lion Heads. Combine the Lasersight with the Revolver and shoot them. The pit will fill with sand. Run to the other side where three mummies await you. Stay on the left side, as a rolling spike ball comes out of the passage on the right. To trigger a second one, you need to step into the passage briefly but then quickly get out again.

Run up into the main treasure chamber and pick The Gold Mask from the pedestal. Then run through the right door, which has opened. Follow the passage to the end and run up the stairs. Here you will be greeted by many tiny beetles. Get rid of them by running into one of the side passages and over the grates. The beetles fall through the gaps. Then run up the passage with a flare in hand. In the middle you can find a ceiling trapdoor shortly before the end. Stand underneath the handle. Jump up and grab the handle to open it. Climb up and run up the stairs, towards the light.
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