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Jungle Temple (Endless)

The level consists of several phases that occur in a pre-defined sequence. After you've overcome them all by beating or at least surviving the boss, they start over again, but are more loaded with traps and obstacles.

Running Phase (1)

The level begins with Lara running. This usually means she has to evade pits and blockades by jumping, sliding, switching lanes or running along walls. There are usually no other traps during this first part. Make sure you collect coins, clues and boosters. If you've been cursed by a so called "friend", it may come into effect at the end of this phase.

Combat Phase (1)

The second phase is a single instance combat session, during which you have to fight against a couple of enemies. You shoot them by tapping on their heads, or any other part of their body. Also shoot any Health, Coin or Ammo Crates. If you've been cursed, the curse lasts throughout the whole phase.

Running Phase (2)

After the combat session another running phase starts. Once again is consists of pits and blockades. Collect coins, clues and boosters. A curse will last into this phase but end here.

Quad Bike Phase (1)

Lara jumps onto a quadbike. From here on out you have to switch lanes when obstacles come up or duck under them. Often there are ramps or bridges which Lara has to hit to not end up in a pile of rubble or against a wall. Sometimes a group of enemies will send a falling tree towards the race track, in which case Lara has to duck. A similar trap where she also has to duck is a swinging beam. Don't forget to steer towards coins, clues and boosters.

Running Phase (3)

During the next, very short running phase Lara has to evade pits, blockades and collapsing floor.

Combat Phase (2)

During the next combat phase you need to fight Lizard Men with Spears and Lizard Men with Bows. Don't forget to shoot any Health, Coin or Ammo Crates.

Running Phase (4)

During the next running phase the obstacles in Lara's path occur more often. So concentrate while running to jump and evade as necessary. Again, make sure to collect coins, clues and boosters.

Wall Running Phase (1)

During the wall running phase, you have to run up or down to evade upcoming obstacles along the wall, sometimes you encounter a spikey vine, falling rocks or a column attached to the wall swings outwards. In such a case you need to jump sideways by swiping to the right. Sometimes it make sense to drop down from the rope, onto a walkway and run and slide along till you reach the next gap where Lara will return to the rope.

Running Phase (5)

Another phase to jumping sliding and switching lanes.

Boss Phase

The next phase is the boss phase. During this you have to overcome the Tyrannosaurus Rex. At first he will try to bite Lara, she evades him automatically. Next you will come into play. A lot of different things can happen.
Obstacle Passage
Just a short tunnel where you evade obstacles by switching lanes.
Broken Bridge
Sometimes you won't see the T-Rex and just have to evade obstacles. If you run out onto the broken bridge, stay on the left side and jump over a column at the end. Lara will jump onto the T-Rex' back and be catapulted into the next passage.
Shooting Scene
Sometimes you get the opportunity to shoot the T-Rex, when that happens, keep your finger on him, to shoot him. It is absolutely vital that you shoot him, when the red reticule appears, otherwise he will kill you.
Biting T-Rex
Sometimes he will come running towards you, in such an instance, stay in the middle lane until you are sure where he will attack, in such a case, switch into the save lane.
Collapsing Columns
Sometimes the T-Rex will run past you and topple over obstacles. Evade them.
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