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40. Temple Of Horus

The First Scale

Run up the passage. You will come into a chamber with two little pools, a scale and a cage with an Ahmet on the left. Run to the right. Lara will look towards the wall above the left pool. There are two wave lines. Which should be a little hint. Pick up the large waterskin. You now have a large waterskin with a capacity of 5 litres and a small which can take 3 litres. Step into the pool and fill up the large skin. Combine it with the small waterskin (which should be empty). You now have two litres in the large skin left. Step towards the left part of the scale and fill it with the two litres. You have to stand exactly in front of it. If you make a mistake, the Ahmet is freed from his cage and he will attack you. After that, you can try again. This continues till you get it right.

Way Down

If you got it right, a trapdoor opens. Drop down and follow the passage. You will come to a pit with a pole. Shoot a couple of bats. Then jump onto the pole and slide down, but beware of the spikes. Downstairs you have to shoot some more bats. Run out into the open.

Second Scale

You will come to another room with a scale. This time there are four waves, so you'll need four litres.

1st alternative
Empty out the small skin. You can only do this outside the pool. Fill the 5 litre skin with water. Now combine the large skin with the small skin, at the end you should have the 3 litre skin filled and the large skin should contain 2 litres. Now empty the small skin and fill the 2 litres from the large into the empty small. The small will then contain 2 litres while the large is empty. Now fill the large skin from the pool. It now contains 5 litres. Combine it with the small skin, which will be full, while the large will still have four litres in it.

2nd alternative
Fill up the small skin with water. Empty out the large skin. Now combine the small skin with the large one. The small will then be empty while the large will contain 3 litres. Now fill the small again. Again, combine it with the large skin, which will then contain 5 litres while the small contains one. Empty out the large skin and combine it with the small to fill it with one litre. Then fill up the small again and combine it once more with the large to gain 4 litres.

Now pour the four litres onto the scale. Again, when you've made a mistak,e you have to fight off an Ahmet.

Down Again

Drop through the opened trapdoor and follow the passage. Shoot a couple of bats in the next chamber. Then jump onto the pole and slide down, while taking care of the spikes. Down at the bottom shoot some more bats. Run out towards the third chamber with a scale.

Third Scale

This time there is one wave on the wall. So you have to get one litre. This is very simple. Empty out the large skin. Fill the small skin with water and then combine it with the large. Repeat that and you will have five litres in the large and one litre in the small. Use this one litre on the scale. Again, a mistake will cause an Ahmet to appear.

Using the Armour

Drop through the trapdoor and follow the passage. Climb down into the shaft. You don't want to get out at the first room. (This is the exit.) Climb down as far as you can. Then climb over to the right and drop onto the platform there. Face away from the blue light pouring down the shaft and make a running jump to land in the water underneath you. Swim towards the platform in the middle. Climb out and advance towards the statue. There are four pedestals around. Place the four holy scriptures there. Now approach the statue from the front. (Movie: Lara will place the armour and the amulet around the statue. The statue comes to life. Note that the amulet drops into the water.)


After the cut-scene, you have to act. Seth will attack you.
Bug Warning:
I have encountered, in the PC version, that after Set came to life I still had the amulet in the inventory. This didn't happen in the PSX Version. However I could find it lying on the ground of the pool without any trouble.
Jump into the water on the right side, when facing towards Set. Pick up the amulet from the ground.

South Chamber

Dive towards the opposite side. This is south. There is a platform on the outer side, right of the open gate. Climb out of the water and jump up the ramp. Run into the chamber above. Use the lever there to open the gate on the northern side. Pick up the Uzi ammo. Then leave the chamber again.

North Chamber

Jump back into the water and dive towards the opposite side. Again, right of the door is a platform where you can leave the water. Run up all the way into the chamber and use the next lever. Pick up the small medipack.

Climbing Up

Again, dive towards the southwest platform to climb out. Run up to the left. At the end, make a running jump onto the shore. Follow it to the left end. Make a running jump towards the platform in front of you. Grab the ledge and pull yourself up. Continue with a running jump towards the next platform. Again, grab the ledge and pull yourself up. Jump up the little ramp. Climb up the blocks in the corner and face right/south again. Make a running jump slightly to the right and grab the ledge. Pull yourself up. Go towards the next edge. Jump up and hold on to the ceiling. Monkey climb forward and to the left. You will be soon hidden from Seth's attacks. At the end, let go. Here Seth will be able to attack again. Follow the platform to the end. In the corner you can see a crawlspace. Make a running jump to get there and hold on to the ledge. Crawl in. Follow the path. At the end, lower yourself backwards out of the gap. Run up the next ramp. At the end, make another running jump. Hold on to the next ledge and pull up. Go to the right. Face towards the left/north. Make a running jump and grab the wall. Climb to the right and up. At the top turn left and climb the next wall. Climb a bit to the left and up the shaft. (Movie: Watch Lara jumping out of the shaft into the room and closing the gate behind her. She seals the gate with the amulet.)

The "Exit"

Turn around and run up the stairs. There you will encounter three jumping pillars. Like before position close to them, standing sideways and make a sideflip shortly after they went past. Repeat this at all three of them. Then run further up. The earth is shaking. Step forward carefully. Look up to the ceiling. The blocks with a bone-head on it will come dropping down. Avoid these spots. Then advance towards the trench. Slide down. Jump before you drop and grab the ledge opposite. Pull yourself up. (I prefer to do this on the right side, as the left has another one of those nasty falling blocks.) Now run further up on the left, as now there is another falling block on the right. Slide down the next ramp. Then jump and grab the ledge. Shimmy towards the passage and pull up. Now choose the right passage as the left contains two falling blocks. Slide down the next ramp. Jump and grab the ledge. Pull yourself up and run into the passage to avoid more dropping blocks and to finish the game.
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