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39. Inside The Great Pyramid

Jumping Pillars

Run down till you come to the first gap. Make a running jump to get to the other side. Quickly kill the blue guy and the red guy that appears afterwards. Pick up the Uzi Ammo. Turn right and follow the path up. Shoot another blue hooded guy. Enter the chamber. The gate closes behind you. A red cloaked guy comes down the hill. Shoot him. Run along the passage into the cave. When you approach, you will notice a very mean trap. There are two stone pillars jumping from side to side. And this is where you have to get through. Stand sideways with your back against one of the walls. Get as close to the trap as possible. Wait for the exact moment and jump through with a sideflip. Repeat this at the second trap.

Shaft Key Room

Shoot the three dogs in the chamber behind. Step into the broken crypt. Pick up the small medipack and the torch. Light the torch on one of the burning torches. Then use it to light the other four torches. A passage on the left side opens. Step inside. Collect the blue shotgun ammo and use the lever. This will open the door to the shaft-key-room, which is above you. Get back through the passage with the jumping pillars. Outside run up the hill. Shoot a bat. Enter the shaft room key. Use all four keys. Then pull the lever to open the gate outside. Some blue guys will enter.

Into the Temple

Step outside and kill the blue guys. One of them loses red shotgun ammo. Again, step through the passage with the jumping pillars. The chamber on the right is now open. Step inside and use the lever to open the gate at the end. Pick up the medipack. Now get back outside. Run back into the main passage and further down. Kill the two blue hooded guys. One loses a small medipack. Approach the next gap. Kill the bat. Then make a standing jump to get over the gap. The trench might seem very far but a running jump will take you right into the next pit. Shoot another bat. Make a running jump to get towards the next platform. Shoot the blue guy down by the open gate.
Secret 70: Turn around. On the opposite wall is an alcove down on the left. Jump onto the platform in front. Pick up the crossbow. Get back out and from the ledge make a standing jump back up to the passage. Grab the ledge and pull up.
Make another standing jump to get over the gap. Step down and pick up the large medipack. Make a running jump towards the gate. Step inside and shoot a couple of bats. Climb down into the shaft and enter the passage. Drop down and follow the passage further.
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