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38. Khufu's Queens Pyramids

Scorpion Fight

Follow the path. You will encounter two soldiers fighting two giant scorpions. You can choose, if you want to help them, but make sure you do not shoot any of them or they will turn on you. Then run towards the first building. Open the door. Shoot the box on the right and collect the small medipack. Enter the next room. Shoot the boxes and collect some blue shotgun ammo, uzi ammo and grenades on the left and some more grenades, crossbow arrows and revolver ammo on the right. Step back outside.
Secret 69: Enter the next building. The boxes on the right are empty. Use the Armoury Key, provided you've saved the guard in "Menkaure's Pyramid" and he has given it to you, on the locked door. Step inside and shoot the boxes. On the right you'll find red shotgun ammo, the Grenade Gun, the Crossbow and the Revolver. On the left you'll find some crossbow ammo, the Shotgun and the Uzis. Step back outside.
Shoot another scorpion.

Climbing and Jumping

Advance towards the pyramid left of the chasm. Jump onto the block there. Make a running jump onto the platform between the two pyramids. Shoot the giant scorpion. From the outcrop, make a running jump over the chasm to the other side. Grab the ledge and pull up. Turn right and jump onto the platform there. Shoot the scarab. Climb higher up. Turn left and make a running jump onto the platform there. Do not grab the ledge or you will miss the platform. Jump towards the next platform.

Secret Passage

Make a running jump across the chasm and grab the ledge of the block there. Turn left and make a running jump towards the next platform. Shoot another giant scarab. Run up towards the pyramids and shoot the scorpion. Collect the small medipack lying in the passage between the two pyramids. Next to it is a platform with strange markings. Push the stone block onto it. A door opens. Follow the passage and open the trapdoor. Climb down the ladder.

Maze - Eastern Shaft Key

Run along the passage and through the gate. It closes behind you. Turn right. The block lowers and a little scorpion is revealed. Shoot it. Now grab into the first hole on the left wall. You will find a small medipack. Ignore the second hole as it only contains beetles. Turn to the left and step over the next lowered block. Shoot the next scorpion. Then turn right and step over the next block. You will come to a passage with torches and two holes. Follow the path to the left. Shoot the next scorpion waiting behind the lowering block. In the left passage is another hole on the right wall, grab into it to get some Uzi ammo. Then run into the right passage. There is another scorpion behind the next block. Turn left. Then turn right again and enter a chamber at the back of the maze. There you have to fight a Demigod and three scorpions. After killing them, break the Eastern Shaft Key out of the wall. The gate at the entrance opens again. Run back into the maze. Turn right. Grab into the hole on the left wall to get a large medipack. Step over the lowered block. The second hole contains beetles, so avoid it. Turn left and run through the next door. Shoot another scorpion. Approach the next block and shoot the next scorpion. Grab into the first hole on the left side to find some red shotgun ammo. Step through the door. Turn left and then turn right to return to the exit. To collect some more Uzi Ammo you have to run into the passage on the left. Behind the block another scorpion appears. Shoot it and grab into the second hole (left) on the left side. Turn right till you come back to the exit. Climb the ladder back up.


Make a running jump over to the block on the other side of the gap. Turn left and make a running jump onto the next. Now make a standing jump onto the highest pillar. There a giant beetle will attack. Kill it. Climb up onto the pyramid. From the 2 stone platform climb up onto the one-stone. Make a standing jump onto the single platform on the left and from there continue to the bigger platform. Wait there till the three boulders went past. Then make a running jump up to the next larger platform on the left. Kill the two beetles and run up to the pyramid gate. Open it with the key. Run down.
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