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36. The Mastabas


Run ahead. Shoot the dog coming from the left.
Secret 67: Shoot the barrier and step into the chamber. Shoot a couple of bats. In the middle is a very well hidden floor trapdoor. When you use a flare or shoot in this area, you can see it. Stand in front to open it. Climb down the ladder. Pick up the large medipack. Climb back up and leave the chamber again.
Run towards the truck on the left and shoot another dog. Run towards the petrol station and pick up the Jerrycan.

Small Waterskin

Now run into the passage between the two buildings. Open the door on the left and enter. Pick up the revolver ammo. Open the trapdoor and climb down. Follow the passage. Shoot the dog. Follow the path to the crossing. Turn left and run down the passage. Shoot the two dogs. Pick up the crossbow ammo in the far left corner. Now combine the revolver or the crossbow with the lasersight. On your sides and behind you are lionheads on the walls. They each have a red crystal in their mouth. You have to shoot all three. The door will open and two mummies will step out. Shoot them with explosive ammo. Pick up the Small Waterskin (Empty). Now leave the chamber and run back towards the crossing. Turn left and run up the passage. On your way, you have to shoot two more dogs. Climb out at the end.

Bag of Sand

Shoot the bat and the scorpion. Run out towards the pits. (If you look over the pit to the left, you can see the entrance.) Step around the corner to the right and shoot another dog. Now make a running jump towards the platform with the barrier. Shoot the barrier and open the door. Shoot the dog and a couple of bats. Open the trapdoor and jump down. Follow the passage. Turn right at the first opportunity. You'll come to another chamber with lionheads. Shoot the two dogs and the bat. Now shoot the crystals with the crossbow/revolver. Shoot two mummies and a couple of bats. Then collect the Bag of Sand. Run back into the passage and follow it to the right. At the next corner turn left. Shoot the dog. Then collect the revolver ammo in the right corner and the large medipack in the left. Run back along the passage and turn left. Shoot another dog. At the end, climb out of the pit.


Shoot a couple of bats. Open the door. Shoot the barrier. Then step outside. Turn left and go towards the pit. Go into the left corner. Turn right and make a running jump to the ledge there. Jump around the corner to the right and enter the passage. Shoot two scorpions. Open the trapdoor. Jump down and follow the passage. Turn right and follow the path further on. Shoot a dog. Collect the torch at the end of the passage. Now follow the passage in the other direction. When you've reached the chamber, drop the torch and kill the three dogs and a couple of bats. After that, destroy the three lionhead crystals. Collect the torch again and enter the next chamber.

Three Elements Riddle

In front of you are three scales. The right one needs to be filled with soil, the middle one with fire, and the left one with water. Empty the sandbag into the right one. Now fill some petrol from the jerrycan into the middle one. Light your torch on one of the burning torches. Then light the petrol with it. Now go to the little puddle in the back and fill up your small waterskin. Then use it on the left scale.

Northern Shaft Key

The door on the left will open. Step inside. Shoot the two mummies. (If you use explosive ammo this might also destroy the two lionhead-crystals. You don't have to destroy them.) Now use the crowbar on the Northern Shaft Key. The door opposite will open. Enter that chamber. (There are three more lionheads with crystals, but again you don't have to shoot them.) Run up the stairs and shoot the two dogs. Follow the path. Turn left at the next corner and collect the large medipack at the end. Turn around and shoot the two dogs. Now follow the other path out. Climb out of the pit.

Long Walk

Shoot the scorpion. Run out towards the pit and shoot another scorpion as well. Jump along to the left end of the platform. Make a running jump to the next platform on the left. Turn around and make a running jump to the platform opposite. Grab the ledge and pull yourself up. Open the door. Enter and shoot a couple of bats. Then open the trapdoor. Jump down into the passage. Follow the path and shoot the black scorpion. Follow the path to the left. Shoot another scorpion next to the ammo. Then pick up the revolver ammo. Run back and turn left to follow the other passage. Shoot another scorpion, then climb out of the pit. Run into the passage. Shoot the dog and the barrier. Open the door. Shoot a couple of bats. Then open the next trapdoor. Drop into the passage. Turn right and pick up the small medipack. Then follow the path in the other direction. Shoot the three dogs, one is coming from behind. Then shoot the two bats.

Three Monkeys

Use the revolver or crossbow to destroy the three crystals. (Here it's possible to use the guns and shoot the crystals while jumping up and down.) Enter the next chamber. There you'll find three monkey statues. In front of each is a crowbar switch. Start with the right one. A real monkey will appear. Do not shoot it!!! It will open the right door for you. (There's no need to use the other switches. However if you use the left one a monkey will appear and attack you. You have to shoot it. If you use the crowbar on the middle switch, an invisible ghost monkey will attack you. You have to shoot it as well.)

Southern Shaft Key

Enter the chamber on the right. Kill or avoid the mummies. (Here again you'll find two lionheads with no use.) Use the crowbar to get the Southern Shaft Key. Cross the monkey room to get into the next chamber. Here you'll find three more useless lionheads. Follow the path and slide down at the end. Climb up and follow the path out.
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