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34. Menkaure's Pyramid

Leaving the Cave

Run into the cave. Pick up the uzi ammo on the left. Then run over to the right. There's some more uzi ammo. Now climb onto the stone squares in the left corner. Climb onto the highest. There is a ceiling trapdoor above you. Note the handle. Position underneath, looking down into the cave. Jump up and press action to pull it down. Now jump up towards the ledge the trapdoor is hanging from and pull out.

Giant Scorpions

Turn left and shoot the giant scorpion coming towards you. He will try to sting you. If you are poisoned, you have to take a medipack. I recommend using a better weapon than normal pistols. (4 shots with the revolver.) Run into the passage and turn left. Help the guard there. Be careful Lara will aim at him as well, but he means no harm. However, if you kill him you can gain some revolver ammo. In the other chamber, you will find a large medipack. Collect it then go towards the pit. From the left ledge you can jump over to the left side. Go around the rocks to the right and shoot the scorpion. Run towards the next pit. Make a running jump from the left corner on this side to the right on the opposite side. Kill the giant scorpion on your left. Now turn right and shoot the flying scarab.

Getting the Key

Run into the right corner. From the square at the northwest corner of the pit, make a running jump towards the edge of the slide on your right. (See the first picture on the right.) Grab hold. Pull yourself up and slide down on the other side. Jump over the pit and land on safe ground. Run over to the left. (Be careful not to slide into the pit.) Shoot another scarab. Now enter the building on the right. On the right is a soldier fighting with a scorpion. Hurry to help him, this will allow you to collect a secret later on. (Movie: Lara kills the scorpion. The guard gives you two keys.) You'll have The Guards Keys and the Armoury Key in your inventory now. (If the guard is killed by the scorpion you can only collect the guard's key.) Pick up the red shotgun ammo on the right and the small medipack on the left.On the other end of the room, you can find some more blue shotgun ammo on the right and another small medipack on the left. Leave the room again. Run back to the pit. Go towards the rocks right of the pit and hang from the ledge. (Second picture on the right.) Shimmy around the corner to the left to get over the pit. Shimmy as far as you can, then let go to land in front of the pyramid again.

Pyramid Climbing

Now you have to do some climbing. On the right foot of the pyramid is a little platform you can stand on. (These platforms are marked green in the picture.) Just above it, is another one. (2 1/2 squares wide) Climb up there. Climb further up onto the single platform at the left end. From there you have to jump a bit up to the left, onto a very long platform. (5 squares) Here a giant flying scarab will attack you. Kill it. Now you have to follow the platform it to its left end. From there make a running jump to the left. (Make sure you do not get stuck at the edge.) From the position where Lara lands she will slide down and end up on a four squares wide platform. Here she will be attacked by another giant scarab. (In the bottom left corner of the picture.) At the end you'll find another 5 platforms leading up. From the last one, a two squares platform make a running jump towards the pyramid entrance on your right. Here you'll be attacked by the third flying scarab. (I recommend opening the door to the pyramid now.)
Secret 65: Now drop onto the two square platform underneath you. From there make another running jump to the next two square platform on the right. There you can climb further up. Another scarab will attack you on your way up. At the top, you can jump onto the pillar above the entrance. Collect the small medipack. Then make a running jump towards the other pillar to collect the shotgun. Now some beetles will attack you. Drop back down.
Now open the pyramid doors with the key you've collected. (Unless you've done so already.) Run further down.
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