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31. Citadel

Lever and Torch

Follow the passage. (Movie: Lara will free Jean-Yves. He will tell you that Seth has taken over Von Croy.) Now run into the passage behind the columns on the left. Run through the next archway. Run up the stairs in the left corner. Turn right and use the lever inside the chamber. A big gate will open. Now before you return to the entrance go to the alcove on the left and collect the torch. Light it. Now run back down. In the chamber with the fountain is a rope on the left side jump up to it with the torch in your hand to set it on fire. This will open a hole in the ground in front of the opened gate. Now return to the chamber where you freed Jean-Yves.

Way to the Citadel

Step through the gate and collect the uzi ammo. Return to the hole in the ground and drop down. Follow the path. At the crossing run up to the left and collect the blue shotgun ammo. Now run down towards the citadel. (Movie: Watch one of Werner's baddies run up a ramp, there is also a lever to be seen.)

Secret and Goodies

Jump onto the platform on the left. Turn right then climb up to the left. (Don't run towards the large medipack yet as there is a fire emitter in the wall.)
Secret 61: Walk into the right corner and make a running jump over to the stairs. Run up and turn left. Jump up and grab the ceiling. Monkey climb towards the opening in the right wall. Hang from the ceiling above it. Let go and grab the ledge. Pull into the passage. Collect the large medipack and the grenades in the secret chamber. Climb back out and drop into the water. Dive into the passage to come to the other pool.
Collect the grenades on the rock in the corner. Climb out of the water. From the walkway, make a running jump onto the ledge of the block on the other side. Pull up and climb onto the stairs.


Again, step onto the platform in front of the second pool on the other side. Step to the right end, turn around and hang from the ledge. (Picture) You should be as far on the left as possible. Let go and grab the lower ledge. Shimmy towards the right. Shimmy around the first corner. Then let go and hold on to the lower ledge. Shimmy further to the right and around a couple of corners, till you reach the opening. Climb in pressing the crouch button.

Fire Emitters Lever

Drop backwards into the next passage. Wade through the water. Pick up the uzi ammo. Then climb into the gap on the right. Climb out on the other side. Be careful you'll end up on a slide. Jump to land on another slide. Jump again and grab the crevice. Shimmy left. Climb into the alcove and collect the small medipack. Turn around and make a running jump onto the next platform. Climb up. Run up the stairs and shoot the baddie at the top. Run up the next stairs. Then step into the next room and run up the ramp. Shoot another baddy. When you've reached the lever, another baddy will come from behind. Kill him then use the lever. (It seems that the lever triggers the fire emitters where the medipack is. But as they were triggered when you stepped onto the platform, they will now be turned off.) Safety drop into the hole in the left alcove. You are now on the platform with the large medipack. Pick it up. Now follow the passage. Run down the stairs.

Riddle with 4 Tables

You will now come to a room with another riddle. (Now you will need your compass. The red needle is the important one.) There are four passages leading away. The one you came down is the south passage. The other three have a closed door. In the middle, you can see a field with 4 spots for the four tables. Have a closer look at the tables. They have letters on them. (N for north, E for east, S for south and W for west.) Now push the tables on the corresponding spots.

When I first tried to solve this riddle, I didn't notice the letters and just tried all combinations. The correct combination wouldn't work after I had made a mistake. So save your game before trying and don't push any table where it doesn't belong.
The east table E, the one on the right, has to be pulled once as it's already nearby the correct spot.

The north table N is just to the right of its final spot. Push or pull it once.

The west table W, the one that's next to the north table, has to be moved onto the spot on the left.

The south table S, the one in the dark corner, has to be moved onto the last spot in front of the stairs you came down.

If you have done it correctly all three doors will open. Pick up the grenades in the southeast corner as well as the small medipack in the northeast. In the south-west corner are some more grenades.

Left Door - West

Run down the stairs on the left/west side. Run down the ramp and climb up on the other side. Do not drop into the waterhole yet. Collect the flares in the left trench. Now jump into the waterhole in the middle. Dive into the south passage, the left one. Pick up the medipack on the ground of the chamber. On the ceiling is an underwater lever. Use it to close a door. Dive back and take a deep breath. Now dive into the north passage and climb out at the end. Pick up the revolver ammo in the corner then run up the passage to return to the main chamber.

Right Door - East

Run down into the chamber on the east side. (From where you come out to the left.) There you'll have to kill two baddies. After they are gone, use the lever. This will let some water out of the tunnels. Run back up.

Middle Door - North

Now return to the passage you came out of on the right. It's the one north. Run down into the chamber. Jump back into the water and return to the main chamber. Climb into the passage right of you. Follow it and use the lever. Two doors under water will open. Return to the main water chamber. Jump into the water. Dive into one of the holes and collect the uzi ammo.


Now dive along the other passage again. Climb out at the end and follow the now dry passage. Pull the chain to open a door in the chamber above. Quickly climb out and shoot the baddy. Collect the small medipack he loses. Now step through the open door.


Follow the passage and climb into the gap on the left. Drop down on the other side. (Movie: Two knights will approach you.) They cannot be killed. Run up the ramp on the side. Make sure the knights follow you. At the end, a barrier blocks the path. Like with the bull before you have to provoke the knights to destroy the barrier. Jump back and hang from the ledge to get out of the way. Pull back up and step through the passage. Climb further up. Follow the passage. Collect the uzi ammo on the right. Run further along to the right and collect the flares. Now run over to the other side. Drop down.
Secret 62: Run over to the right. There you'll find a pit. Hang from the left side. Let go and grab the lower ledge. Crawl into the gap. Follow the passage on the other side. Climb further up and up into the secret chamber. Be careful here you'll meet the two knights again. Collect the crossbow ammo, the blue shotgun ammo, the large medipack, the revolver ammo and the grenades. Then slide down the hill. You are now back in the other room. Drop down again.
Run into the passage ahead.
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