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30. Street Bazaar

Mine Detonator Body & Car Jack

Climb down the ladder. Drop down into the chamber. Advance towards the dying soldier. (Movie: The soldier gives you a mine detonator. He also tells you where to get the codes.) Pick up the Mine Detonator Body. Now go towards the table left of the ladder. Take the Handle with you. Run to the back of the car and pick up the Car-Jack Body.

The Roof Hatch

Now step towards the red button on the right wall and push it to open the gate. Step through. Follow the passage and crawl into the gap. Pick up the large medipack. Crawl back out then climb up the ladder. Follow the passage. Step towards the end of the passage. Jump forward and hold on to the ceiling. Monkey climb to the right. Drop onto the platform at the end. Climb into the gap on the right. Climb out on the other side. Above you is a hatch to the roof, which is locked with a padlock. Combine the Handle with the Car-Jack Body to the the Car-Jack. Climb onto the block and use the car jack on the little wall to open the hatch.

On the Roof

Turn right walk towards the edge and jump up. Climb out. On your right is a platform where the lightning strikes. Go around on the left side. There you'll find a box. You will be attacked by locusts. The box in the alcove left of the lightning is a lightning conductor. Next to the platform with the lightning is another box. Pull it away from the lightning. Go to the other side and push it into the alcove. Now pull out the lightning conductor then push it onto the platform where the lightning strikes. (Movie: The lightning now strikes the bridge and clears the way.)

Mine Position Data

Run over the bridge. Make a running jump onto the wall with the ladder. Grab the ladder. Climb to the left. Climb around the corners till you have another platform under your feet.
Secret 60: Turn around. Jump over to the platform leading to the right. Step onto the roof. Run along. A swarm of locusts will attack. Pick up the large medipack, the grenades and the crossbow ammo. Run back. Jump back onto the platform at the ladder.
Follow the passage to the left. Climb up. Hang backwards from the ledge. Then let go to safety drop onto the platform below. Hold on to the ledge and let go again. Follow the passage. Run into the chamber on the right. Turn right again and run down the hill. There you'll find the headless colleague of the dying soldier. Pick up the Mine Position Data. Run back up.

The Bull

A bull will appear. Provoke him to break the crates. Including the ones in the left corner. One of the crates contains a small medipack, another one contains flares and the third contains uzi ammo. The other crates have a passage hidden behind them. Follow the passage and run up onto the balcony. Shoot the soldier on the left. Follow the passage.


Run ahead to return to the palm tree. Return to the stairs on the left side. Follow them towards the sand hill. Jump onto the little platform inside. From there you can jump up and grab the ledge of the wall on the right. Grab the ledge and pull yourself up. Then climb up the ladder to return to the Street Bazaar for a last time.


Step towards the door at the foot of the ramp. It's now open. Enter the passage. Kick the next door to open it. Step outside and shoot the soldier on the left. Collect the uzi ammo under the archway. Now run into the right corner and into the passage with the minefield.


You are now standing in front of the minefield. (This is another part of the Trench Level.) Combine the Mine Detonator Body with the Mine Position Data to get the Mine Detonator and use it. Now the path is clear. Jump over the barrier and press the red button on the other side. This opens the gate in the passage on the left and this is hopefully also, where you parked the motorbike. Climb onto the bike and take it through the open door. Drive it up the hill, running over another soldier on the way, to come to the Citadel Gate again.

Citadel Gate

Turn left and jump over the pit on the right. Drive along on the periphery and to the right. Turn into the passage on the left. Run over the two crocodiles. Drive ahead then right and left again. Turn right once more. A swarm of locusts will attack you. Now speed along in front of the monster. Follow the path back to the hurt soldier.
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