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28. Chambers of Tulun (2)

City of the Dead Secret

Now that you have the nitro for the motorbike, you can collect a goody in the "City of the Dead". Turn left. Jump on the left side over the pit. Turn right and then follow the path up to the left back to the City of the Dead. Turn left and enter the city through the gate. Drive straight ahead. Park the motorbike at the end and climb down. Step to the right and shoot the soldier on your left. After that, kill the soldier down the slope.
Secret 59: Get back onto the bike and take it around the corner. Take the bike at full speed up the ramp on the left and over the pit. Like on foot you have to press the sprint button. On the other side, overrun the guard on the right. Then climb down. Get onto the platform with the pillars. Drop down on the other side and run towards the left pillar. Jump up in the middle and pull up. Make a backsault onto the platform behind you. Quickly jump and turn in mid-air to land on the next one. (You don't have to turn in mid-air but Lara will jump further and higher. And I found it much easier.) Drop into the chamber behind. Collect the grenades, the large medipack and the crossbow ammo. Climb back out. Take the bike back over the pit. On the left side is a ramp.
Return to the Chambers of Tulun.

Motorbike Jump

Drive back down the slope and to the right. Turn left and jump over the pit. On the right side, you can see stairs. Drive up there using the nitro boost. (Sprint key.) Park the bike and run to the left, where a door has opened. Step inside and shoot the guard. Follow the passage. The next door is closed. Slide down to the left.


Enter the passage ahead and shoot another soldier. In the left corner, you'll find a Torch. Return to the main chamber. Now run down the passage next to the slide. Drop the torch and shoot another guard. Collect the torch again. (Unless you'd like to come back later and kill the next baddy first.) Run ahead and turn left. Drop the torch. Open the door. Shoot the guards inside. Here you'll find a burning torch. Light your torch on it. Then return to the main chamber. Run up the ramp and step underneath the sprinkler. Press action to hold the torch up and trigger the sprinkler. The door next to you opens. Step inside.


Use the lever. Another crate will be transported into the chamber where you found the torch. Run back down into the chamber and run back into the passage opposite the slide. Climb on the stack of crates on your right. Turn left and make a running jump towards the wall. Grab the ledge and pull up. Drop down on the other side. Shoot the two crates on the right and collect the small medipack and the crossbow ammo. Now shoot the three crates on the left and collect the blue shotgun ammo in the far corner. Step towards the gap. There you can see a padlock. Shoot it using the lasersight and the revolver. Step inside and grab into the hole to collect the Roof Key.

To the next Level

Climb back to the other side and return to the main chamber. Run up the ramp and back out towards the motorbike. (In case you forget the motorbike up here, you have to find the entrance left of the ramp and climb in. You will end up in the passage where you lit the torch.) Take the bike back over the ramp. Turn right and drive into the passage on the right to return to the Trenches.
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