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27. Trenches


You are now back in the Chambers of Tulun Level. But we will leave it very soon. Climb down the ladder. Enter the passage on the side, then turn left. Jump up at the wall and pull up to slide down on the other side. Run past the Taur Demigod with his hammer. Get back to the motorbike and take it up the hill on the side to come to the Trenches.

First Machine Gun

Park the motorbike. Collect the uzi ammo on the step of the building in front. Then turn right and run into the passage behind the palm tree. Follow the path. In front of you, you can see a slide. Turn left, then right and left again. Shoot the guard behind the first pillar on the right. Continue along the road. If you step out into the next road, a machine gun will fire at you from the right. Turn left and jump up the hill. Collect the large medipack and the uzi ammo. Run down and hide behind the wall on the right. Then quickly step out and turn to the right. Hide behind the crates. Crawl along so the machine gun can't follow you. Crawl to the left. Stand up in the corner. If the machine gun has not followed you around, you can now aim at the red marking through the gap to destroy it.

Second Machine Gun

Now run back to the beginning of the stack and climb onto the higher crate. Turn around and jump onto the platform behind you. Collect the grenades. Then return to the crate. Make a running jump towards the opening. Drop into the hole. Follow the passage towards the crawlspace. (Don't go ahead yet, as there is a machine gun that will set you on fire otherwise.) Crawl into the gap. Make sure you are in good health. While crawling watch out for the steam emitters. You will lose energy if you breathe the steam. The first emitter is on the right the second on the left. Crawl out quickly as there is a guard waiting for you on the other side. Kill him. Collect the small medipack he loses. Shoot the crate and collect the blue shotgun ammo. Now enter the chamber on the right. Climb up to the left. Turn around and stand at the edge. You could also get into the crawlspace on the right but the soldier might see you and shoot you. Take out the revolver with the lasersight. The Crossbow might not work here. Shoot the red marking on the machine gun, I recommend the red line at the bottom, to destroy the machine gun. After that kill the soldier, to do that you might have to crawl into the gap opposite. Return to the chamber with the fire and head back out.

Weapon Code Key

Now follow the passage to the left. In the passage above you, you can see a crashed burning car. Run tow the end. On the right side is another gap with two steam emitters. Crawl in but try not to breath in the gas. In the next chamber, you will find a dead soldier. He has lost a Weapon Code Key. Pick it up. Then crawl back out.

Valve Pipe

Now step towards the passage ahead. On the right, you can see another steam emitter on the wall. There is also a deep pit on the right, so you have to shimmy along. Walk towards the wall on the left. Jump up and grab the ledge. Shimmy around to the right but watch out for the steam emitter. Shimmy around the next corner. Drop to the ground and quickly shoot another soldier attacking you. You can ignore the machine gun, but collect the large medipack placed behind it. Run towards the jeep to attract another guard. Kill him. Then step towards the engine of the jeep. Use the crowbar to loosen a Valve Pipe. Collect it. Now step into the right passage and run towards the crate. Shoot it and collect another large medipack. Return to the pit and shimmy back to the other side. Run back along the passage and at the end climb up to the right. (You are now back where you've met the first machine gun.) Run back along the street to return to the motorbike. Combine the valve pipe with the canister and use it on the bike. You have to stand in the middle and opposite the side-car. Now take the motorbike back down towards the "Chambers of Tulun".
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