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26. Citadel Gate

Creature from the Past

Drop out of the passage and run towards the soldier. (Movie: Lara tells him she wants to get to the citadel. He tells her about a creature, which attacked him and his men. He tells you to get two codes. One to turn off the mines blocking the path for the bike and one for the explosives.) Pick up the revolver ammo. Now run along the street. Turn right and right again. Then turn left. Now you can see the Dragon Creature. It looks like a mixture of a snake and a dragon. It will spit fire. Run into the left passage and collect the grenades and the small medipack. Now quickly sprint past the beast and turn left.


A swarm of locusts will attack you. Run along the street. Run down and to the right, then left. (If you run ahead and at the end turn right, you'll come to a pit. Above you can see three passages. Up on the left is a car.) Climb over the wall on the right. Shoot the crocodile coming out of the gap. Run forward to attract another crocodile. Shoot it as well. Crawl in and collect the revolver ammo and the crossbow ammo. Crawl back out.

5 Levers

There is an opening in the wall. Climb in. In the chamber behind are two coffins. Drop down. Run ahead and find the lever I. Use it. Then use the lever II and the lever III. Turn around and run to the right towards the little elevation. From there climb up into the passage. Use the lever IIII. Both coffin have moved and revealed passages underneath. (In case you are wondering: The markings on the coffins are explained in a drawing on the wall. This also explains why you have to use all four levers, two for each coffin.) Drop into the hole of the coffin at the closed door. Use the crowbar to activate the switch in the passage. Climb back up and drop into the hole at the other coffin. Use the lever you'll find there.

Rope and Bells

This will open the door above. Again, a Swarm of Locusts will attack you. Climb back out and step into the open passage. Shoot the two bats. Run up the passage. Fill up your energy before you step out into the window, as another swarm of locusts attacks during the video. Shoot two bats. Make a running jump onto the rope.
Secret 58: Turn around and face the right bell. Underneath you can see a gap. Aim for the crate. You will then land in the alcove with the bell. Hang from the ledge. Let go and grab again to get to the lower ledge. Crawl into the gap and backwards into the chamber. Collect the large medipack and the crossbow ammo. Climb back out and drop to the ground. Again, run into the passage. The Locusts will attack you again. Jump towards the rope and hold on to it.

Climbing and Jumping

Swing towards the platform ahead and jump to get there. Turn left and make a running jump onto the wooden roof. Make a standing jump up to the little platform. Quickly shoot the Giant Scarab attacking you. Make a running jump towards the next wooden roof on the left. From there make a standing jump onto the climbable wall. Climb around the corner on the left and drop onto the platform underneath. Turn around and jump towards the platform opposite. Pull up. Quickly shoot the next Giant Scarab. Fill up your energy then jump onto the climbable ceiling underneath the bridge. Monkey climb towards the wall. Let go and grab the ledge. Shimmy left. Drop onto the platform and shoot the Scarab. Crawl into the alcove and collect the small medipack. Climb back out. Face the other side of the road. Turn a bit to the right and make a running jump towards the wooden roof down there. Turn right and make a running jump towards the red opening. Hold on to the ledge and pull up.

Climbing and Jumping

Follow the path. Wait in the opening on the other side and shoot a bat. (Save your game.) Make a running jump to the platform on the right. Do not press action. You might want to steer to the right while in the air. On the platform run forward and prepare to kill two Giant Scarabs. Run behind the truck and collect the Nitrous Oxide Cannister. Step back towards the ledge and make a running jump to get over the pit and land on the ground.


Follow the path to the left and turn left again. Now follow the road ahead. Turn right and then left. A swarm of locusts attacks you from the front. Turn left and run towards the wall. Climb into the little passage. Lower yourself into the next part of the passage. Pick up the flares. Slide down and collect a large medipack. Run up on the other side. Shoot a bat. Then crawl out of the passage. Return to the soldier. (Movie: He tells you, you have to modify the motorbike.) Pick up the revolver ammo. Climb back into the passage on the left and return to the Chambers of Tulun.
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