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Challenge Tomb: San Cordoba

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You may also choose to read this guide as part of the proper walkthrough during the level: Eye of the Serpent

Getting There

Use fast travel to get to the Cenote Temple Ruins base camp.


The opening on the right will lead to the next challenge tomb, easily identifiable by the yellow-decorated skulls left and right of the entrance. Step inside. Jump across the chasm to reach the craggy wall where you attach the axe. Climb up to the top. Enter the next part of the cave.
Resource: Use the shotgun on the right to enter the alcove and find some resources.
Then turn left and dive down into the passage. In the next cave catch your breath at the pocket of trapped air. Dive down to the left.
Survival Cache (4/8): Shortly after passing the focus plant you will find a Survival Cache you can dig up in the middle of the cave. You will get +25 XP. [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location)
Swim over to the left where you can collect a crate with salvage. The air pocket beyond marks the exit and can be ignored for now. Swim down the northern tunnel, past a sunken wooden boat. Follow the bend around to the right. Take a deep breath at the pocket of trapped air before you continue. Careful, the next tunnel system is filled with moray eels. Grab the salvage in front of you, then quickly hide in the sea grass on the left. Wait for the eel to swim by. Should any of the eels catch you, press the interact button repeatedly to fight it off, afterwards quickly catch your breath at an air pocket. You might notice the opening in the cliff wall above you. This is where we will come down after solving the tomb.. Just past the sea grass, on the left, you can pry some jade ore (+5) from the wall.
Resource: Over in the right part of the tunnels you can find another pocket of trapped air and nearby a resource container with +15 XP and a focus plant close to the moray eel patrol route.
Dive into the tunnel over on the left and follow it till the current takes you away. You are dropped in another water cavern. On the ground you can find one endurance and two perception plants. Pull out onto the ledge left of the two smaller waterfalls. Scramble up the wall and use the axe to attach to the craggy wall. Climb up and traverse to the right end. From there jump over to the ledge further right, on the other side of the waterfall. Climb further to the right. Jump past the second waterfall and attach your axe to the craggy wall there. Climb up and scramble up the wall to reach the top ledge. Pull up and get into the narrow tunnel. You come out in another cenote cave. Jump down into the water.
Resource: At the bottom of the pool you can find another salvage crate, a focus plant, an endurance plant and on the remains of a sunken bridge another resource container with +15 XP.
Swim to the shore on the right and pull out of the water to find the challenge tomb base camp Collapsed Temple. Follow the walkway and jump to the upper ledge. Step into the tunnel on the right and squeeze through the gap.
Survival Cache (5/8): Hop down the wall on the right to find the next survival cache in the corner there. Dig it up to obtain its contents and +25 XP. Climb back up onto the stairs. [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location)
Relic (3/5): Now climb down on the left side where you will find a small box containing the Primitive Doll from the artifact collection "Handmade Dolls" (1/5). You will improve your knowledge of Mam and earn +25 XP. Further down you can pick up some black powder. [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location)
Resource: At the bottom you can find a salvage crate on the left and some cloth on the right.
At the bottom of the stairs you will find a canon and a wooden cart. Stand on the right side of the wooden cart and push it into the alcove on the left. Now stand in front of the barrel of the cannon and push it down the hill. It will crash through the barrier. Follow it down into the large cavern where you will find a Spanish galleon. Head down the wooden jetty.
Survival Cache (6/8): Jump into the water and dive straight ahead. Here, near a sunken dinghy, you can dig up the final survival cache of the location for +25 XP. [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location) You can also find medicine and an endurance plant in this pool. Get back to the shore and climb out of the water.
Follow the path around to the left.
Resource: Behind the canon on the right side, near some stairs leading to an archway lying in ruins, you can find some black powder and there is another focus plant in the water besides the ship.
Find the raft at the end of the stretch of beach and kick it into the water. Jump onto it and from there continue towards the crack in the hull that can serve as a handhold. Scramble up the hull to reach the small crack above and then climb to the top crack. Traverse to its left end where you jump towards the next crack further left. From here scramble up again and climb the final cracks to reach the deck. Grab the black powder then get to the lower deck. Here use the capstan by turning it anti-clockwise. The boom will swing around, aligning the canon over the upper deck, just above a pile of wooden rubble that looks like it might be broken through.
Relic (4/5): Just to the left of the capstan you can walk the plank. Jump down into the water. Under water you can find a focus plant, an endurance plant and over to the left, just below the flotsam, a small chest containing the Rusty Sword from the artifact collection "Conquerors" (4/8). You obtain +25 XP. It contains hidden information, so turn it to inspect the notches on the blade. Return to the surface and swim to rock below the rope ladder leading back up onto the deck. Climb back up, jumping the last bit. [Screenshot], [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location)
Now hop into the water where the cargo hold has once been. Below the surface, in the corner on the left, you can find a resource container with +15 XP. Then dive to the metal door on the right and pry it open using the axe. Dive through the passage and resurface on the other side. Climb out of the water on the left side. On the left you can find another resource container with +15 XP and one ledge further up a crate with cloth. Follow the upper ledge to the right. Scramble up the wall to reach the crack. Scramble up again to reach the slightly bend boards of the hull. Climb over to the left end and jump towards the horizontal bar. From here swing to the wooden boards at the wall and quickly jump again to reach the top ledge. The capstan here is blocked, so you might as well ignore it for now. Instead walk out onto the remains of a broken mast to the left. From the end jump into the direction of the craggy wall and use the grapple axe to climb up. At the top follow the ledge to the left. Collect the salvage in the tunnel before you step out onto the jutting ledge on the left. From here jump towards the boom leading to the fore-mast. Balance across it to reach the mast. Use the axe on the winch there to loosen the boom, which will swing around. Scramble up the board leading against the mast to reach the rope ladder. Climb up onto the boom.
Resource: Jump up to the remains of the next rope ladder. Climb up to collect more salvage. Then climb back down to the boom.
Balance out onto the boom to the left (north) to reach the cliff wall again, this time on a higher level. Jump over, perform a saving grab and pull up.
Resource: Just at the back you will find a resource container with +15 XP. Enter the passage on the left to find a crate with salvage and a pile of jade ore (+5). Leave the alcove again.
Follow the ledge down to the right. From the end jump towards the craggy wall and grab hold using the axe. Rappel down and turn to face the boom. Swing over there and jump towards it. Cross the platform and hop down on the other side to land at the capstan. Turn it clockwise to swing the boom out towards the crate. Round the main-mast on the left and take the gangplank to reach a crate. Climb on it and from there jump towards the boom. Balance out onto it and at the end jump towards the dangling crate. From here jump towards the rungs on the mizzen-mast. Climb up and over to the right to use the "San Cordoba" sign as a foothold. Jump up to the rope ladder above you. On the next platform you will find another winch which can be loosened using the axe. This will release the canon at the end of the boom and send it crashing down into the captain's cabin. Standing underneath the rope coil, tether it to the coil at the aft of the ship. Slide down. Drop down into the captain's cabin.
Document (3/6): Below the rubble, over on the right you can find a document titled Captain's Note from the collection "Conquerors" (5/8). You're rewarded with +25 XP. [Screenshot], [Screenshot] (map location)
Examine the Tomb Stele. You will obtain the skill Caiman's Breath II. Left and right of the stele you can pick up piles of Gold Ore (+6 each).

Use a rope arrow on the barrier on the left to leave the captain's cabin. Step outside and follow the planks around to the right. At the end jump down into the water. Swim to the shore and climb out. Follow the path all the way up, till you can squeeze through the gap in the wall again. Step out onto the ledge and jump down into the water. Swim over to the other side where you can leave the water on the right. Scramble up to the ledge on the left. Up the stairs you will come to a jutting wooden walkway. From here jump towards the craggy wall. Climb up and, on the right side, jump up to the ledge. Traverse to the right and from the end jump to the next ledge. Pull onto the ledge above you. Get to the back wall and scramble up. Use the axe on the craggy wall above to reach the top. Follow the tunnel and you will come to a slope that will send Lara down. At the end jump off and us the axe to grab hold of the craggy wall. Climb up and perform a wall scramble to get to the upper ledge. Here use the rope slide to get down onto the next platform. Step forward to the edge and jump ahead. Use the grapple axe to swing to the next craggy wall beyond the spike pit. A double jump will get you to the top. Use the jutting wooden plant to jump down into the pool. Dive down into the narrow tunnel. On the other side dive straight ahead to find a pocket of trapped air. You are back on familiar ground. Swim ahead and at the sunken boat, turn left. Keep straight and dive up. Pull out onto the ledge, where you can find some black powder. In the alcove at the back wall use the axe to pry through the rubble.
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