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24. City Of The Dead

Finds & Enemies: 1 Secrets (#55), 2 Weapons (Revolver, Grenade Gun, LaserSight), Enemies (Soldiers, Ice Wraith, Swarm of Locusts) Remark: Another "City of the Dead" Secret can only be collected if you've got the nitro for the motorbike. We will come to that later, during the Chambers of Tulun (2) chapter. Additional Help: If you need more help with this level, please click on one of the resources linked in the footer.
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The Revolver

At the beginning of the level, Lara is attacked from the left side by a Soldier on a block. Run over and kill him. Collect the Revolver he loses. Return to the motorbike. Another Soldier will shoot at you from the roof. Combine the revolver with the lasersight. Zoom in and kill the Soldier. Two hits will kill him. On the other side, you can see a machine gun. Aim at the tank and shoot it to destroy the machinegun.


Now get onto the motorbike and drive around the corner where the machinegun was. Run over the Soldier. Turn right. In front is a wall with another Soldier on top. Shoot him. Turn left. On the right is a ramp and in front is a higher section with barriers. Run over another Soldier. Turn right and take the bike over the hill. Kill another Soldier. Leave the bike and pick up the red shotgun ammo he loses.

Dead Body

Now enter the passage on the left. Two machine guns on the roof ahead will start shooting at you. Get close to the wall as fast as you can. Turn left and enter the opening in the wall. Drop into the passage and pick up the Grenade Gun and the Small Medipack. Climb back out and run along to your left. Turn right and run over to the door. Kick it open and step inside. Collect the Small Medipack on the left. You can see the dead body of a guard on the grating in the middle. Pull him along the blood-stained floor. Return outside and run back towards where you parked the motorbike.

Lever for Roof Door

Here is a block in the corner where you killed the guard. Climb onto that block. Crawl into the gap and backwards out on the other side. Climb further down and follow the passage. Collect the Small Medipack then use the lever. This will open the trapdoor where you found the dead body. Climb up into the next passage. Turn around and climb up into the gap. Don't forget to press the crawl button. Follow the passage and use the lever at the end. This will open a door on the roof above you. Climb back down and return to the motorbike.

Collapsing Floor

Take the motorbike at full speed over the little hill towards the platform with the barriers. The area behind the barriers will break if you drive the motorbike onto it. Take the motorbike around the first corner to the left. Park the bike and collect the Small Medipack.

Ice Ghost

Climb into the alcove on the right wall and drop into the water. Climb out and enter the yard. Shoot a couple of Bats. Collect the flares in the left and the blue shotgun shells in the right corner. Slide down the passage. Collect the LaserSight on the right. (Alas, you can't use it with the revolver if you already have one combined to the crossbow. You have to separate the lasersight from one weapon to use it with the other.) Turn left and run towards the gap ahead. Jump up and hold on to it. Shimmy along to the right. Pull up into the alcove. Turn around. Combine the lasersight with the crossbow or the revolver. Shoot the blue ball. But be careful not to hit the box in front, as it will release a Swarm of Locusts. (Well at least that's what happened on the PlayStation. When I played the PC version, I tried shooting it on purpose and nothing happened.) An Ice Wraith will be released. Drop to the ground and run up the stairs. Jump into the water. The ghost will follow you and the pool will freeze. The current will take you away. Dive into the tunnel. Dive up and climb out of the water. Drop into the room on the other side. Again, run up the stairs. Step onto the frozen pool. Jump up on the other side and use the lever to open the door in the other room. Return there and step through.

The Gate

Run up the passage and collect the Small Medipack in the far right corner. Now enter the passage.
Secret 55: Break the wooden door ahead. Step inside and collect the large medipack and the Uzi Ammo. Get back outside.
Climb up and crawl into the passage at the top. Hang from the ledge and shimmy right. Climb up into the alcove. Turn around and make a running jump towards the switch at the gate. The gate will open. Shoot the Soldier behind it. Pick up the Small Medipack. Run back to the right. Run along till you come to the platform with the barriers. Climb up and drop through the hole. Collect the motorbike and drive it up the slope. It will crash through the wall. Turn right. Drive back and through the open gate.


Turn left and drive into the hole. Park the bike and run down the stairs. Shoot a Soldier. Crawl into the gap in the wall and collect the crossbow ammo. Return to the motorbike and drive up the stairs. At the top, you'll find a ramp leading to the left. Turn right and get some distance between you and the ramp. Now drive towards it at full speed to jump over the gap. You'll end up in another room if you make the jump. Drive up the next ramp. Park the bike at the ramp leading up to the left and the burning torch in the alcove ahead. Climb into the passage on the left. Shoot the two Bats then use the lever to elevate a block in the room with the stairs. Take the motorbike up the next ramp to return to the stairs.


Park it and run down to the elevated block. Climb onto it. Climb up into the passage on the right. Follow the path into a window. In front of you is a gap. On the opposite roof is a machine gun. Make a running jump forward and pull yourself onto the roof. Take out the revolver and shoot at the red marking on the tank to destroy the machine gun. Then collect the revolver ammo. Now enter through the open door. Step out on the other side. But be careful, on the roof opposite is another machine gun aiming in your direction. You might want to crawl to be hidden from its view. Aim for the canister left of the machine gun. The helicopter parked on the roof will be set on fire and the machine guns will be destroyed.

Gate to Tulun

Now step forward and onto the platform at the edge. Make a running jump to get to the other side. Jump up onto the roof. On the left side is a lever. Use it. The Gate will open. Now pick up the Small Medipack. Now you could just step through the gate but alas, you need the motorbike. Jump back to the other side. Cross the building and jump into the window of the next one. Follow the passage and climb back towards the staircase. Climb on the motorbike. Drive up the stairs and where the ramp is out to the right. Turn left and right into the passage where you were shot by the machine guns earlier on. Turn right and drive through the gate. Drive up the slope on the right.
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