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Challenge Tomb: Howling Caves

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Getting There

Use fast travel to get to the Hunting Grounds or Kuwaq Yaku Ruins base camp. From there make your way to the eastern end of the hunting grounds.


Enter the cave. On the right you can collect an endurance plant. Hop down. Alas for the barricade ahead you will need the rope ascender, but not to worry, you can still do the rest of the tomb. Run to the left, coming past another endurance plant.
Challenge "Nam Deus" (6/5): Just above this plant would be another totem in case you're still one short. Otherwise it's useless.
Explorer Backpack: Against the left wall you can find another Explorer Backpack, which adds some survival caches to the map and rewards you with +25 XP.
Step towards the edge and jump down into the water.
Resources: Under the surface you can find a resource container with +15 XP and some salvage and a vein with gold ore.
Climb out of the water. Follow the path down. On the right side is a wide pit with spikes, too wide to jump. Turn left and climb up onto the ledge. Follow it to come out behind the spike pit. Turn left. Turn left again to slide down a slope. At the end of the slope jump to reach the craggy wall and use the axe to hold on to it. Rappel down. At the bottom of the rope turn slightly left and swing to the ledge there. Collect the resource container for +15 XP before standing on the ledge on the right end, facing the back wall with the skull motif. Jump over there to grab the ledge and traverse to the right. From the end of the ledge jump towards the craggy wall further to the right and use the axe to hold on to it. Again rappel down to reach the bottom. Collect some fat and a resource container with +15 XP, before slipping through the low opening into a tunnel. Step to the edge. If you jump to the next ledge, you will drop down. You are now attacked by four wild foxes.
If one pushes you over, landing on top of you, you are forced to shake him off and then use the melee finisher with the right timing, when indicated. Otherwise try to land hits with the bow and arrow and don't forget to scramble around to evade their attacks.

After the fight don't forget to skin the animals for their hide. Also stock up on arrows found in three bundles around the arena.
Mural (5/10): On the slightly elevated ramp you can find a resource container with +15 XP and further right the mural Howling Caves from the artifact collection "Trial of the Gods" (3/8). It will increase Lara's knowledge of Mam and reward her with +35 XP.
Run towards the fire. Here you will find a rope coil. Stand underneath it and look up to the next ledge where you see another coil. Tether them together and climb up the rope.
Document (7/18): On the ledge above you can grab another resource container with +15 XP, and, from the corpse at the foot of the craggy wall, the document Secret Winds from the artifact collection "Metamorphosis" (3/9) further increasing your knowledge in Mam and rewarding you with +25 XP.
Scale the craggy wall to reach the next ledge.
Survival Cache (8/14): Turn left to come to a small round chamber. On the left side you can dig up the next Survival Cache rewarding you with +25 XP.
Document (8/18): To the right of where the cache was, in front of a small statue, lies the document Votan from the set "Legends of the Maya" (1/7), rewarding you with another +25 XP and increasing Lara's knowledge of Mam.
Run over to the right and you come to the base camp Petroleum Deposit. Although it seems that this is the fourth camp we discovered in the Kuwaq Yaku region, it belongs to the Challenge Tomb and is not one of the five needed for 100% completion. The lit passage on the right is the exit. Turn left and find a resource container with +15 XP below rubble with the balancing beam. The wind is too strong to balance across the beam but fortunately you can simply jump up the wall next to where the beam ends. Enter the main chamber.
The path across the the stele is blocked by fire. Find the rotating lever on the right side and pull it to open the shutters. This will set a pendulum in motion. Wait for the wind to abate and the pendulum to swing to the walkway, then quickly jump up to it to hold on to its protruding ledge. Shimmy along the ledge to the left end. From there wait for the opportune moment, when the wind is blowing, to jump over to the walkway on the left. Besides a resource container with +15 XP you will find the next rotating lever on this ledge. Pull it clockwise to open the next set of shutters. The fire on the main walkway goes out and the next pendulum starts swaying in the wind. Step out onto the narrow ledge at the end and from there jump over to the main walkway. Walk out onto the jutting ledge in front and jump towards the next walkway on the other wall. Jump down onto the ledge to the left. After grabbing the gold near the wall, turn to face the second pendulum. Note the rope wrapped around its top. Get your bow ready, then wait for the pendulum to be at its highest point. Now use a rope arrow to pull it further up and slightly towards you. When swinging back it should now knock the blockage off the main walkway. If not, try again until it does. Then jump back to the ledge on the left. The jump to the main walkway is too long. Pull up and then get out onto the protruding ledge to jump back to the main walkway. Before you continue past the point where the blockage was, jump back to the ledge with the second rotating lever, just in front of you. Push it anti-clockwise to close the shutters again and make the narrow ledge past the second pendulum safe to navigate. Here turn left and use the protruding ledge to reach the third lever, turning it however won't work, the next pendulum is stuck in the wall. Walk up the rubble to the right of the lever towards the column against the wall. Jump up to grab the ledge. Jump over to the right to the ledge of the pendulum. Traverse around it till you can safely drop down onto the ledge below you. Here stand next to the rope coil of the stuck pendulum and aim at the second pendulum's rope coil to tether the two together. You might want to shoulder swap to get a better view of the target. Simply press the left stick (console or gamepad on PC) while aiming to do so. Jump up to the rope and climb along to reach the ledge with the still useless lever. Jump back to the main walkway. Get back to the second rotating lever on the right and pull it again to open the shutters once more. The second pendulum will start swinging in the wind again and it will pry the one stuck in the wall loose. Don't forget to operate the rotating lever again to close the shutters and make the narrow beam safe again. Now get to the third rotating lever, which was useless up till now. Pull it clockwise to open the next set of shutters. The wind will extinguish the flames. Close the shutters again to make it easier for you to walk up the walkway to the left. Jump across the gap, pull up and run up the stairs. On the landing you will find some gold on the left. At the top there is more gold to the right of the Tomb Stele. Studying the stele will grant you Huracan's Mantle. Since this is the third challenge tomb you've completed when following this guide, you will also get the trophy/achievement Stele Hunter.

Now it's time to leave the tomb. Run down the stairs and jump across the gap. Follow the walkway out again. Drop down into the windy cave. Run into the lit passage on the left. Jump across the gap to the craggy wall wall and climb up. Run towards the next edge and use the grapple axe to swing across the gap. Lara lands on a slope and slides down. Scramble up the wall slightly to the right. Collect the endurance plant on the right and the resource container with +15 XP on the left, before using the rope slide down into the water. Climb out onto the ledge on the left side and here jump up to the ledge and then scramble up the wall. On the next ledge use a double jump to reach the craggy wall which will allow you to reach the top with another wall scramble. Run up the beam and grab another resource container with +15 XP. Then scramble up the wall on the right to reach another craggy wall. Again a double jump brings you up to the next ledge. And another double jump brings you to the top. Balance across the wooden beam. Jump onto the stairs ahead, but careful, you don't want to slide down on the right again. Run ahead, turn right to circumvent the spike pit, just like earlier. Turn right and follow the path to the water. Climb up the ledges on the right. Then from the top jump to the craggy wall and use the grapple to hold on to it. Climb up. At the upper end jump towards the next craggy wall further right. Here climb up on the right end and jump to the top ledge. Climb out of the tomb entrance.
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