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Challenge Tomb: Judges' Gaze

Getting There

Use fast travel to get to the Plane Wreckage base camp in the Peruvian Jungle region.


From the base camp head down to the watering hole and turn right. Just on the other side of the tree you will find yellow markings indicating the nearby challenge tomb. Climb up onto the ledge and run through the water to reach the bricked-up entrance. Now, with the axe at your disposal, break through this pry barrier. Squeeze through. Run forward to the edge and here use the grapple axe to swing across the gap to the ledge on the other side. This ledge breaks off and sends Lara down into the water. Dive down, collecting the focus plants, then swim into the opening. Wade through the water to reach a puzzle area.
Mural (5/7): To the left side of the stairs you will spot another mural. It is God of Death from the set "Pantheon of Gods 3" (2/7). It improves your knowledge of the language Mam and give you +35 XP.
Collect the endurance plant on the right side after exiting the water. Then climb up onto the higher ledge on the right wall, where you can grab a focus plant. Climb further up to the left. From here jump towards the counterweight to pull it down and open up the entrance at the top of the stairs. Step through after grabbing the fat. In the next area you will come upon the base camp Jungle Cavern. Collect cloth and hardwood in this chamber. Step out onto the suspension bridge to cross the gorge. On the other side get into the water and dive into the next chamber. Follow the path on the left past a resource container with +15 XP. Get into the left (western) corner. The wall on the right has a narrow ledge which you can reach with wall scramble. Then perform another double jump to reach the ledge at the top. Pull up.
Mural (6/7): Directly ahead is another mural, Judges' Gaze from the set "Trials of the Gods" (2/8). It rewards you with +35 XP and improves your knowledge of the language Mam, unlocking the next monolith.
Then step out to the right.
Hop down into the courtyard. Get over to the cart holding a counterweight in place on the left. Pull the cart till the counterweight is released, then push it - as close as possible - towards the wooden ramp blocking the way. Now grab the handle of the second cart and pull it to the crossing where the first one was. Now get towards the wooden grating that is lying across the middle of the area. Stand near the rope-wrapped part on this side here and tether it to the statue at the back on the left. Now head along the left track. On the left side, before you reach the statue, you can climb up onto the protruding column. From here jump towards the ledge slightly left to pull into the upper passage of the ruins.
Document (8/13): Directly in front you can find a document lying on the floor. It is Jack's Journal from the set "Expedition Unknown 2" (3/6). You'll get +25 XP.
Step into the opening on the left and jump towards the counterweight to pull it down. If you pushed the cart onto the crossing, the counterweight will lock into place, holding up the statue attached to it which in turn pulls up the wooden grating a bit, enabling you to push the first cart you moved through underneath, to the other side, to where it opens up its wings. Now carefully get onto the pulled up ramp and stand at the rope coil on the other side. Tether this bit to the other statue high above on the right. You might want to collect the medicine and hardwood around here. Then get onto the ramp and head up to jump up to the arch where you entered this area. Turn left to the yet unexplored side and perform a double jump to climb onto the upper level inside the ruins. Ignore the pry barrier ahead for now, this is the exit. Turn left.
Document (9/13): In the next alcove on the right you can collect Surprise Witness, a document from the artifact collection "Metamorphosis" (2/9). It improves Lara's knowledge of Mam and rewards her with +25 XP.
Step into the opening opposite the alcove where the document was. Jump towards the counterweight to pull it down. It will also lock in place, pulling up the ramp fully, turning it into a ladder. Run up the mossy, tipped column in front of the ladder and jump towards it. Climb up to the top on the right side. Take a running jump across the gap to reach the stairs with the Tomb Stele. You will obtain the skill Caiman's Heart and a skill point.

Now collect the gold left and right of the stairs. This will probably get you the trophy/achievement Untold Riches. Now turn to face the edge again. Stand by the rope coil on the left and tether it to the rope coil above the entrance of the ruins on the left. Slide over. Where you land is another endurance plant. Run to the end of the passage and use the axe to break through the pry barrier on the left. Step through and scramble up the back wall. At the top, on the right you can collect another resource container with +15 XP. Get into the next chamber, where you can find some feathers and scramble up the next wall. Use the rope slide to reach an opening and land on a mud slide. At the bottom follow the passage to the end. Perform a double jump at the wall ahead to grab the ledge. Here jump up and use the axe on the craggy wall. Climb to the right and jump towards the next ledge there. Jump up and again use the axe on the craggy wall. Traverse to the left and jump to the platform. Pull up. Walk out onto the tree trunk and jump towards the branch. From here jump to the next branch and swing to a handhold on the tree. Jump up to its branch. From here continue onto the ledge where you can grab hardwood and feathers. Then face left to see a curved branch. Jump towards it and use the grapple axe to swing across. Use the axe to attach to the craggy wall. Climb up. Jump to the next craggy wall and rappel down. Squeeze through the opening in the wall and you are back in the jungle. Return to the jungle floor.
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